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Return to the minimalist fantasy tabletop RPG Tiny Dungeon in this revised rules, now with micro-settings, additional content, & more!
Return to the minimalist fantasy tabletop RPG Tiny Dungeon in this revised rules, now with micro-settings, additional content, & more!
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Posted by Gallant Knight Games (Creator)

Actual Play Live-Stream Unlocked!

And we've unlocked a 12 session live-stream with a free PDF at the end! Excellent news! Thank you everyone for your support.

So what is our next stretch goal? Well, it's one that I am very excited about.

$45,000 Stretch Goal - Tiny Frontiers - Revised!

At $45,000, we'll be putting money into a revision of our very first RPG (and our first TinyD6 RPG), Tiny Frontiers! 

Let me explain why. Tiny Frontiers was our first game. I'm very proud of the great work on it. However, in the last 18 months, we've learned a lot about producing games. We've gotten better, faster, and improved our talents. Now, Tiny Frontiers has been left behind. 

It also doesn't sell as well as it's counter-part, Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters. When an expansion is outselling the core game, you have an issue. Part of the issue is the art. TF:M&M's cover art leaps out and grabs you. TF doesn't do that, and that's a problem.

And honestly, the perfectionist in me knows I can do better now, and wants to. 

I hear you. You're saying, "Sure Alan. But how does this reward impact us?" or "Aw man, I just bought Tiny Frontiers,. What a waste of money." 

Well, I can answer both of those for you. 

So how does this Stretch Goal benefit you? All backers on this Kickstarter will get a free PDF of the new Tiny Frontiers: Revised. It's that simple. You're making this happen. We will give you a PDF. 

If you just bought or have already bought Tiny Frontiers, don't worry. Your copy won't be out of date. In fact it'll mostly be up to date. Here's a list of the big revisions coming down:

  • Some new Heritages
  • Clarified, errata'd and expanded rules
  • Revised Starship system
  • All new interior art
  • All new cover
  • All new graphic design
  • All new micro-settings (replacing the previous ones)
  • Rules text brought in line with the changes spawned from Tiny Dungeon 2e

If you already own Tiny Frontiers, we'll have an easy to use PDF changelong of the changes between the original and revised games to make it easy on you. 

This will also not be getting a Kickstarter, instead getting a direct release, so we'll be providing all the backers here with a coupon to get the new print edition of Tiny Frontiers: Revised at a discount (again, as a thank you)!

I'm very excited about this stretch goal, and I think you'll like what we're cooking up!

- Alan & The GKG Team

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    1. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @Cruor - It will fully cover TF and add more to the game. The TF micro-settings will be complimentary to TF revised.

    2. Cruor on

      Its nice that we get second game, but Im not sure if I got it right. So there will be TF-Revisited. And we get free pdf of that.
      And my point ... its some kind of expansion to TF, or TF-Revisited will fully cover TF and add some more, or will it be two standalone games?

    3. Jack Berberette

      This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

    4. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @John - It will be a whole new product (at a certain point we will set the old Tiny Frontiers to PWYW, so folks can still get the micro-settings included therein).

    5. John Garren on

      Thank you for supplying this! So will TF: Revised update the existing TF product page, or will it be a new product on DTRPG?

    6. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @John - All of those are on the schedule! Tiny Wastelands is coming early 2018! We've got some plans to get these in your hands quickly.

    7. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I did just buy the pdf if TF a few weeks ago!

      But I’m good with this. Would rather see a _new_ Tiny genre, but I’m still good with this.

      (What would I want to see? Tiny Cyberpunk, Tiny Dieselpunk, Tiny Steampunk, Tiny West/WeirdWest, Tiny Supers... but more than any of those, I really want to see Tiny Wasteland back on schedule :-) )

    8. Scott Edward Nash

      @Galiant - hahaha. Well it is impossible for a company to take into account when someone may have purchased a previous product. I am very happy with this solution. All the Best!

    9. MidnightBlue

      As someone who "just wants to be friends"...thanks!


    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crowe

      What the.... 2 games for the price of 1! :):)

    11. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @Scott - Phew! You had me worried with the start there.

    12. Scott Edward Nash

      As someone who just, and I mean just, purchased the hard cover of Tiny Frontiers.... I say.. "Righteous"...
      Thanks for this. much appreciated!

    13. Gallant Knight Games 13-time creator

      @Michael - Us too!

      @Kalahan - D'awwww *toes ground sheepishly* We love you too

    14. Kalahan on

      I love you guys!