Funded! This project was successfully funded on September 12, 2011.

Update #10

Oh My God! We've Been Funded.


Wow. Thank you all—so very very much. Thank you for believing in us and our game and for helping make it a reality. Thank you for financial support and for helping spread the word.

You have my pledge we'll bring you the best possible version of Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head we can, as soon as we can. I'll post updates here as news develops, print dates finalize, and where I'll be bringing the game to demo, if you want to play it, or say hello.

I'll also endeavor to honor your support by continuing to create the best, most original, fun, and thoughtful games I can. Next year's release is already in the works, I've got tons of notes and the beginnings of a prototype. There'll be updates about that here, and at (hint: we'll  be looking for lots of playtesters by winter, and OMGTAAIMH backers will get the first opportunity)

Thanks again folks. you rock. So damn much.

~ David Fooden & Chris Adams

Co-Creators of Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head. The Game of International Diplomacy


    1. Greenheadshot.small

      Creator Erik R Green on December 27, 2011

      One month later, repeating the same question. Please and thank you. :)

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jacob White on November 28, 2011

      Any news on when the game will be released/distributed to backers?

    3. Poster_races_v3.small

      Creator Judy Schatz on September 12, 2011

      Awesome - congratulations! Keep it up!

    4. N1294692962_296486_8676.small

      Creator Paul Beasi on September 12, 2011


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    A NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING—Customers in the U.S. will be sent the game(s) with no additional shipping charge. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping to Canada is an additional $20. Shipping to other countries is an additional $40. Also, please note that you may have taxes and or tariffs for importing games. Game Company No. 3 will not be responsible for these costs.

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    ANOTHER NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING—A very smart fellow pointed out that not all International shipping is equal, so…shipping to Germany is an extra $40, shipping to the U.K. is an additional $20. Please inquire about any other shipping costs outside of the U.S.

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    MINOR DELEGATE—All supporters at the $10 level and above will receive a print-and-play pdf of the game, Translation Guide pdf, and desktop and smartphone wallpapers featuring art from the game. You will also be given special thanks in the credits of the rulebook as a supporter.

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    BODYGUARD—One (1) copy of the game plus the exclusive bonus cards, with free shipping in the U.S..

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    TRANSLATOR—Two (2) copies of the game, 2 sets of exclusive bonus cards, with free shipping in the U.S..

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    AMBASSADOR—Six (6) copies of the game, 6 sets of bonus cards, free U.S. shipping and a promo poster.

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    SECRETARY GENERAL—Help us launch our first game at this level and you'll get: A copy of the game and bonus cards, a Game Company No. 3 t-shirt in the color and size of your choice, GC3 buttons, a Game Company No. 3 LIFETIME PASS: that's a copy of EVERY game we'll EVER produce. We currently have five more game designs in the pipeline for the next few years, and plan on releasing 1-2 per year—possibly more than that in the future. You'll also receive exclusive insider updates and sneak peeks at projects we're working on, a direct line to suggest expansions and give feedback, and we'll illustrate you into a future game. The game's designers will give you a phone call or Skype chat personally thanking you for your support. We'll also host special events just for our supporters at this level and above at any game convention we attend.

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    PATRON OF THE ARTS—A unique hand-crafted, deluxe version of the game featuring all hand-painted wooden pieces, with uniquely designed, gold-leaf detailed boxes and boards printed on archival art paper. These limited-edition pieces are signed by the games' creators and numbered—ONLY 10 of these unique objets d′art games will be made. Each will include an original sketch of a piece of art from the game.

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    SOVEREIGN NATION— Just like the Secretary General level, but you'll get TWO copies of every game we release AND one of the games co-creators will hand-deliver your game and facilitate a catered game night for you and up to 5 friends—MUST BE LOCAL TO NYC OR SEATTLE/PORTLAND AREAS.

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    GREAT POWER—Same as the Sovereign Nation level, except we'll hand-deliver the game and facilitate a game night anywhere in the U.S. (If you'd really like us to host a game for you internationally, contact us before pledging your support—we'll work something out.)

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