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A swashbuckling and heroic roleplaying game using the brand new West End Games D6 2nd Edition system!
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World Update #2 - Dramatic Personas and GM/Player Helps

Posted by William L. Munn (Adept Icarus) (Collaborator)

Hello Swashbuckling Backers!

Will here! We’re back with another World Update (and nice photos of our dice). In case you missed it, you can read World Update #1 here.

Missed the Q&A with Alan last night? You can view the transcript at:

We're checking in today with more Zorro details from a world standpoint. As with our other updates, some of these elements are subject to approval by ZPI and West End Games. They are subject to change in the final product. 

In this update, we’ll list some of the dramatic personas of Zorro: The Roleplaying Game. Following that, we'll go over many of the helps we are creating as part of the game to assist Players and GMs in getting to the action as quickly as possible. This includes a handy tool to teach new friends the game.

Expect detailed backgrounds and stat blocks on dramatic personas including:

  • Various Dons and Doñas
  • Various Government Officials, Sergeants, Captains, and Soldiers
  • Various Business Owners and Peasants
  • Various Friars and Mission Workers
  • Don Diego de la Vega

Finally, there are helps for folks running and playing Zorro (and introducing the game to friends).

  • Those familiar with old WEG D6 RPGs will be glad to see the return of pre-generated characters with backstories. We're calling them Quickstart Characters, and we have a bunch.
  • Similarly, for GMs, we provide enemy combatants they can drop into any campaign as they see fit.
  • We, of course, are bringing back the WEG D6 convention of Adventure Seeds. We have tons of great ideas to kick-start a new adventure or act as a random encounter mid-campaign. At no more than a page each, these are quick to digest. In the tradition of Gallant Knight Games, they are written by our contributors. We can’t wait to use these in our own games of Zorro!
  • Finally, the much-requested tutorial including an adventure to train new players on the rules of the game. 

We hope you're as excited as we are about the world of Zorro. Our writing team has a ton of passion for Zorro and for this game. We're nearing the end now, and we'd appreciate you sharing Zorro: The Roleplaying Game with your social media, your game groups, Discord communities, groups, and anyone you know who just loves RPGs. Help us make a final push for ALL of our stretch goals!

We’re incredibly grateful to be making an RPG in the world of Zorro.

Our backers are the best! Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Here are the dice.

  • Image 393662 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 393663 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Alan,

      Ooh, thanks for answering that question! Looks nice! :) Any chance of a couple of piccies from inside that reference book? :)


    2. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      Hey John! It's a reference book we're using that compiles the Zorro dailies!

    3. John M. Kahane on

      Hullo, Alan,

      Oooh, I love those dice! Wantz, wantz, wantz!! :)

      But I have to ask... what are the dice sitting on top of...?


    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick OShea

      Thanks for posting the whole chat, I’m
      kicking myself for missing it.
      Guessing there won’t be a ‘Generation Z’ expansion book (for anyone who remembers *that* animated take on Zorro) XD