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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 24 2017

First Day! + Deepwater Titan + Live Q&A + Questions!

Posted by Gallant Knight Games (Creator)

What a great first day!

Thanks everyone for joining us on this trip! It's gonna be exciting!

Victory Condition Gaming Live Chat & Q&A

Let's get started! First, tonight, I will be joining Victory Condition Gaming on their channel for a live Q&A about Tiny Wastelands tonight at 7 PM EST. You can follow along at the link here!:

Questions About Mechanics!

In the comments, Emil asked the following questions: 

  • "Can you describe combat, damage and healing in the game?"
  • "Where does the game lie on the "action pulp" vs. "gritty survival" spectrum?" 
  • "How "powerful" are the protagonist when compared to the common man?"

Let's get Emil some answers, eh? 

First, combat, damage and healing! Like all TinyD6 games, it's minimalist (that is our big focus)! All attacks are resolved with standard tests (rolling two six-sided dice, and succeeding if either dice is a 5 or 6). You have some options in combat, such as Evade, moving, or making multiple attacks. If you attack with a Mastered weapon (something you select at character creation), you have Advantage on the attack. 

Damage is pretty simple. All attacks deal 1 damage. That's it. No extra rolling, no extra steps. 1 damage. 

Healing is simple. If you can rest and sleep, you heal. Otherwise, you need to find someone with the Doctor trait to help you out. In wastelands, having a Doctor is very useful.

Gritty Survival vs. Pulp Action. Well, the game focuses on finding gear to keep yourself and your little community alive. There's lots of scavenging tables to roll on, items you find and use wear down, break, and need to be repaired or replaced. But as the combat shows you above, the fighting and action is pretty streamlined and focused on the minimalism. So I'd probably say more Gritty Survival than Pulp Action, but not the "grittiest" of the Gritty Survival genre? That was a hard question. 

How "powerful" are the protagonist when compared to the common man? Well, NPCs are built with the exact same rules as PCs, so you're pretty equal. PCs have an minor edge or two but generally speaking you'll be on the same foot as other survivors!

I hope that answers the questions Emil! If anyone wants to know more, don't hesitate to ask in the comments and we' ll either answer there, or include it in a future update!

Deepwater Titan by Wendelyn Reischel!

Our first micro-setting preview is Deepwater Titan written by the talented Wendelyn Reischel! 

First a bit about Wendelyn!

Wendelyn is a freelance writer, game developer, designer, and lifelong gamer with a profound love of role playing. She made her debut in the gaming industry in 2016 developing [NM 156] and contributing to Heaven’s Collapse both from Post World Games . In 2017 Wendelyn wrote the Beijing city chapter for Cold Shadows and has several projects on the horizon. She has been a force in the Colorado gaming community for more than a decade as the public leader of the Denver RPG meetup. For the past two years Wendelyn has served as the Vice President of Gamers Giving Inc. a charity organization that hosts table top gaming events. Her goal is to expand, uplift and unite the gaming community. Wendelyn lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Brian, their cat Zuul, and often a houseful of gamers.

Now, Deepwater Titan!

"When the land is overrun with anarchy, you and your band of Roughnecks aboard an offshore drilling platform have become a bastion of sanity and a hub of commerce. There are alliances to be made and gazz to trade. Heavy machinery, heat, and hostility on the high seas.

Drill baby, drill"

That's a very cool setting. A drilling platform turned into a commerce hub and bastion of security is an interesting idea, and we're already plotting ways to use it!


Alright folks! This project can only succeed and unlock all these awesome stretch goals if we get the word out and tell everyone! We've already shared it and we're doing more, but your help is always appreciated! 

There's only TWO HOURS left to get the Early-Bird Deluxe pledge level, so don't miss out!

We'll see you soon!

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    1. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @Emil - The Average could be 6, but can range from 5 to 8 based on Archetype!

    2. Emil on

      Thanks for the informative reply.
      To get the damage system into perspective; how many HP does an average human have?