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A swashbuckling and heroic roleplaying game using the brand new West End Games D6 2nd Edition system!
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Hero Points!

Posted by Gallant Knight Games (Creator)


We've inched past the $25,000 goal, so backers at the $150 level will get a dice bag added to their pledges, and other backers can add them on for $15 USD! As a reminder shipping is handled after the campaign in our post-Kickstarter pledge manager!


Hero Points & Doubling Down!

Let's talk about some new rules in WEG D6 and some modified ones!

Doubling Down

When an action fails, the character can double down. When a character doubles down, they narrate how they retry their efforts, and the Gamemaster will work to help them find a narratively suitable reason they can try again.

Some actions can not be tried again (such as combat actions), but generally, the Gamemaster should work to allow players the narrative freedom to double down. 

The character then rerolls their entire Die Code. 

If the action fails on the retry, they gain a complication, but no Hero Point is rewarded for the complication, as it would normally be. 

If the action is successful, follow the normal rules for success!

Hero Points

Characters acquire Hero Points from Complications. These Hero Points can be spent in several ways: 

  • To double the Die Code of a single roll. This is a change from past versions of D6 System, where all Die Codes for the turn were doubled. This is smoother, and forces the player to consider their resources a little more! (And yes, you can spend multiple Hero Points on turns you want to take multiple actions! You just subtract the penalty before you double the Die Code!)
  • Reroll a failed roll without doubling down.
  • To avoid being Stunned in combat. 


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    1. William L. Munn (Adept Icarus) Collaborator

      @Dominic: Either is fine. To do it now, just adjust your pledge up in dollars for any add-ons you'd like, and then you'll have a chance to tell us what you wanted when we launch the pledge manager after the campaign. Alternatively, you can add items directly in the pledge manager and pay for them there.

    2. Dominic Lopez on

      Do we add on the dice bag after the campaign ends or do we need to adjust our pledge now?

    3. David Jackson on

      Oooh! That sounds like it’ll result in epic sword fights against the main baddies and sweeping through the basic soldiers (without villain points)....but Zorro 😜

    4. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      Hey David!

      High level or major Villains have access to Villain Points, which are going to function like Hero Points for those Villains.

    5. David Jackson on

      ....also: how does the Wild Die work for GM/ NPC rolls? Assuming hero points are character (as in Player Character) focused

    6. David Jackson on

      Interesting tweaks and developments for d6! Like the hero points uses; just wondering if there is anything similar for NPCs, or are hero points purely character based?
      Also wondering about changes etc. for combat (interesting hint about “stunning” but this has got me wondering if there are “mook” rules or similar where “stunning” results in them being taken out of combat immediately (or something similar).
      Looking forward to seeing more updates as we enter the next days
      P.S. will there be an opportunity to add extra add-ons in the pledge manager?

    7. Frank Hart

      I'm liking these updates.