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The alternative folk-rock ensemble, Zachary Galanis and the Ergo West, are recording their second studio album.
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We took the Money and Ran...

Oh so many times I have driven from LA to Salt Lake City via I-15 through Las Vegas. All the times prior, I have snubbed my nose at this fake oasis, the epitome of American gluttony. However, this time as I passed by the flashy facades of buildings I felt an allure. The slots machines, the crap tables and the Men of Crush all had new charm knowing I was traveling through with a healthy wad of cash. Fortunately for the accountability of the Ergo West, we made it through the sinful city not a penny light to the land of Zion (or so they say Salt Lake) :-)


In all seriousness, we are now in recording mode and one week down in the process.  It has been amazing so far.  We are also working on the scheduling for our tour and the CD release. Once that scheduling becomes clear we will be contacting all our sponsors shortly about how we intend to follow through with the rewards for this forthcoming album.

Thank you so much and in the meantime we want to share with you a track re-mixed off our last album by Robert Delong who is also drumming for the Ergo West.

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    1. Creator Ray Fairley on July 31, 2011

      This re-mix is so chill. I love the remix. This will be available for download right?