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Pilot your way to victory with a powerful squadron of Mecha. Build your team, customize your Mechs, and rule the galaxy.
Pilot your way to victory with a powerful squadron of Mecha. Build your team, customize your Mechs, and rule the galaxy.
277 backers pledged $8,018 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Hi Sam,

      Yes, there's been a lot of updates and action in the game.

      We're in communication with the Beta players every day, and communication has been moved off of Kickstarter into the game and the forums. The beta will end soon, but the forums will remain up.

      All in-game merchandise and Beta Codes went out weeks ago.

      We're gathering information now for physical prizes (T-shirts, etc) as well as in-game placement (Legendary pilots, etc). You'll be contacted by my staff shortly, if you haven't been already. You can also message us here for Kickstarter related questions.

      For anything not DIRECTLY related to Kickstarter please contact us through the game, or the forums. That's where the action is.

      Thanks to all the backers for making this Kickstarter a success, and thanks especially to the (rabidly active) beta players who are helping shape the game we love.

      Warm regards,

    2. Sam Wright

      Been a while since the last update. Any new developments?

    3. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      THANKS EVERYONE!! Woo hoo! :) Beta codes are out, the Beta will run for a few more days, enjoy!

    4. Brandon Robertson on

      Congrats on getting fully funded! Patiently awaiting the beta code...

    5. ShinKagato on

      Congratulations Nick! $8,018 is a pretty significant feat since you orginally only forcast for less than half of that. Ive enjoyed testing the game, the current system feels great and i cant wait to see what else you and your team have planned for the future. Glad i was able to be part of the process ^_^

    6. Joshua Midgette on

      Looking forward to this, there is a dearth of good mecha games out there at this time. Patiently awaiting my beta key.

      Joshua Midgette

    7. Deborah Hamouris on

      I really love how you've terraced the levels! Will keep this in mind for future projects, myself. Good luck in your last day's fundraising, Nick.

    8. StrikerOhamis on

      Actually, I am curious, how often do the codes get sent out?

    9. Missing avatar

      Samuel Newhouse on

      Please send out the codes again. I'm ready to play this. :)

    10. StrikerOhamis on

      Looks pretty interesting so far. I've always enjoying things like this, and joining the senate will be interesting. Looking forward to getting my beta key and jumping in. ^_^

    11. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone, check your mail!

    12. Paul Woo on

      I am eager to play the beta, if possible, as well as working with the developers, when possible.

    13. Missing avatar

      gracinb on

      I'm glad I read back through the comments before pledging. I was originally going to do 5-10 just to support the game, since I had little to no desire to deal with facebook for a game. With the mentioned intent of developing it beyond a facebook app, decided to increase the pledge a few times over. I look forward to seeing and playing this game, regardless of if I can play the beta or not.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rene Davila on

      mm, Hi, am I too late for the beta?

    15. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Sent to everyone! (Sam check your mail)

    16. Sam Wright

      Did you send beta codes to everyone, or only those who requested them? Mine hadn't shown up last I checked my email.

    17. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Lemon Pledge is alright, do they make any other scents? I'd like to try raspberry.
      Anyway... everyone should have their Beta Codes now, thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      MachinaMandala on

      I am wait for beta key. :(

    19. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Beta codes are out! Check your mail everyone.

    20. Timothy Chan on

      Can't wait for Beta (:

    21. Missing avatar

      Vadredant on

      Put in my pledge the other day. In other news, we need more lemon pledge, the bookshelf is looking a mite dirty. Can't go to war with a dirty bookshelf.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Mathews on

      Super excited to get into beta and try out the game

    23. Ruke on

      just pledge waiting on beta i hope there will be a mobile app for the game some day

    24. Brandon Burchfield on

      Just pledged! Can't wait to try out the beta.

    25. Jared on

      Waiting for my key, can't wait to try the game out!

    26. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Thanks freyjadour! Someone on our team will get it to you very soon, like right about now :)

    27. freyjadour on

      Very excited to get my Beta key!

    28. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Nickolas, check your mail.
      Iyan, most def! Lots of features like that to come, we're still working on the beta, many, many, many new things to come soon!

    29. Missing avatar

      Iyan Burlock on

      Can't access the forum so..
      what about the mecha having differences in speed instead of just the weapons?

    30. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Iyan, ha ha, sounds like your friends like the game, some of the Beta players are playing more and more every day. I can't describe how good that feels to us :) Anyway, check your mail Iyan, beta code sent!

    31. Missing avatar

      Iyan Burlock on

      lol course.. no beta code yet and already have gifts waiting to accept

    32. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, as a human and as an indie developer whose balls are in Facebook's clenched fist, I agree with you. But so many people are on Facebook that not to integrate it at launch time would be suicide. We will have other paths into the game soon. We'll be launching on Kongregate and as a stand alone on as soon as possible. I don't want to promise any launch dates, as I pride myself on __always__ keeping my exact word to my players, but we'll get these other versions running as soon as we can.

      We'll keep you posted!

    33. Missing avatar

      Iyan Burlock on

      Business wise it's not a bad move. I found the gifting system on facebook games down right irritating. (wife got addicted for a while) But as my wife would be a perfect example, Facebook gets many people into games who would never be "gamers" under normal circumstances. Some browser games allow website login AND the option of using facebook. who knows.

    34. Nancy Hutchins

      Sounded like a great game but then learned it is a Facebook game - I don't do Facebook games.. Shame, I would have like to have plated it.

    35. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Thanks Justin! Check your mail :)

    36. Justin Verret on

      hoping to get my code soon

    37. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Ben, you're in. Thanks for your patience.

    38. Martin Solis on

      I love what I see. I hope I get my beta code soon!

    39. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Ben, still looking into it, so much to do!! Thanks for your patience!

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I appreciate it, thanks!

    41. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      I'm looking into your error now. Thanks for the beta bug report, and I apologize for the trouble.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Anyone else getting an error message when they enter their beta key?

    43. Missing avatar

      kyle on

      I just got my code and codes for friends in my gmail (not kickstarter email). Looking at my previous post it would seem that it took 13 hours to get the code. Which seems pretty good to me since Nick has to do it manually while also working on the game. I just posted so other people will have a reference of how long it may take to get their code.

    44. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Check your mail everyone, all codes should be up to date. Thanks!

    45. Nick Shapiro 2-time creator on

      Sending them out now, it is currently a manual process, thanks for your patience!

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike Watkins

      Also waiting on a code.

    47. Brandon Olson on

      Can't wait to get my code! :D

    48. Grégory Bernal on

      Congratulations on reaching the initial goal! :D

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