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A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
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Major Milestone: Contributor Section Complete!


Hey Backers!

Finally completed the biggest section of the book, and by far the most demanding. The 'contributed works' is now down and looking great. I'd focussed all my energy on this for a long time, and although it's been a very exhausting process, I'm happy I can now move back onto the other sections and really push towards completion of the whole thing!

Let's go!

Book Breakdown

Working closely (begging for more pages) with Simon at Team Impression, we have most of the breakdown figured out. Multiple paper stocks/weights in the book will add variety and contrast across the different sections, and provide each content type with a perfect foundation for print. Basic section split is shown below.

  • 1, 10: End Papers. Black Uncoated [2 Pages Each]
  • 2: Intro Section. White Uncoated [4-8 Pages]
  • 3: Features Section. Off-white Uncoated [80-100 Pages Est.]
  • 4: Contributor Section. White Silk [160+ Pages]
  • 5: Contributor Info Section. Yellow 'Pages' Section. Think 90's CVG... [8 Pages Est.]
  • 6: Game Paused. Off-white Uncoated [8 Pages est.]
  • 7: Kickstarter. Green Stock or Green Print Only [4 Pages est.]
  • 8: High Score Page. Gold Stock or Gold Print Only [2-4 Pages]
  • 9: End Section. White Uncoated [4 Pages est.]

Final page count estimated at 300+. I'm hoping this still fits in postage weights we had originally planned! XD

Layout Process

I've had around six versions of the working grid and have finally settled on a 9 column split per page. I'd originally had something simpler, but adjusted aggressively to accommodate the huge number of artworks. Extra 'centre' gutter plus the 9 column layout allow various configurations of art (three across, double split etc).

One personal issue I've had to overcome here is the scale of work. There is so much amazing art that I just want to give each piece a full page and show huge! 

Each artist/work is represented in book on both actual work pages and in the 'Yellow Pages' section that follows. A continuous numbering system will feature to help find artworks for easy reference. 

No Spoilers!

218 Artists submitted final print ready work, with a combined data size of 28.14 GB. After full curation this has resulted in 568 pieces of artwork/linked images in the contributor section.

Still need to chase the odd thing up to 100% complete this section (Spelling of names and some missing artwork dates/titles), but feeling great this hard part is finished and all the work is in.

Legendary Edition Coin

Gold Coins
Gold Coins

The lovely folk at Made by Cooper delivered the triple plated gold coins last week, and they are absolutely amazing. My photography skills (none) don't do them justice — they really (really!) shine bright gold. The 3mm depth has worked out nicely too, with each coin having a distinctive weight in hand — giving them a really fun game vibe and presence.


Getting really excited now! Crunch time for the next couple of weeks on features — keep an eye out for smaller updates across twitter/facebook. I'm hoping the next update will be the big one... :)

[ ? ] Matt

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    1. Matthew Kenyon Creator on April 11, 2014

      Thanks Daniel / Ian! They coins look amazing — cannot stop looking at them.
      I think I like sharing the process as much as doing it, really adds a vibe and shows some of the effort it takes to do something like this. Kept it all design based generally though — most of the work has been constant emailing!

      Finally coming together and once I've sorted the feature section — we should be nearly set.

    2. Ian O'Dea
      on April 11, 2014

      Dang, those coins look sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

    3. Daniel Purvis on April 11, 2014

      Rock on man! I only wish I had enough spare funds to take home one of your gold coins. Love the page break down—oh man, so much paper to touch!—and the grid development gif is freakin' awesome. Love seeing the process behind the book. Can't wait!