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Wield the power of the gods to capture your opponents' forces and turn their powers against them, in this epic game for 2-4 players!
Wield the power of the gods to capture your opponents' forces and turn their powers against them, in this epic game for 2-4 players!
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New Game Announcement: "Blood of Rome"

Posted by Game-O-Gami (Creator)

Game-O-Gami is proud to announce a new game in development:

Blood of Rome (3-4 players, 60-90 minutes) is a board game of gothic horror in ancient Rome. Rome will burn, Rome will bleed.

In Blood of Rome, supernatural factions fight a secret war in the streets and catacombs of Rome. Vampires, Werewolves, Gargoyles, Witches, and Slayers form alliances and vendettas in their conflict over the soul of the empire. Each player secretly belongs to one of the five Factions, with the goal of gaining the most victory points for their faction. They can achieve this goal by helping their faction's Agents occupy the most Locations on the City Board, and by slaying the agents of other factions with which they have a Vendetta, adding those agents as points to their Catacomb.

Players take turns placing cards from their hands onto the limited slots of each location on the board. Each card belongs to a different faction, and has special abilities which can: add new agents to a location, transform agents from one faction into another, slay agents, trigger a combat vote, acquire new cards, and more. Any player can play a card from any faction on their turn, thereby manipulating their enemies into doing their dirty work for them. A Calendar of Auguries tracks the cycles of the sun and moon, triggering additional special abilities on the cards, depending on when they are played.

Blood of Rome's factions include: 

  • Wolves of Romulus - the Werewolves - A secret pack of shapeshifters, descended from Rome's founders, who have entrenched themselves among the city's military elite. Strongest when the moon is full, their cunning political manipulations are enforced with feral ferocity. Long ago, the Werewolves were entrusted with defending the city from outside threats. But over time, they have become corrupted and paranoid about internal threats to their power.
  • Sisters of Hecate - the Witches - A coven of priestesses who draw magical power from worshiping the old gods. They are based in the temples of Rome, representing the city's religious elite. Until recently, they had a peace treaty with the Werewolves going back hundreds of years, ruling the city together from the shadows. But ancient rivalries have finally sparked the flames of all out war. The Sisterhood's power is also threatened by the Chosen Ones and their strange new religion, which is spreading like wild-fire among Rome's slaves and commoners.
  • Gorgon Sentinels - the Gargoyles - Ancient creatures who have slumbered for centuries under a witch's curse. Once, they acted as neutral arbiters between the Werewolves and the Witches, keeping the peace in Rome through their nightly vigil. But they were betrayed when those two factions grew resentful of the Gargoyles' interference in their schemes. Now that the curse's power is broken, the Gorgon Sentinels have awoken to restore order to Rome... even if that means killing every other thing inhabiting the city.
  • Carpathian Horde - the Vampires - An invading horde of undead barbarians from the east, who have come to drain Rome of every drop of blood. These blood-thirsty revenants raid the lands outside Rome's walls, preying upon anyone foolish enough to try to leave or enter the city at night. Those vampires which have infiltrated the city stalk its catacombs during the day, and rise to the streets to feed from dusk till dawn. Their blood curse can spread to anyone, making them a threat to all other factions in Rome.
  • Chosen Ones - the Slayers - Christian slaves and gladiators who have risen up against the oppressive tyranny of their supernatural masters. Fanatical physical training and unwavering faith give them the strength to battle these nightmare creatures. Their new religion has spread rapidly among Rome's poor, who turn to the Chosen Ones for protection. They aim to purge the monsters from Rome, cleansing the city of its sins with fire and blood.

The game is being designed by David Luis Sanhueza, featuring art by Milek Jakubiec (whose amazing work has already been seen on some of the cards in Immortal.) Blood of Rome is still in the design process, so you are likely to see it make an appearance on Kickstarter at some point in 2016, after Immortal is released.

Until then, if you're interested in the game, you can go to BGG to give a thumb's up to the cover art or become a fan / subscribe.

*Note: backers of Immortal will get to own some of the darkly beautiful artwork from Blood of Rome in advance, as the game's factions are being included in the Promo Cards Pack: 

More to come... 

David Luis Sanhueza 
Founder, Creative Director 


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    1. Game-O-Gami 5-time creator on

      @Outer Limit Games - Happy to hear that Blood of Rome has captured your interest! I'm looking forward to revealing more information over time, and adding some of the game's artwork to Immortal. :-)

    2. Outer Limit Games, LLC on

      Very exciting!! The new game looks really interesting :)