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Update #24

Content Update: Complete Feature and Artist Lists.


I've finally completed the two lists that I know a lot of people have been asking for — and uploaded to our main site for everybody to check out!


Here we go!

Features/Interviews: 52

What started as an add-on to the original concept (an art book inspired by games), the features/interviews section has grown into a pretty hefty list, containing a varied set of people/groups/companies/legends that help fulfil the idea of 'A snapshot of video game culture' and really add some weight to the project as a whole. Delighted to add new people to this list over the last few weeks including John Maeda (!),, Tim Garbutt (Utah Saints) and Toca Boca. A great friend and fellow gamer Steve McKevitt (ex Gremlin Interactive, Infogrames, Future Publishing, The Designers Republic, Golden) has agreed to get on board as Editor — with his help we can really get the features underway!

There are a handful of people I'd still love to include to round off the content set, and I'm hoping they will connect in the coming weeks. Any help getting the following would be amazing: Valve (Steam), Penny Arcade, Childs Play, Nintendo, Sony (working on this), Microsoft and Sega

Artist List: 255

Right up until today we have had submissions coming in, and its been a whole range of emotions going through every artist's work, and choosing a final list that can go (and fit) in the book. Stunned at the skills and energy by everybody who sent work in. The low-res previews folder (small .jpegs etc from submissions) is currently standing at 8.62 GB, who knows how big the final artwork package will be. Yikes.

We have selected works based on a number of factors, including:

  • Is it game inspired?
  • Is it original?
  • Does it add to the concept of the project and represent video game culture?

Although we had these three questions to help narrow down the selection, in many cases they didn't make the process any easier. We do however, now have a list.

All artists featured on this list will be contacted over the next few days to begin collecting high resolution artworks and info.

Contributor Lists: Click to View


Backer Content

Our inbox has been pinging with backer 'Pixels' for the poster design. We still have a tonne to get in from you peeps — if you missed the pixel poster update be sure to check it out here

Plenty of time to get them in (end of Jan) but we will keep reminding people — the more complete it becomes, well, the more complete it will be!

Regarding backer names in the book — we will reach out for this info (and correct shipping information) nearer the print deadline to make sure everything is up to date. We don't require any of this right now.


One Minor Problem... At 208 pages it's impossible to show this huge amount of content (especially the art) without everything being tiny.

Solution. Everybody will be getting more pages, yep. We will update with an actual page count when we have figured it out with the printers. Getting the lists down to the size they are now was no easy task, so let's make this bigger :)

Thank you!


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    1. Matt.small

      Creator Matthew Kenyon on January 1

      Emails are out! Check spam folders if you can't see submission forms!

    2. Matt.small

      Creator Matthew Kenyon on December 31

      E-Mails are on the way!

    3. 339203_10150391010795474_408568964_o.small

      Creator Linus Josephson on December 30

      I haven't received any e-mail either :-)

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Matt Roberts on December 7

      Have all the emails been sent out to those on the Artist List yet? My name is on the list, but I've not received anything yet - it's not such an uncommon name though, want to check that the one on the list is definitely me! Thank you :)

    5. 339203_10150391010795474_408568964_o.small

      Creator Linus Josephson on November 30

      Really happy to be a part of this project! :-)

    6. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Wesley Slylently Hill on November 20

      Wasn't there a category for Animation? If so I'm not sure if animated submisions would get in there. (Probably an ebook) either way I'm proud that this book is full of such talent and I'm excited to look through!

    7. Matt.small

      Creator Matthew Kenyon on November 19

      We had to 'nail it down' to get a true idea of the scale of the book.
      Now got to get all the artwork in — and do the interviews!

      Full steam ahead :)

    8. Avatar-flat.small

      Creator 2dforever on November 19

      That's great news :)

      I must of got confused at some point regarding the submission process. I thought it was yet to start, not just finishing! I missed that then, but I know the book will be great and I'm really looking forward to it.

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