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Pilot your way to victory with a powerful squadron of Mecha. Build your team, customize your Mechs, and rule the galaxy.

The much feared Rhino Mech.

Do you like Mech games? So do we. Our small team of designers and programmers love mechs. We've been laboring on Mecha Galaxy for the last 6 months and we're proud of how far we've come. Now we want to take it to the next level. We set out to make the most fun mech game we could, with a great story, riveting combat mechanics, and tons of customizable mechs and items. We hope you'll join us in crowning this awesome and exciting undertaking. 

When you contribute on Kickstarter, you will gain access to our closed Beta game, and our closed beta community updates. Your feedback will directly influence the game Mecha Galaxy finally becomes.

The more money we raise the better this game can be. Even after passing our initial goal, every penny will go toward MORE mechs, MORE equipment, and MORE features you want to see in the game. 

Check out the Beta here:
(Coming soon to other platforms including the Open Web)

UPDATE: Wooooohooo! First goal met! Thanks to everyone who helped us get over the first hurdle.

Next Goals:
Level 5: $5,000 raised. Upgradeable bases. As players level up, they will gain the ability to upgrade their base. Achievement Unlocked

Level 6: $6,000 raised. Time speed up. For the remainder of the Beta, energy will refresh every 55 seconds instead of 60. We'll play inside an accelerated time warp. Achievement Unlocked

Level 7: $7,000 raised. THE SENATE HAS VOTED FOR: Weapon Sell Back. The ability to sell back weapons which are no longer useful. Achievement Unlocked

Level 8: $8,000 raised. Pending Senate Vote.
Details here:

Level 8 and beyond: Further level prizes will be chosen by vote of the Galactic Senate. There will be nominations for bonus features which can be coded, all current senators can vote on which ones to create when.

The Beta will run until about April 5th, but no more beta codes will be sold after the Kickstarter ends. So sign up today to play in the "Grand Finale" of the Beta.

Welcome to Mecha Galaxy

In the year 3229, the galaxy is ruled by powerful civilizations contending for control of a vast network of ancient inter-stellar teleportation gateways. Their greatest warriors wield the most awesome weapons ever known: the giant Mecha war machines.

The Illyrian Hegemony - old, noble, ruthless - commands the center arms of the galaxy. The Meiji Shogunate, hemming the galaxy's core, practices their refined combat at every opportunity. On the galactic fringes, the Society of Cogwerk Planets relentlessly defends their independence. Victory and survival depend upon the expert piloting of the ultimate weapons. Only a balanced team of well-equipped Mecha can hold their own on the battlefield of the future. With the right weapons and strategy, the aspiring warlord can still threaten the most powerful clans.

As the game evolves, powerful players may wish to join or even replace these factions with groups of their own...

Just A Game?

In Mecha Galaxy, you engage your friends in mecha-combat. By winning battles and completing quests, you build up a squadron of hardened Mechs to rise in the rankings and (if you can) perhaps join the Galactic Senate as an arbiter of the Galaxy's fate.

The Purple Tiger Mech (name subject to change)

A standard Assault Mech


You enter Mecha Galaxy as a gifted but untrained mech pilot with your own small squadron of basic Mecha war machines. These are the key to your success. Everything hinges on how you compose your small attack force.

Customize. Equip. Train. Win.

Whenever you attack someone, you fight their team of mechs. The stats and upgrades of the two squadrons are compared and the battle is played out in front of you. There are many effects that add to the depth of the battle system, rewarding you for careful strategy in customizing and arranging your pilots, your equipment, and your mechs.

Mecha Galaxy is a game you play in your browswer, not a real time shooter. It's more like Tower Defense than like MechWarrior. Combat in the game is focused on building your squadron, equipping and configuring your mechs, then watching them do battle. Build your squadron over time, train your pilots, configure your Mechs. That's the way to win battles.

Evolving Story

When you're feeling battle-weary, you can explore the world of Mecha Galaxy through short missions and longer quests. You'll discover special items and learn about the political intrigue brewing in Mecha Galaxy, as well as live out the day-to-day adventures of mech pilots, smugglers, and pirates on exotic planets ruled by future civilizations.

Advanced players may find themselves enmeshed in the unfolding history of the galaxy itself, as they gain power and gain control of the galaxy.

Fierce Competition

The Galaxy is an unforgiving arena. Your rank will be known. Watch as you grow as a pilot and rise in the ranks among the other players. Tons of stats to help you see where you can improve your combat-readiness help you overpower your rivals.

Completing special missions and attaining different levels of excellence will win you medals that you can show off on your player profile and on the leader board. Your opponents will tremble at your heavy chest laden with accolades. 

You can fight many opponents, but the most glory is won in events such as the circuit fights, where you battle for ranking within a small group of similarly matched players. Plus special tournaments and competitions whose terms are decided by the Galactic Senate, test your mettle and boost your adrenaline.

The Galactic Senate

Membership in the Galactic Senate is the ultimate measure of your power. Here, you join the ranks of the story's most powerful characters and participate in determining the fate of the Galaxy.

Who Are We?

We are a lean team of experienced game developers who know how to make games fun. We only make games that we ourselves would love to play.

We code all day everyday. We love what we do.

The Prizes

All pledges for in-game items will "stack". For example, if you have already pledged $5, just $1 more gets you the $6 ion destruct cannon.

If you have already pledged $40, just $10 more gets you the $50 Red Rhino mech.

All players to pledge over $40 will be offered inaugural Senate seats, regardless of which package you choose.

