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The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.
2,346 backers pledged $202,947 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryan Arroyo on

      After a year of use, I can definitively say that these are garbage.

    2. Steve Odell on

      Andy, I am interested in all 4. My email address is in the about section of my profile. Email me and maybe we can set up the sale if they are still available.

    3. Steve Odell on

      Andy I am interested in all four

    4. Missing avatar

      jamin on

      It's a shame that they're so hard to buy now, I'm hopeful that bitbox will get back up and selling again. until then if anyone's looking to sell extras they have I'm interested in buying another bitbox and a mobile if possible

    5. Missing avatar

      Tony B on

      Andy, would you be willing to sell them individually or are you looking to sell all 4 at once?

    6. Andy Muth on

      I have at least 4 to sell, and a mobile. We have a friend who backed also, that we will let know in case he still has them. I'm looking for what I paid, plus shipping. (I paid $150 without shipping - $192 with, but shipping would be the actual cost to get to you) I'm keeping 1 box and possibly 1 mobile but will sell the extra 4 and mobile.

    7. Aaron Lococo on

      I never got a response back, so its not looking good. If I had known they were selling the remaining inventory and closing up shop, I would have bought 10 more boxes just to future proof. Really a shame.

    8. Mac Nelson on

      Add me to the list of people actively seeking more and curious about what happened.

    9. Felicia Hudson on

      NOOOOOOO! Why are they gone! I need more small size boxes. I was going to order one more box and two drawers so that the two drawers in my bit box Mobile could have a home too.

    10. Aaron Lococo on

      @Clint. I attempted to contact the creator, no idea if I'll get a response or if the email address I contacted is even correct. Really just looking for answers if Bitbox will ever have a future again, or if he would allow someone else to reboot the project if he has no plans to do so. I am not sure who that person would be though. I am 100% sold on it as my storage solution. Perhaps with buying the right materials and some cutting and folding we can create our own if anything else?

    11. Clint Dickson

      While we wait for someone to make these again, does anyone want to sell theirs to me?

    12. Aaron Lococo on

      Holy cow, I have 4 bitboxes and just went to order more to find they are gone. This is crazy to me as the storage solution is so good. I guess people don't like the idea of breaking down their games out of the original boxes.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark T

      I would totally support a Kickstarter reboot for BitBox.

    14. Missing avatar

      Owen Sieber on

      Yea, makes me sad too. I need to buy another one. I hope they check here and realize how much poeple enjoy their product and idea and would support another kickstart effort. These boxes are amazing.

    15. Scott Walton on

      Just sent an email to inquire about another box and was went back undeliverable. Does not look good. :(

    16. Ivan Conrad on

      I wish the company would launch another kickstarter. Even if it was just to get rid of extra stock, I'd buy at least one more box.

    17. Jeff Girard on

      Damn, are there no more of this? I really wanted (needed) another couple of sets for all the games I have, It's the best storage and display system I've ever found. I was ready to jump on here and buy two or three more. Really hope this can come back some day, now I have to look for alternate solutions. :(

    18. Clint Dickson

      Is there anyone here with Kickstarter experience want to do a project called BITBOX 2.0 and basically produce these again? You can take all the time you need to figure out how to make these again, and at least most of us would back you. If during this process the original owners reappear then they can start doing orders again, or surrender it to you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      I'm super bummed out, I wanted to buy another bitbox, I already own 2. The official website is no longer up and running and the twitter is silent. They don't have any announcements about closing. I'd really like to get more info on this and how I can get more boxes.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kara shostrom on

      That’s very depressing since I was just looking into buying another set. I just got a few people interested after they saw mine.

    21. Steve Odell on

      seems they shut down their facebook page. Very sad they aren't responding or updating customers. It also seems very unprofessional too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Larry W. on

      So, since they appear to have shuttered their doors without a word (no response here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email), does anyone know of a space saving game storage alternative? I was able to get enough bit boxes for my games plus a few more... but seeing as I'm not gonna stop buying games in the foreseeable future, I'll need other options.

    23. Christian Jeter on

      ok went and found an easier way to do it taking stuff from the video and looking around on my own. don't even need a template.

      go to the board game bgg page that you want a lablel for.
      Click on the main picture of the game page. Should bring up the medium sized picture up. drag and drop that into the folder. Do that for each label you want.
      go to as listed in the video.
      Select the grid size 1 pic, 2, or 4 and in what size.

      They did an example for 2 picture box. For that go to settings uncheck aspect ratio lock and change width to 1500 and height to 900. Adjust pictures to make them look right.

      Save picture on to desktop.

      Go to, make an account then search 5450 on the top search bar. 2nd result is a template maker. Insert collage you made. Repeat as many times as you want in the project. You can have them print for you or they have a video to instruct to how to print on your printer.

      labels are $3 on amazon.…

    24. Christian Jeter on

      @beverly eldred

      I have the single label template, not the 2 label one or the 4 label one. probably wouldn't be too hard to make one outright.

