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A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
A book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity.
782 backers pledged £35,737 to help bring this project to life.

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Game Over? Thanks for Playing!


The Final Update

Book shipping has finally been sorted and all packages are now being processed to be sent directly to you. What an amazing feeling. Each step of this project seems to have had its own set of problems to solve; this final postage stage tested me both physically and emotionally. I'm over the moon that everything is now wrapped up—your patience is about to be rewarded.

Shipping Information

All items despatch Monday 6th October - just after the weekend! Items landed at London earlier today and are going through processing with the mailing house. Phew! I have been assured that all items will be shipped at noon.

Estimated Delivery Times

  • Special Wrapped Cover Editions, Triple Packs and Box Sets: 4-5 working days from Monday
  • Single Books Europe: 3-4 working days from Monday
  • Single Books Worldwide: 5-7 working days from Monday

These estimates are exactly that and should be used as a guide only, but give clear information as to when you should finally receive your book(s). 

Thank You. Seriously.

Without you all supporting this project, it would have never happened. It's been a long process, and a struggle at times, but with your support and enthusiasm (and endless patience) we got there in the end. I hope you find enjoyment from the book and I would love to hear what you think once you have taken it all in. 

I've been asked a lot recently about what is next. There are some ideas floating around, some large, some small. I think for now I'm going to get back to playing games (Destiny atm) and giving my family some time back. Who knows what might happen though ;)

At some point in the future I'm going to archive the whole project under a url I've had for a while (, covering the whole process from start to finish, including all the updates on Kickstarter and some of the lovely messages you all sent in the backer report stuff. Would be great to feature pics of happy backers on there too? In the meantime, you can catch up on any happenings on Facebook (fb/gamepaused) or Twitter (@gamepaused). 

Big dozy smile
Big dozy smile

Thank you for believing in this project. It's made me tremendously happy to complete it and I hope you get the same feeling owning it. Enjoy.


Celebrate the Game.

Delivery Update 2

The 'Stack'
The 'Stack'

Hello again backers!

I really wanted this update to be the one asking for thoughts on your newly acquired books. I'd mentioned in the last update that everything was going to be ready to ship out before Friday 19th of September. Unfortunately, like other parts of the whole project, there has been another delay. 

Books, boxes and kickstarter multi-packs were packaged and labelled (by Emma and myself!) completely by Sunday 21st, and I thought we could just pay the postage and have them shipped right away. I'm still waiting for the account to be fully set up with the mailing house before this can actually happen. If I had known how long the account process would take, I would have started the process earlier. My bad planning has added a further delay to backers and early paypal buyers receiving their books.

Many of you have noticed people tweeting books that have arrived. Don't worry, your books haven't been lost in the post; they will be sent asap after the account is finalised with the mailing house. The books people have been receiving are buyers from the last week, which I've sent out separately (and super costly) outside of the bulk mail deal. 

I'm really sorry for the extended wait—I really want the books in your hands. Hoping to get full details of everything today, and will be posting an immediate update to all with when the books will be sent, and timings for actual delivery per location.

On a more positive note, the response so far to the actual book has been great, and your wait will surely be rewarded.

Launch Event .gif!
Launch Event .gif!

 Many thanks to everybody who came to the launch event, it was great to meet you! In total we had around 200 people visit during the day, which is pretty impressive for a sunday in the north of England! Again, the response was great, especially in person. 

Until the next update, thanks!

[ ? ] Matt

Delivery Update

Wall of Game
Wall of Game


I've arrived back from holiday and have been trying to get this out as fast as I can, into your hands. Most backer addresses are now final and correct, just a few people to double check/chase up. I'm going to need the week to make sure the mailing labels are spot on, especially now people are grabbing copies direct from the studio, and others requesting copies at the show on sunday

The labels need running out from a huge imported spreadsheet, which I'm still cleaning up and replacing addresses from the barrage of emails/ks messages I've received while away. I'm now aiming to have all books going out from Monday 15th–Friday 19th. Depending on how the mailing house handles things, the international orders may go out before this (I don't think anybody outside of the UK is coming to the show!). Sorry for this final delay, but it will be up on your bookshelf very soon (bonus points if you have any of the above from my collection!). 

