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Join the Struggle, Unite the Colonies, Escape the Exile Sun. A sci-fi conflict boardgame for 2-6 players.


Check out our rewards for reaching each of the following funding levels!

20,000 - "Race for the Gate" Expansion 

24,000 - "The Commander's Handbook"

30,000 - Stackable plastic miniatures instead of Fleet tokens.

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Now here is an update worthy of the front page! The first few space scenes for our 'Colony Cards' are in. These are still a work in progress, as the final graphic design layout for the cards must still be completed. Stop By BoardGameGeek and comment to let us know what you think!


Thanks for stopping by to check out our project 'Exile Sun'. If you prefer to skim through this wall of text, look out for the bold subheadings to catch the main points. First, lets start with links to relevant Exile Sun content found elsewhere on the web:

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Game Overview

Exile Sun plays like nothing else. A truly unique game built upon a remarkably realistic battle system, Exile Sun changes the rules for multi-player conflict games. Here is the most basic description of the game:

Game Play Description

Exile Sun combines some of the most compelling strategic mechanics in a way that delivers a streamlined, integrated and fast paced game of competition and conflict. Simplified deck building, hand management, simultaneous hidden worker placement, a card draft, 6 unique player advantages, and a revolutionary zero-luck combat resolution system ensure that playing Exile Sun is like no other game. Private and public card based objectives give players options for points, but they must choose carefully when allocating their limited resources. The player with the most points accumulated at the end of three game cycles wins.

A Game Round

The game simply consists of cycles where each player in turn makes four fleet moves and then ends their turn by moving a pawn on the 'Timer Track'. The 'Timer Track' triggers events like 'Supply' and 'Battle' that effect all players simultaneously. Once each event is resolved the player turns continue.

Moves - These moves can be regular movement, scanning an enemy fleet, launching a decoy fleet, and initiating a battle.

Events - The battle and supply events are resolved with a mechanic that may be best described as simultaneous hidden worker placement. This unique mechanic involves the use of a control card with 10 sliding tabs. The resulting game play is tense, intuitive and intensely competitive.

Theme Overview

Far off and forgotten, orbiting the Exile star, a fragmented group of Colonial powers are struggling to exist in the harsh environment of their foreign home. Having been unexpectedly cut off from contact with Earth over two hundred years ago, the process of gaining some economic recovery has been slow and arduous. With dissention rising among the populace, these leaders must compete to gain military, economic and technological advantages over each other in a race to lead the united colonies in a mission to contact Earth. Time is short. While an outright planetary assault could express dominance in military power, perhaps luring out and destroying an opposing Flagship or Construction Shipyard can have the same effect using fewer resources. Or hit and run assaults with fleets of strike craft can be equally effective. But be warned, leaders dare not neglect their own colony resources, or their supporters will lose faith in them and they’ll fall quickly out of the race.

Backer Rewards

The most obvious reward for supporting 'Exile Sun' is a copy of the game. Additionally we have tried to encourage potential backers to include gamers in their local area when planning their support levels, by passing potential shipping savings along in the form of a reduced price per game. Hopefully this may even allow game store owners to consider backing our project. 

Along with a copy of the game, most reward levels include a kick-starter ONLY set of supplemental technology cards that will add a little variety to the base game. The standard technology cards that come with Exile Sun are one time use abilities that players can buy and then use on their turn to gain different advantages in many categories. The details of this standard set of tech cards are outlined on the back of the rulebook.

The kick-starter reward Tech cards are different in that they are termed 'interrupt' tech cards. They allow players to effect the game outside their own turns. Using these cards will be an optional variant to the base game. Shuffled in among the regular Tech cards, these kick-starter only cards will be rare, but when used at the right time, they provide some additional interaction and strategic planning. We will be releasing details on these cards in an up coming update

Overfunding Goal

In addition to our minimum project threshold, we hope to reach $25,000. This will allow us to build in some additional quality to the game components and include thematically stylized Turn Pawns. We will be releasing more info on this potential component enhancement as our goal level gets closer.

Our Campaign

Our plan to use Kick-starter to publish Exile Sun is an ambitious goal indeed. The Control Cards that are so fundamental to the success of its most unique mechanics also add to its higher production cost. Allowing each player to have access to a Control Card throughout the game, is necessary, however the cost of assembling and gluing these components by hand is significant. Additionally, with over 172 regular game cards, 120 tokens, Tiles and other components, the production cost of Exile Sun poses a bit of a challenge. 


The goal of our project is to raise the funds necessary to produce a print run of 1500 copies of Exile Sun, and cover shipping from China to the US and from our warehouse to your home.

Even with these challenges stated, we hope that the presentation you have seen, the content already available, and the updates we will continue to release, can convince you that this project, this game, is worth your support. Stay tuned to hear reports and player opinions from BGG.CON. We would be happy to answer any of your questions about the game and look forward to your comments.

Enjoy the Game

The GKG Team


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    NAME YOUR COLONY! - Supporters backing at this level will be able to name one of the Exiled Colonies. We will provide a general identity for the colony (e.g. 'crime syndicate', 'transportation magnate', 'drifter colony', etc,) and you may choose both the name of the colony and write their background story. These will be reviewed and approved by our editor. Also get copies of the game to give to friends and family to show off your creativity! ---------------------------------------- THREE copies of EXILE SUN, w/ three sets of kick-starter only 'Tech Interrupt' cards. (International Shipping Available - Free)

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