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Modular gaming mats that fit any size or shape table, work with any marker, and are super durable.
2,101 backers pledged $173,625 to help bring this project to life.

Update 4/1/17

Posted by GameNightLife (Creator)

First off, we want to mention that this is not an "April Fool's day" thing.  April Fool's day jokes do not even mention the date, and we have doubly done so now.  


We got to do some of our tests on the tiny sample shipment.  There were expected defects that come from lack of machining (like the lines not being perfectly aligned), but the materials used were correct. The magnets are exactly as strong as they need to be, and the surface erases perfectly with both wet and dry erase markers.  The nonslip backing is exactly right, allowing sliding when you want to, and gripping when you apply downward pressure.


We negotiated our first contract with this factory during the weeks of testing, and signed and paid for our first shipment on Friday the 31st.  The factory will make a certain number of the mats during the next 60 days, and then they will be ready to ship to us.  We will then get a 'sample crate' for us to inspect, and if they are correct, then they will be shipped to us.  Once they are in our hands, we will begin sending them to you.   

The bags have been ready for some time, and the stickers will be made in the next few weeks.  (The ones we ordered before were extremely thin, and were not very durable. The ones we are getting now are thick, like the original Colorforms from long ago.) 

One Important Caveat

In order to get things moving along sooner rather than later, the first shipment from this factory (the one that will be completed within 60 days) is only going to be the 1" parchment square mats.  They were far and away the most popular item ordered (over half of the total number of mats were 1" parchment squares!). So in order to get started fulfilling orders as quickly as possible, this was the fastest way.  

We wanted to be able to order everything at once, but that made the factory uncomfortable: they were afraid this might be a one-off on our part, which is certainly not the case. We intend to be here, providing mats (and other stuff) for years.

Once we get these, and both we and the factory have this first order under our metaphorical belts, we will then order the blue, gray, green, and mulisquare 1" square mats, in addition to more parchment mats.  It is possible that we can get the hexagonal ones worked into the 2nd shipment, too, but to be safe, we are considering moving that out to the 3rd shipment from them.  Shipments will be between 2 and 3 months each.  Now that we've gotten rolling, things should be fairly regular.

Again, we wish we could fulfill all orders at once, but this "tiered" response will make it so we can get started fulfilling orders, and building a better relationship with this factory.  Which should mean significantly faster response times in the future.

We're really thankful for all of your support over this (absurdly) long haul.  But thankfully, we're finally getting there, and we think it'll be worth the wait.  We think these mats will be a staple for gaming tables for many, many years to come.  

So, thanks for reading, and thanks for backing us!

PS -- Editing your address / Editing your order:

You can still change your address or your order at

When you change your address, change the address of your ACCOUNT, not the address of your ORDER. (The system is weird about changing the address of an order that has already been placed.) 

It is also possible to change your order, if you want. Just go to 

If you (Kickstarter backers) have trouble editing your order, you can always delete/remake your order and use the same coupon codes (kickstarter_fix and kickstarter_fix_shipping) as before.


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    1. robert green on

      hrm...i just deleted my order and attempted to buy 16 of the hex on says "Coupon code "kickstarter_fix" is not valid." and "Coupon code "kickstarter_fix_shipping" is not valid."

      Something isn't right.

    2. robert green on

      I can not find my coupon code, nor am i sure how I change my 2015 order from 6 of : MultiGrid Square - Parchment and 16 of : Square - Parchment to ~16 hex on hex (2 years later i am playing non D&D style game). Is there a way to have my code resent to me?

    3. Razor Ice on

      Any idea of when we might get to see some video of the new "production" quality mats ? I trust you guys I just want to make you work a little harder and show us pics or videos so I feel like I'm participating more lol!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Hoyt on

      I'm a bit bummed that if my finger counting is correct I'll be lucky to have my hex on square tiles by the end of 2017, but strongly encouraged by this

      "The magnets are exactly as strong as they need to be, and the surface erases perfectly with both wet and dry erase markers. The nonslip backing is exactly right, allowing sliding when you want to, and gripping when you apply downward pressure."

      Getting it right is important! You can tell the factory there certainly are more orders coming if this first set meets expectations.

    5. Jayna Pavlin

      @GameNightLife I guess I am still having troubles. No coupon codes I have gotten seem to work.

    6. Eric Brockway on

      I second the idea of splitting my order in two so that some arrives sooner and likewise I'm ok with paying a bit more for shipping to do it. Is there a way to make this happen? If I pre-order some additional square-on-parchment tiles, will I get the pre-order sooner than my order that's mixed squares and hexes? I realize that some might want to consolidate shipping but I just want to see a 'sample' in my hands as quickly as possible and start using them.

    7. Missing avatar

      Owen on

      Well, it's a joy to know that the tiles are good. And, alas, I am one of those whose joy is tempered by the fact that I didn't order all 1" square parchment tiles, so am looking at another 6-9 months before my order will have any chance of getting in the queue.