128 specials—all wrapped up and sealed. Really don't want to let these go!!!

Legendary Edition Gold Book: Dur Dur Dur Duuuuuuur!
Legendary Edition Gold Book: Dur Dur Dur Duuuuuuur!

Thank you!

[ ? ] Matt

Book Launch: Everybody can play!

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Join us for an afternoon of celebrating the imagination of art and video games. The Art House (where my little studio is) has kindly linked us up with their BELAY programme, and will be hosting this event as part of the Long Division Festival in Wakefield, United Kingdom. Full details below.

[ Event Details ]

  • Date: Sunday 14 Sept, 2014
  • Time: 11:30am–4:00pm
  • Admission: FREE
  • Location: The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE, UK

It would be great to meet any backers who can make it to this event. Everybody is invited!

[ Overview ]

  • Play video games in The Art House foyer
  • See flat sheet production parts from the whole project
  • Live laser cutter creating video game inspired objects
  • Studio visit
  • Limited Edition Artworks
  • Cheetos and coke!

There will be a Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet at the event. The highest score of the day will net one of the ultra Limited Edition [Legendary] Gold Console Packs.

[ Day Schedule ]

12:00 noon and 2:45pm: Q&A sessions with the editor Steve McKevitt [Gremlin, The Designers Republic, Golden], our production advisor Simon Bucktrout [Team Impression] and also myself. Find out about the initial concept, gathering artwork, designing and producing a book and a discussion around the finer points of a Kickstarter campaign.

1:00pm–2:00pm: Book viewing/signings. Grab your copy of the book in person here if you like!

1:00pm–4:00pm: Old Library Tours. The Art House are converting the Grade II Listed Drury Lane Library into 34 new artsists’ studios and public spaces.

5:00pm: Backers and Friends only. Join us in the studio for a drink and more personal discussion around the book and process.

See you there!

Again, I'd love to see backers here, and thank you all in person!

For more details about The Art House, and travel directions visit

Game Complete, Celebrate the Game!

The First Copy!
The First Copy!

Every Day is Play: Complete

We have had delivery of the first book back from the binders. Team Impression have done an absolute amazing job with everything, and by the end of this week we should have every single item back ready to ship. 

The book quality is superb, and the perfect ending to this journey. Thank you all so much for believing in this project and making it happen—and patiently waiting. 

Before I go into some sneak peek content from the book, I'd just like to cover some delivery information. I'm unfortunately away next week for our family vacation, and although we will be receiving the rest of the items by the end of tomorrow, I'm not able to process everything until I come back. All items will be shipping out from the 8th September onwards. Anybody is welcome to come direct to my studio (Wakefield, UK) to pick up a book from the same date. We are having a launch event on the 14th of September—if you would like to pick up your book then, do let me know. Event info will follow as an update.

If you need to change your address — now is the final time to do so. Either use the Kickstarter admin to change your location, or send an email directly to me ( with the subject line 'Backer Address Change'. 

Side Detail
Side Detail

308 pages of creative gaming. The case bound book has a serious weight to it, and the two foils on the cover really bring it to life. I must have looked through this over 100 times in the last week, and even after this whole process, there are still details I'd not even seen in contributors art. Special.

Features, Submissions, Retrospective. It's hard to see/appreciate the print quality in iOS generated .gifs, but this should give you a quick glimpse of what you will be playing soon.

Console Pack
Console Pack

The final boxes have not yet arrived (coming tomorrow), but every element contained within has already been delivered. Coins, Tees, Certificates, Instruction Manuals and Posters—again, amazing quality from Team Impression. 128 individual cover wraps for the special book tier, mind blowing to see as an whole. The above illustration was for the Instruction Manual, showing the complete set of parts across the two box sets. I've uploaded a large version of the illustration for you to download and use however you like:

Download Hi-Rez Console Pack Explosion

Console Pack items
Console Pack items

Bonus: Secret Flip Clip

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

I've heavily obscured [for spoiler reasons] a quick video flip clip of the book. It's hard to get across the breadth of content inside, so hoping this little clip helps illustrate just how packed it actually is!

Again, the biggest thank must go to you, the backers; without whom, it would still be paused. We did this!

Celebrate the Game!

[ ? ] Matt