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The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
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Shipping Update, April 28th!

Posted by Game-Ovations, LLC (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarter Backers!

Shipments keep rolling out and our fulfillment team tells me that tracking # emails are being sent every night for the shipments sent each day. Things are moving smoothly, but they never seem to go as quickly as we would hope. 

In the mean time be sure to get your game labels ready! Proper labeling can make a huge difference in the way you use and enjoy your BIT Game Storage. Check out the website at for some links and inspiration. We have included some new options, including labels for as little as $6 a pack!


During the first wave of shipments our fulfillment team was mailing between 150 and 200 boxes a day. The second wave is shipping at a similar rate, though we had hoped for more, and we are pushing for processing 200 complete orders a day. The orders in the second wave are larger that those in the first wave, because they include all of the various SKUs that were not in stock before now. I want you to know that we are pushing our fulfillment team as hard as we can. 

We are working hard to respond to all of the emails and messages that we receive. We are getting dozens of emails a day with many of the same questions. I know many of you are wondering about specific timelines for your orders. Unfortunately we don't have visibility to the specific sequence in which orders are being processed. I have given our fulfillment team the specific direction to ship orders in the fastest way possible.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we'll do everything we can to help. Reach us by email at SUPPORT@GAMEOVATIONS.COM.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. We can't wait to get all of these orders in your hands! 

Happy Gaming!

Eric and Brandon

Game-Ovations, LLC


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    1. Brian

      Address is fine. You will get notification any time something is set. It's very useful to get notifications when KS sends you stuff. The USPS also has a similar feature but only certain types of packages trigger alerts. FedEx and UPS also tell you who shipped the package.

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry W. on

      @JessTurner. Thanks. Once I've done that, will my address being registered be sufficient to get notifications? Or will I need to specifically know/enter who the delivery use coming from?

    3. Jess Turner

      @Larry They're called UPS MyChoice and FedEx Delivery Manager. Both are free to sign up for. You'll have to go through some ridiculous questions on the FedEx one to "prove" you are who you claim to be. Unfortunately for me they used the info of someone with my same first and last name who is a native of WA, whereas I moved here from OK. That took a phone call to sort out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Larry W. on

      I missed how to register on ups and FedEx to find out about deliveries you're anticipating and can't find the post. Could someone direct me to the instructions on that? I'd like to see if I can find out on my own since we have no knowledge of when tracking emails will be sent.

    5. Missing avatar

      Owen Sieber on

      Just checked UPS and logged in and it says that I have 4 packages being shipped. I didn't get an email, so anyone that is expecting your still, you might want to check They may not send an email.

      So excited for Friday... that is the expected delivery date.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alicia Morse

      On Thursday, I received emails from UPS myChoice saying I had six large boxes on the way, and on Friday, I got my BitBoxes! I was impressed by the quality and surprised at the weight (nearly 10 lbs per BitBox!). So far, I have filled four out of my seven BitBox + 2 BB Mobiles, and there were only a few issues I noticed:

      (1) is it just me, or are the card dividers too big to stand upright in the boxes? They are almost exactly the height of the exterior of the accessory boxes, but the interior is about 1 cm shorter, so I cannot close the boxes with the card dividers inside. For the time being, I have been trimming 1 cm off the bottom of the card dividers, but I am using only as many as absolutely necessary in case I have this wrong somehow.

      (2) The top edge of the board sleeve folds back to provide a clean edge and reinforce the opening, but the adhesive used is not enough to keep the folded-under part in place, so most of the board sleeves are having issues where that part unfolds a little, making the top board in the sleeve get stuck and possibly damaged where it contacts the revealed adhesive.

      Is anyone else having these issues or has any ideas for work-arounds? Overall, I would rate the BitBoxes as 7-8/10, and each box seems to reduce the shelf space taken up by game boxes by 40-70%!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alicia Morse

      @thejtrain -- I plan to just stick new labels on top of the old ones if I reorganize. That seems like the easiest solution to me. Of course, if you want to redo them twenty times, that would not be an ideal solution, but I can't really imagine rearranging stuff more than a couple times.

    8. kc2dpt on

      @thejtrain, you could always use post-its. they make one that has sticky on the full back. that would work as a temporary label.

      the other option I'm considering is an index card pocket. It's a clear plastic pocket with adhesive back.

    9. Anthony Czerwonka

      5 months late, long time to wait for some corrugated cardboard, not sure why his couldn't of been delivered on time. But hey, it's the Kickstarter way of life! Why be better then that!

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Rossborough on

      @TheJTrain: This questions is also of interest to me, I'm going to repost it in the main comments.

    11. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      For those who have their boxes & have done the label thing, is the surface where the label gets attached conducive to label removal & replacement without tearing up either the box surface or the label itself (depending on the label used of course)? I'm interested/excited to do labels with box art on them, but I'm anticipating some movement/reorganization on occasion, so if the labels are "stick-em-once-and-they're-stuck-forever", I'll have to reconsider the approach.

    12. Mike Callahan on

      I can't wait,....... time to clean up the shelves and start designing labels!

    13. Steve W on

      Thank you kindly for the update. Looking forward to getting these!

    14. Jess Turner

      @Christopher I did not get any tracking emails, however UPS MyChoice sent me eight notifications from King Solutions in Maple Grove, MN. Definitely BitBox!

    15. Christopher J Smith on

      Man if tracking emails are being sent when they leave your center, looks like mine hasn't been set and I won't have it in time for tabletop day :-(.