      And I get it, shipping costs are a problem (and I'm a UK based backer, so that probably counts double). However, I would actually be willing to pay a higher shipping cost to split my order into two, so I can get the >50% of my order which are 1" square parchment asap, without having to wait for the remainder (which are hex grid on square parchment tiles, not sure where they fit in the schedule?) Could this option be explored?

    8. ToThePoint

      Have nearly over 300 of these bad boys to come. I am calm, but completely geeked, and am still of the mind to want it right more than anything.

      Thank you for your diligence and keeping us posted of the news. Don't be a stranger :)

    9. GameNightLife Creator on

      @Jayna Pavlin-- Oh, and if you *do* add to your order, we will consolidate shipments to save on shipping. (And any increase in shipping due to increased weight will only use the difference. We won't overcharge anyone on shipping costs; we will only use the new weight, and adjust any shipping costs downward and refund the difference of shipping costs, whatever it winds up being.)

    10. GameNightLife Creator on

      @Jayna Pavlin-- Yes, you put in your KS order as an order, just use the coupon codes that KS backers got. You are not being charged extra. (Unless you add on to your order, of course! Just make any additions to the order as separate orders.)

    11. Jayna Pavlin

      so do I have to put my kickstart pledge in as an order then ? or is this just if i am adding to my order?

    12. Jared on

      Should I change my order to parchment from white to get it sooner?

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Labrecque on

      Thanks for the update! Great to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel finally.

    14. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      @GameNightLife Thank you for clearing that up. (no partial shipping) It sheds better light on when they'll ship with tiers of manufacturing.

    15. Wes Johnson on

      With my add on order can you combine with my KS order so as to not be hammered for shipping?

    16. Wes Johnson on

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Good news.

    17. Michael Kidd on

      Thanks for your commitment to this project. I appreciate the updates.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on

      Let's talk numbers. How many orders will you be able to fulfill? Are all parchment only orders being completed in phase 1? What about pre-orders from the web site? What's expected from time-frame of those?

    19. Missing avatar

      julian on

      In what tier does Hex On Square Parchment fall?
      Is this the same as 1" Square Parchment?
      It's only the print that's different. Thank! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric Ramsdell on

      Excited that things are coming to a close. Disappointed that my shipment won't be coming in that three month time frame, since I had quite a mix of colors and shapes.

      Are the second and third phase going to manage to finish everything that had been ordered? So, if we have a three month wait between each, all orders would be (theoretically) complete in around nine months?

    21. John Favaro

      Super bummed I'm going to have to wait till phase 3 since I ordered a variety of stuff. Do we have an idea of timeline for the various phases of shipping. I've been waiting patiently, but this news does make me nervous.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeffery McCulloch on

      Great news, especially as I have over 100 of the parchment 1-inch square tiles for my order. I might be able to finally write this project off as done.

    23. Harrek

      Bummed about my order getting pushed out as I ordered both hex and square in parchment color. No chance to at least do all one color on the first run? Do you have hex samples yet?

    24. ToThePoint

      Thanks for getting us your regular update again. This is great news to hear.

      Having my order be so massive and diverse I'm a little sad to hear my order will fall into tier 3 and beyond but very much looking forward to the GNL Mats on the table. I'll keep hope it can happen before the holidays. Would love to have these as gifts to give.

      Keep in touch. Best!

    25. GameNightLife Creator on

      @Paul Kensler -- The codes definitely should work, but it only works on one order. If you have multiple orders, that might be the issue.

    26. GameNightLife Creator on

      We aren't planning on doing partial shipments, since shipping is super expensive. (The shipping costs you see on our website is the shipping cost that the USPS charges us-- we make absolutely nothing on shipping, and have to pay for boxes, tape, and packing &c ourselves.)

    27. Lucy Scanlon on

      I had a decent sized order with multiple colors. Would the parchment only orders ship out first? Or would you do partial shipments?

    28. Paul Kensler

      Oh no - I wanted to delete and remake my order, but now it's saying that those coupon codes are invalid.

    29. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      Good! A few Kickstarter projects I backed have released parts of rewards at a time and I found it works just fine. It brings into question whether they take a hit in shipping, multiple times vs one big package, but i guess it works out.

      Does this mean that if you ordered the parchment square tiles, you'll get those soon, while the rest of your order, hexes for example, will delay to the next tier, then ship at that time?

      Or do you wait to send them once all of your different choices have assembled?

      Looking forward to it either way!

    30. GameNightLife Creator on

      Yes, "beige" is "parchment."

    31. DM Andy on

      Where and when should I change my order? From my ordinary what I meant

    32. DM Andy on

      Gnl I like too change my tile colors, after this long time I bought load of miniature terrain.
      Now I like some Forrest and sea etc too cover more sort of terrain.
      Hope this time it is not 1 of April.
      Good luck to all of us

    33. Benjamin Pearson on

      When you talk about "beige" mats in your update, do you mean "parchment" as it's listed on your website?

    34. ceeKay on

      Yes!!! So very excited!

      Just curious, where do the beige "multi" square mats fall in the production order?

      Of course we know you'll pass along details as you know them, info on how the shipments end up breaking down with each of their dates, etc.