      I also have the sheet of what games were fit into what size boxes. Posted on reddit asking for the template from any backers.

      They definitely shuttered their doors. Facebook page is gone.
      Youtube video currently the best source.…

      What a waste. They could have come here and posted all that stuff for us. no wonder they went out of business.

    25. Missing avatar

      Beverly Eldred on

      Dunno if anyone still reads here but I am hoping! I never got around to designing my labels and now with the website missing I can't get to any of the templates or anything. Does anyone have anything that would help me out?

    26. James Nettum on

      Well, crud. I spoke to them during the campaign about wholesale possibilities, and they were excited about the idea. Now it seems to be too late.

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Gordon on

      Just searched today and I cannot find the site. Too bad they seemed to have a few fire sales going on but now everything just vanished. Too bad because I really was hoping to get a new couple of boxes :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Tony B on

      Yeah it's strange Andrew. I was on their site a couple of weeks ago, was trying to order additional sleeves and the shopping cart wasn't working. Next thing I knew, the whole website was unreachable. I wish someone would provide some kind of update....anything at this point.

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tischaefer on

      I just got a third box and sleeves about a month ago no problem, so if they are gone it happened suddenly.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tony B on

      I'm having the same issue. Its been several days. I tried to reach out to them via Facebook and response. Not looking good.

    31. Scott Walton on

      Running into the same problem as well trying to contact them. Hope all is well.

    32. Steve Odell on

      I tried contacting them on facebook, but I'm not getting any response. I was trying to order more as well.

    33. Missing avatar

      Larry W. on

      Dunno how much point there is to messaging here, but is bit box no more? Was hoping to order more, but the site seems to be down.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jedediah Roguski on

      Is anybody else having trouble fitting collectable cards into the XL Box? The fold under flaps raise up the cards too far.

    35. Lonnie Smith on

      I ran in to the same thing where I stuffed those sleeves completely full and then had a small box unused...till I found one of my games that had no boards! Woohoo! I got 17 games/expansions boxes into one bitbox and a mobile. I still have 12-15 more games though I think so I might need to pick up a second bitbox.

    36. Missing avatar

      Doug Bolton on

      Yes how is it I have not received my boxes either and I have tried to contact them twice....

    37. Craig Wright

      I am in the same boat as Jane Trudeau Smith.
      I have not received the 3 bit boxes and 1 bit box mobile I pledged for.

    38. Missing avatar

      Owen Sieber on

      Fitting the sleeves are a chore... I have enough bit boxes that I was able to spread things out. I was able to get all the games in the 5 I have and still have 3 small boxes left.

      I put all the games on the bed once boxed and added them to the shells where I could fit two trays into 1 sleeve. It took some time, but I managed. Now if I travel I know that I can take two full trays with one sleeve.

    39. Jane Trudeau Smith on

      I never got mine at all - sent a message, email next - anyone else?

    40. Heidi Hardner on

      Only one household member not happy with BitBox...…

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicki Stevens on

      @J.P. Creativity is a must with these! We have a lot of modular board/tile games that are making the sleeving even more challenging (e.g. Zombicide, the Others, Ghost Stories, etc).

    42. J.P.

      @Nicki, we sometimes hit a wall (I'm looking at you, Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages: ANSoC), but creative shuffling gets everything to fit eventually.

      @Game-Ovations, when will Canadians be able to order additional BitBoxes through your website? We wanted to pick up five more, but the pull-down menu only displays the United States. It's odd that I could order a whole pile through Kickstarter, but can't through the official channels.

    43. Robert Eng on

      The delivery company gouge the outer box which went through to the Bitbox but I will survive. Another game sleeve box would have been good as I am filing that one much faster than the rest of the Bitbox.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicki Stevens on

      Thanks Travis!

      Is anyone having trouble fitting their game boards? We seem to be running out of room to add games to our bit boxes bc we can't fit anymore boards in the sleeves. We have already removed the rules for the games and put the in a binder to give us extra room, but it's still really difficult.

    45. James on

      I was hoping to use my Bitbox with 6 drawers. is it possible to get just the cardboard piece that separates them?

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher Martinez on

      I'm curious to see how your Bitbox mobile is holding up. I have just used it a few times and it is starting to rip. I'm putting tape on it now.

    47. Khati Paul on

      When our bitboxes finally arrived, they were really banged up... to the point that we've had to use duct tape to fix some of them. I'm not even sure who to contact at this point, but it was a pretty major disappointment. I would have rather put them together instead of having every single box look like we dug it out of the trash. :(

    48. Gregory Booth

      @Brandon Alexander, I'm using Avery 5440 labels, which are 1.5 inches by 3 inches. They are wider than the bit logo, but fit the height perfectly and give enough room to label well. I then use and create a 1500 * 750 pixel image with a black background and white text. Looks nice on the black bitboxes.

    49. Missing avatar

      Travis G


      I have two white ones and the color is fantastic!

    50. Brandon Alexander on

      How are you guys labeling your board trays?

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