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Join the Struggle, Unite the Colonies, Escape the Exile Sun. Take your board game experience to the next level with miniatures!

Thanks for stopping by to check out our project! This project represents phase two of our effort to publish the board game 'Exile Sun'. In our First project we introduced the remarkably new mechanics and rich theme of Exile Sun and successfully raised enough money to fund the first print run of our game! 

As the final days of the campaign came to a close, many of our backers expressed interest in the last over-funding goal that we were unable to reach. Space Ship Plastic Miniatures instead of cardboard Fleet Tokens! These would serve to further enhance the game play by better incorporating the theme of the game with the components, giving it more visual impact!

When we considered this resounding interest from our community of fans, coupled with the effects of what was probably a poorly timed conclusion to our project (New Years Eve!), we have decided to open a short term final funding period to try reach our final stretch goal! 

All the original rewards levels that were available during the first Kickstarter campaign will be available now. Backers of this campaign have the added confidence that the 'Exile Sun' board game WILL be produced because the initial funding has already been reached. Additionally the backers of our overfunding campaign will be contributing toward to opportunity to enhance their copy of the game by adding the plastic miniatures! 

If this campaing reaches $7000 the plastic space ship minatures will be included in the game for EVERY KICKSTARTER BACKER from BOTH campaigns!

We are currently going ahead with production and in ether case, we're determined not to allow this additional opportunity to delay our projected release date of June 2012.

Thanks again for you interest in our project. Feel free to investigate the links below to find out more about our game! Additionally, updates to the project will be posted to both campaigns

Your Friends

The GKG Team

(P.S. Check out the RULEBOOK)

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'Exile Sun' given 'Springboard Seal of Quality'

We are excited to announce that Exile Sun has been given the 'Springboard Seal of Quality' and a stamp of approval by the industry professionals at  

This also means that Game Knight Games will be using the 'Featured Fulfillment' services from Game Salute. So what does that mean for our wonderful backers? Notice this excerpt from the Game Salute Website:

"All titles approved for the Springboard Seal of Quality are vetted by the industry professionals at Game Salute. During this comprehensive evaluation process, we work with the publisher to ensure quality. This includes ensuring solid designs, thorough playtesting and refinement, excellent presentation, and high quality components.

All Springboard titles are supported by Featured Fulfillment, which manages all the logistics of bringing a game to market (receiving, warehousing, secure storage, picking, packing, shipping, tracking, sales to stores all around the world, customer service, etc)."

This means that through the partnership of Game Knight Games and Game Salute you can expect and receive the same level of customer service and support that you would find from the most successful game companies in the market today.

We will be releasing more information about the details of this arrangement in future updates.


  • Because the funds required to print Exile Sun have already been raised, we are able to set a low funding goal for the project. However, It's not really cost effective to create the plastic miniatures for a limited few who would order them in addition to the base game. Its pretty much an all or nothing deal at this point.

    So the goal of the campaign is low to ensure that any new backers have chance to get a copy of the game, and we have another chance to make up the 7k we needed in the original campaign to upgrade the components to the miniatures. It takes about 4k just to make the molds for the plastics, and then there is a charge for each molded set.

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  • Yes, with every copy of the game.

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  • We are moving ahead with the Commanders Handbook, either as a supplemental guide book or an addition to the existing Rulebook. This will also be included for backers of both projects.

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    All reward levels above $10 include a mention in the final rulebook as a kickstarter supporter. Reward levels including multiple copies of the game may add additional names. NOTE: Shipping within the USA is included at no additional charge. Shipping to Canada please add $15 to your pledge amount. International shipping is an additional $45 per shipment.

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    LOYAL SUPPORTER! - This reward level is specifically for backers who have already supported Exile Sun during our last campaign. While there is no specific physical reward for backing at this level, any backers who have already supported the original Exile Sun campaign and pledge at this level or more will receive a special listing in the rulebook as a Platinum Supporter.

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    SIGNED AND NUMBERED - in addition to ONE copy of EXILE SUN and the tech interrupt cards. Get a limited edition game component featuring the art of Eric J Carter, signed and numbered by Mr Carter himself. This will be included as an extra component so backers have the option to use it in-game or preserve it separately. (Add extra copies of the game for +$30 pledged) (International shipping available for +$35)

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