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Update #59

We're in Beta! We're in a Magazine (Soon)!

It's been a pretty cramped month! Between the working on the game itself, planning for Florida Supercon, poking people at PAX and consuming untold legions of sandwiches, we're definitely in overtime now. Time for us to share some of the stuff we've been up to!

Closed Beta Testing

We have entered the beta phase of development! If you pledged between $30-$45, we've opened the gates for you. :)

We have sent emails to you guys with beta keys for the Steam version. Be sure to check the email that you were using for Kickstarter when you made your pledge. Double-check your spam folders as well! As always, just message us directly on Kickstarter if it doesn't show up in a day or two.

Indie Game Mag Feature

We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet will be featured as the cover story of Indie Game Mag next month! Look for us in next month's issue as we talk to the IGM staff about the game's progress over the past couple years, as well as a bit more information about our budding team at GalaxyTrail and what possessed us to bring back that '90s style charm. ;)

Our To-Do List

Aside from the final stage, the game is functionally complete at this point. We'll be working on the following up until release:
  • The final stage.
  • Cutscenes. We've programmed about 15% of the cutscenes so far for Adventure mode, and it's shaping up pretty nicely so far! As more scenes develop, we will be showing off sneak previews to help introduce our fans to the story and cast.
  • Pixel art. Some of them characters still need a fresh coat of paint afterall.
  • Revamping Shang Mu Academy. We want to rework the Academy stage into a gallery where players can play through a variety of special challenges and minigames, including the 18 target stages included in the demo. Our idea is that each of the collectable star cards in the game's stages could unlock a new mini-challenge in the academy, which would include not only target challenges, but robot skirmishes, boss attacks (which would let you practice against certain stage bosses without having to play through the actual stage first), and more!
  • A built-in Achievement system where players gain badges for overcoming specific challenges, such as completing the game with specific characters or defeating bosses with specific finishing moves.
  • One final update to the public demo.
  • Extensive bugfixing once all of the main content is set in stone.

That's all for now. Ten four!

Update #58

Crunch Time! Preparing For Beta!


(Dragon Girl - by R-No71)

Spring is right around the corner - and so is the beta version of Freedom Planet! We're going to make that extra push to get all of the core stages finished by April, which means finishing Battle Glacier's boss, building the entirety of the final stage and going back to some of the previous stages to add Carol and Milla-specific goodies.

The final game won't be rushed, so no worries! We just want to make sure that it's functionally complete for our beta testers and the press next month. After that, we'll slow down a bit to work on cutscenes and polish everything up, even if we have to push back the release date a bit to do so.

As far as digital artbooks go, we're currently commissioning a second piece of box art that we really want to put in it, so we're gonna delay it a little more until it's finished. We'll start putting it together after that.

We'll be hunkering down pretty tightly to focus on stage development, so we'll probably be silent for most of the month. Wish us luck!

Update #57

A Wild Update Appears! Release Date Announced And More


Howdy, backers! We've been a bit quiet lately, so allow us to fill you in on what's been going on over the past month or so.

Stages Ahoy!

We're down to the wire with the game's stages, as we've completed Pangu Lagoon and Trap Hideout, Lilac and Carol's exclusive stages respectively. All that remains is the arctic wasteland of Battle Glacier and the final stage, a tense four-part affair within the depths of Lord Brevon's starship.

Meanwhile, we've also been chipping away at some of the cutscenes. All of the voice acting has been recorded at this point, so now it's just a matter of building each scene and animating the characters accordingly.

PAX East and Florida Supercon

PAX received a huge number of game submissions this year, so much that they had to delay the final results for another half a month! Given the sheer volume of submissions, we weren't really that surprised when they didn't select Freedom Planet for the expo.

We're going to take another crack at it with a different convention - this time with the 2014 Florida Supercon in July. We've been personally invited by one of the organizers of the event, which is quite cool to say the least, and we're currently gathering as much info as we can about booth registrations and the like. With 25,000 attendees this year, it seems like a great place to start getting the word out!

With any luck, the game will most definitely be done by the time of this convention. Speaking of which...