Please note that Pilots and Equipment are not fully coded yet. Pilot and Equipment rewards will be distributed as soon as they are implemented in the game. Weapons and Mechs are in use right now :)

If you have any more questions about the prizes, just ask! :)

What's Left That Needs Doing

A deeper single player experience. The current PvE aspect of the game is just a place holder. There is so much more to come!

We've been developing Mecha Galaxy on our own time and money for 6 months. The game has its core complete, but needs your donation and feedback to bring it to the level of a polished masterpiece. We want to create more art, deepen the story, and add more features to make the game as fun and awesome as we know it should be. In particular we want to create many more mechs and missions, implement circuit prizes, and invest in making the game more balanced and challenging.

Every penny we raise makes the game better. This is what we do, and we want to keep expanding the game indefinitely. Ideally we will raise much more than the $3,500 we need right now, making the game that much better, with that many more mechs, better quest mechanics, more items, more prizes and more events.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    A password to join the Beta test and play the game today. Exclusive weekly (sometimes daily) Beta news updates. Access the private Beta community forum. Supporter credit in game. You'll get to help us shape the game as it is being developed. Give feedback, join the community, and tell us what kind of game YOU want to play. JOIN THE BETA TODAY!

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  • Pledge $6 or more
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    Access to the Beta game and community, plus one ION DESTRUCT CANNON. A powerful weapon with 8% Crit-Kill and 30% Splash damage, this is the best bargain in the game. One per customer ever.

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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    53 backers

    --50 NIODES --OGK TITLE --LASER SHIELD --Unlock the title of "OGK, Original Galactic Knight." This title will only ever be available via this Kickstarter, display it with pride. --One Laser Shield. Equip it to block 10% of laser damage to a given Mech.

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    --ALL OF THE ABOVE -- plus 50 ADDITIONAL NIODES -- plus ADVANCED FURY RACK a powerful missile rack with the "Fork" ability to target multiple foes per shot.

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    28 backers

    --CHARGING GREEN RHINO MECH -- GHOST ION CANNON --PLUS ALL OF THE ABOVE -- The Blue Ghost Ion Cannon is the most powerful laser in it's class, with a 10% chance of dealing 3X Triple Damage per hit. Only one per customer ever. --The charging Green Rhino is a beast of a mech, with 6% Trample Damage. Crush your foes underfoot!

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  • Pledge $40 or more
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    16 backers Limited (9 left of 25)

    --INAUGURAL SENATE SEAT -- 100 Additional Niodes. ---Be an inaugural member of the Galactic Senate when the game publicly launches. The Galactic Senate will control the course of the entire game. They will determine when factions go to war, which new features are developed, which weapons are unlocked, and other factors as the game evolves to their whim.

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    --RED RHINO MECH --ONE HYPER COOLED ENGINE --ONE ANDROID CO-PILOT --50 ADDITIONAL NIODES --PLUS ALL OF THE ABOVE --A mech equiped with a Hyper Cooled Engine gains +5 Speed. -- The Red Rhino is a bad ass on the battlefield with +10% to all Fire weapons. 'Nuff said. --A Mech with an Android Copilot gains 5% Berserk and 3% Auto-Repair.

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  • Pledge $60 or more
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    --A PHYSICAL CARD OF YOUR PILOT MAILED TO YOU --ONE ACE PILOT --ICE BOLT CANNON --50 ADDITIONAL NOIDES --PLUS ALL OF THE ABOVE --One Ace pilot for your crew. --One Ice Bolt Cannon, an excellent upgrade to your arsenal, with a 4% Freeze chance on successful hit. --We will manufacture and mail to you one "playing card" on cardstock with the name, image and short description of your pilot. If you are outside the US or Canada please add $10 for international shipping. Outside of planet Earth please contact for pricing.

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    --AUTOGRAPHED GAME POSTER --ONE LEGENDARY PILOT --TARGETING COMPUTER --INSECTOID MECH --GALAXY EYE LASER -- We'll sign and mail you a physical Mecha Galaxy poster. (Outside US please add $12 for international shipping. Outside of planet Earth please contact for pricing) --A legendary pilot will join your team. You might want to put them in the cockpit of your mighty new Red Rhino. --One Targeting Computer (equip it on the Mech of your choice). Targeting computer gives every weapon on that mech +5% to an instant crit-kill. -- Galaxy Eye is a fearsome laser weapon, which slows it's victims by 5 points per hit.

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  • Pledge $90 or more
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    5 backers Limited (10 left of 15)

    BECOME AN ACE CHARACTER IN THE GAME Work with our writers and artists to create an ace mech pilot in the story and universe of the game, based on *you* or whatever you choose (within reason).

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  • Pledge $90 or more
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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Name a Mech in the game. (Subject to editorial approval)

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    --GRATITUDE LUNCH WITH THE DEV TEAM --MECHA GALAXY T-SHIRT--PURPLE TIGER MECH (Name Subject to Change) ---The purple tiger, currently the most powerful mech in the game ---Lunch in San Francisco, with the dev team. If you are not in the San Francisco area, we can call or skype you to sing a silly song and engage in mutual banter.

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    1 backer Limited (1 left of 2)

    Rename the "Purple Tiger Mech" or the "Insectoid Mech" (Subject to editorial approval)

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    8 backers Limited (2 left of 10)

    -- BECOME A LEGENDARY CHARACTER IN THE GAME --Thank you for helping us launch a fun new game!! Work with our writers and artists to create a legendary mech pilot in the story and universe of the game, based on *you* or whatever you choose (within reason).

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    --SUPER-STAR GRATITUDE. --DINNER AND TABLE-TOP GAMING WITH DEVS ---Have lunch with the Devs in San Francisco (if you're in S.F.) and play some tabletop games we created. --THANK YOU!!! Our undying gratitude for your help making this game a reality.

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