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An eBook and PHP programming course for creating websites and applications without the use of geeky web developers. Like me. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 15, 2012.

An eBook and PHP programming course for creating websites and applications without the use of geeky web developers. Like me.

About this project

11/12 Update - Stretch Goal Achieved! 

We did it! The final stretch goal has been realized! It's been a pleasure working for you these past 28 days and I look forward to helping you all with your coding projects in the future.

11/6 Update - New Reward Added

To help facilitate reaching the new stretch goal, I've added a new reward. For $30 you will receive a copy of the book and a full year of hosting through Bryte Guys Media Group. That is just $2/month instead of $10/month for hosting. You can use your own domain name or use a subdomain ( or You'll have a public spot to play with code or just post a blog, etc. Thank you!!

11/4 Update - Stretch goal achieved + new goal and new topics!

The chapter on dissecting Facebook will be added! Thank you for helping me to reach the new goal so quickly!

Many people are asking me to add sections on Wordpress and Drupal so at the $3,500 goal I will be adding sections for both Wordpress AND Drupal! Conveniently, they are both built on PHP :)

10/28 Update - Stretch Goal $2,000 to add Facebook Chapter

At the suggestion of many of you, I will be dissecting Facebook and explaining all the technologies used to create the website and using the examples to show you how you could actually create your own social media application. This was a great suggestion because it will give you a real world example of a site you know very well and teach you how it was made! Thanks for all the emails and support!

Update - Stretch goal achieved! The Twitter application will be included in the book!

Thank you thank you thank you! With an hour to go to show up my sweet baby child, we hit just over the $1,000 mark! I am elated to have the support of all of you!

Update - Stretch Goal - $1,000 - prove my hateful daughter wrong

My child is being super disrespectful in this video, trying to crush my Kick Starter dreams. Help me show her what's up and I'll include a section for creating your own Twitter application in the book!

Ditch the Dork - PHP

I've been involved with development and internet marketing for over 14 years. I learned how to program out of necessity. My first website was a Weird Al Yankovic fan site hosted on Geocities. It was necessary for the world to share my passion in this dude. That's how I got started. Stop judging me.

I've been writing tutorials and teaching people to program for years and so, finally, I'm writing the book I wish was available when I was first learning.

The Book

This book will not be up-tight and formal. It will be informative but fun and hopefully you'll laugh a few times. Just think of me as the old man in the cave in the Legend of Zelda. You are Link. Programming is your journey and this book is your little wooden sword. It's dangerous to go alone.

What makes me qualified to write a book?

Currently, I am the Director of Technology for a marketing company in San Francisco. My development projects include work for NBC, Nike, Johnson & Johnson and Lionsgate just to name a few.

I bring more than knowledge to the table. I learned how to write code the same way you will - by reading and practicing and screwing up and learning from my mistakes. I didn't start out as a dork, though. I'm really more of a salesman and marketer. That gives me the ability to really connect with people and teach them without confusing them.

This book is good for everyone

Even if you don't plan on becoming a programmer, this book will allow you to modify existing code that you once thought impossible. If you have access to the code of your website, you know how scary it is to mess with. Ditch the Dork will teach you the fundamentals of programming while providing you with real world examples that you may encounter in your own websites.

Some topics that will be covered

  • Creating accounts and protecting pages that are for members only
  • Building forms that allow people to leave comments, send you an email, etc
  • Basic fundamentals that ensure you won't break an existing page
  • Editing code written by someone else
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Choosing an editor to work with
  • A lot more

What does the future hold?

I plan on releasing more books. My goal is to have a book that covers each topic you'll need in becoming a really well-rounded developer. Those topics are what I specialize in: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

PHP: Open source programming language used to build dynamic websites and applications.
MySQL: Database to store the records of your project
Javascript: Programming language that affects a webpage right in front of you. For example, if you click a link and a pop-up box appears, it was coded with Javascript.
HTML: The basic, number one programming language. It's essential to understand HTML in order to build any website because, hey, all websites use HTML.
CSS: The paint on your house. CSS tells your browser how to display your webpage. From the colors and fonts to the position of an image.

My books will teach you to become a solid developer and less reliant on dorks like me.

Risks and challenges

Getting a book published takes a lot of time and dedication. Some of the challenges I'll face once the project is funded is hiring an editor and finding a publisher. I'd love to find a traditional publisher willing to take a chance on my book, but there are no guarantees in that happening. For this reason, I already have resources to self-publish. Doing this will ensure I'm able to deliver the rewards on time and to the full satisfaction of my backers. Thank you so much!

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  • Yes! While you can learn a lot from just reading the book, you'll really benefit from doing the projects and getting your hands dirty. These range from creating a membership site to setting up your own API.

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  • Absolutely. Please think of some real world examples you want to go over and I'll be happy to include them!

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  • Sure did. Isabella created a fan site for Dora the Explorer all in PHP and she doesn't even have teeth yet.

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  • It's great for beginners! I guarantee you will have a better understanding of programming and be able to actually create websites and applications after you read this book.

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    1 Year Web Hosting + eBook! For $2/month you get a full year of web hosting to host your application or website. You can use your own domain name or use a subdomain ( You get unlimited email addresses, databases, 1GB space, etc. This is great if you need a place to practice your code or just want affordable and reliable hosting!

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