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The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
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100 Orders / Day

Posted by Game-Ovations, LLC (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarter Backers!

Quick mini update on the progress with shipping. 

Thank you for all of the support and messages. We are doing our best to respond to all of your emails and messages. Please reach out to with any questions. 

Around 100 orders / day are making it out of the fulfillment warehouse. Depending on the size of the orders being sent each day, that number is slightly more or less.  Please know that we are pushing our team as hard as we can. The shipping progress is slower than we had hoped, but we are hearing great feedback from all of those receiving their shipments. 

More updates to come! 

Eric and Brandon

Game-Ovations, LLC


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    1. kc2dpt on

      Clearly I didn't.

    2. Bill Jensen

      Clearly you didn't read my comment about their comment in which I declare that they shipped the order I placed yesterday... Today...

    3. kc2dpt on

      Clearly you didn't read the comment from the company saying when they noticed the preorders going out they contacted the fulfillment company and told them to stop doing that.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Pring on

      Just read the last comment from 3 hours ago.... so orders which were placed AFTER i pledged on kickstarter have been dispatched!!!!! that is TOTALLY unfair and shows that you do not care about the Kickstarter community which were the people who MADE this possible.... totally lack of loyalty / professionalism!

    5. Matthew White on

      It's random. Backer order is completely irrelevant to when your order will be packaged and shipped. They have stated this before.

    6. Phillip Taylor on

      I dont think it has anything to do with the size of your order. Ive heard of people with 1BB get their order already but on the same note ive also seen people say they got their order of 7BB. based on this alone Id have to agree with Bill Jensen. Its probably just set randomly.

    7. Scott Mohnkern

      Mine arrived yesterday. So patience is the key.

    8. Bill Jensen

      @dsnypixchck, I have a large order of ten and it hasn't shipped yet. There is no rhyme or reason most likely. Many years ago, I did ops and the shippers literally would grab the top order from the stack and go pick it, box it, and ship it. I sincerely doubt that for such a small project a distribution center would spend a lot of time optimizing. It's likely total luck of the draw. Which is one reason those who were responsible with the pledge manager still don't have their boxes while I bet some who were late got theirs back in February.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dsnypixchck on

      It seems the big orders are shipping out first. My order has 2bb and 1 bbm and I haven't received any notification yet. Just wish there was some official information being sent out. It shouldn't be a guessing game. I really hate not knowing.

    10. Missing avatar

      Owen Sieber on

      I doubt your backer number has anything to do with it... I am 2,622 and mine will be here on Friday. I have 4BB and 3BBM... I think it is where you live and what you ordered... You have to remember, there is only so much room they can pack on the trucks so they are shipping them in a way to maximize the room...

    11. Missing avatar

      Martin Pring on

      Sure enough.... No packages on my doorstep or in my FedEx /ups orders....

    12. Jess Turner

      Mine shipped on April 27, and was not a simple order. I have eight packages arriving, with multiples of each size, all in black, plus numerous accessories such as Bitcards, foam, more board sleeves, and extra drawers. I locked my PM quickly though, and am backer 947.

    13. kc2dpt on

      I doubt it. They probably grouped orders by type of things ordered and are proceeding from simpler to more complex orders. That's my guess.

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Pring on

      Are they shipping in backing order... If so mine should have been here by now.... Still waiting....

    15. Bill Jensen

      So at 100 a day, figuring 1700 left, are we looking at an expected final date of May 17 or so?

    16. Steve W on

      Agreed with vague update. How many more orders do you have to ship at 100/day?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wright on

      The update is appreciated, but vague. How many orders were in wave 2 and when did they start going out? As others have stated, many of us have to make plans to deal with the delivery, especially since the product is months behind the estimated shipping date.

    18. JR

      Thank you for the update. I'm eager to get these but the exact day isn't that important, I'm just grateful to see them getting sent out. Thanks guys!

    19. Missing avatar

      holcombsv on

      How many orders remain?

    20. kc2dpt on

      Thank you for the update.
      @Rebecca, great question!

    21. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Simmons on

      At around 100 orders a day how long will it take to fulfill the balance of your remaining orders?

    22. Matthew Dimalanta

      Are tracking numbers being sent out as things are being mailed?