Release Date

As you might have noticed by our estimated shipment dates on Kickstarter, our original intention was to release the game in February. After we were Greenlit by Steam and learned that they needed the receive the game a month in advance, we pushed this back to late spring.

Our current target is May 30th.

This might change. At most we would push it back another two months, but we'll know for sure as we get closer.

Pledges and Stretch Goals - The Rundown

Digital artbooks will be passed out at the end of this month to those who qualify. We'll be compiling all of the pieces of artwork we've commissioned throughout development into a PDF file along with links to the authors who created them.

Beta testers will gain access to the game when either all of the stages and cutscenes are implemented or when March 31st has passed - whichever comes first.

Billboard, NPC and bot backers who haven't submitted an idea to us will still be able to up to March 31st. If you have contacted us in any way with an idea, then don't worry - We haven't forgotten. :)

Spade and Torque are programmed into the game, but they won't be playable until a future expansion that adds them in along with a couple of exclusive stages.

The webcomic series we proposed is a bit dead in the water, particularly because we've long since become aware of the price of artwork and the level of quality we desire is not something that's currently within our budget. We figure at this point that the money would be better spent on other things, such as getting the game ported to other platforms.

Lastly, the video playthrough from the VAs that we promised is still in order. ;)

We hope this clears up a few things, and thanks for sticking with us! Trust us, it's going to be well worth the wait.

Update #56

Holiday Update!

Hello everyone! We hope that your holiday is shaping up to be a merry one. As the snow falls, we're continuing to make some good progress.

Reminder to Backers

If you still haven't received a Steam key from us and have already checked the e-mail address you use for Kickstarter, be sure to let us know by sending us a private message. There is no rush, and you can contact us at any time before or after release to redeem your key. :) Cheers!

Pangu Lagoon

The next stage in line is Pangu Lagoon, an isolated area with no robots or aliens in sight. Don't let your guard down though - it leads into an abandoned stronghold infested with mutated creatures and devious traps, where an enormous secret lies dormant for Lilac to discover.

Speaking of which, Lilac is the only character who can access this stage, and it is built specifically around the use of her unique abilities. There are special boost rings scattered around that will supercharge her Dragon Boost, allowing her to boost twice in a row to reach incredible speed and height.

Carol fans, never fear! Our cuddly wildcat's exclusive stage is next on our to-do list.

The Archives of Wyndia - Soundtrack by Woofle

Freedom Planet's music is awesome so far, right? Well, our main musician Leila Wilson (a.k.a. Woofle) has just released a brand new album for an upcoming visual novel called The Archives of Wyndia by Toonsmoosh Productions. The novel itself will be released in spring next year, but you can listen to and buy the soundtrack right now!

At the price of a typical fast food burger, it's a pretty yummy deal if you like soft RPG-style music, and you'll be helping Leila compose more music for future games like ours!

Update #55

Indie MEGABOOTH and Demo Update!

Hello backers! We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet has been submitted for inclusion in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East 2014! We won't know if we made it or not until January 13th, but our entire team is going to keep their fingers crossed until that fateful day.
If we make it to PAX, we'll be able to meet with hundreds of industry professionals and show off the game to thousands of attendees and millions of viewers around the world. With that kind of publicity, we can only imagine what a hit Freedom Planet will become!

Demo Update

The MEGABOOTH judges will be playing the demo anytime now, so we figured that we would update it to show off all of the most recent changes and tweaks. You can try it out yourself, too, by visiting our website below and clicking the download link for either the PC or Mac versions:

The updated demo includes new music and sound effects and a more polished menu interface. The first map of Dragon Valley has also been rearranged to provide more optional paths for explorers. Rolling has returned as a Carol-exclusive ability, while Lilac now has a diving kick (Down + B). And, lastly, we've fixed various bugs and issues that popped up in the last demo.

Playthrough With Lilac and Syntax

Finally, we wrap up this update with a video of Dawn and Victoria (who voice Lilac and Syntax respectively) playing through the new demo. Twinkies and witty banner ahead.

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