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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Full German language version.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

Considering how quickly you are moving forward, we have decided to take another important step and unlock the German edition now, without waiting for having at least 400 Backers from Germany. We really appreciate your great support and Community work, and we strongly believe, that you will easily reach the goal, so we do not think we should wait any longer! 

Therefore, we are proud to announce, that we will prepare the German edition of the game! We are going to translate all the KS game content: the core box, all unlocked Stretch Goals, as well as all add-ons. It means, that in Pledge Manager you will be able to choose the Veteran of the Waste pledge in German!

We hope this decision will bring more German survivors to our post-apocalyptic flock, and will encourage them to choose the all-in pledge, so that they may enjoy the game in German with all available materials, and at the same time will help us a lot in our works on the German edition of the game!

Thank you for help and support! See you in the Waste!


Seid gegrüßt, Knights!

Unfassbar wie schnell ihr seid – Ihr habt uns überzeugt. Wir schalten die deutsche Ausgabe ab sofort frei, ohne abzuwarten ob mindestens 400 Backer aus Deutschland zusammenkommen. Wir sind wirklich dankbar für euren Community-Support. Dementsprechend sind wir fest davon überzeugt, dass ihr das Ziel auf jeden Fall erreichen werdet. Warum also länger warten?

Wir können hiermit voller Stolz verkünden, dass wir mit den Vorbereitungen für die deutsche Ausgabe des Spiels beginnen werden! Alle KS-Spielinhalte werden vollständig übersetzt: Das Grundspiel, alle freigeschalteten Stretch Goals sowie alle Add-ons. Das bedeutet, dass ihr ab jetzt im Pledge Manager den „Veteran of the Waste“-Pledge auf Deutsch auswählen könnt!

Wir hoffen, dass diese Entscheidung noch mehr deutschsprachige Überlebende zu unserer postapokalyptischen Herde bringen wird. Und vielleicht ermutigt sie das auch, den „All-In“-Pledge zu wählen. So kommen alle in den Genuss des kompletten verfügbaren Spielmaterials auf Deutsch und es hilft uns gleichzeitig bei der Arbeit an der deutschen Ausgabe des Spiels!

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe und Unterstützung! Wir sehen uns im Ödland!

Galakta Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lancelot Link - Secret Chimp on

      That was the last reason for the support. I´m in..Thx a lot :-)

    2. Galakta Creator on

      @Christian Vogel Thank you!

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Vogel on

      Yea... Now i am in 🤘🏻

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco Komorowski on

      I can't really explain why this is making me so happy. I'm super exited for the game and be able to play it in my motherlanguage is simply amazing. I think Galakta made the right decision with the german Version and I'm sure this game will be a story of succes. Wish you the best!

      Now I can stop begging my friends to pledge and go back to my regular life and enjoy one year of anticipation until the game will be shipped.

    5. Benji33 on

      Good news for German waste landers ;)
      So the French and Spanish version should be far away from the requested 400 backers ?

    6. Ivan on

      Wow! Grats guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      The self-fulfilling prophecy has been fulfilled! There are now more than 400 German Backers!

      It is time, for the painted minis Add-On Prophecy to be declared!

    8. Missing avatar

      William on

      Nice for the German backers !
      French backer here, hoping for full french translation to go all-in ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Sammy mm on

      Ah, torn here. Didn't want to go all-in but as a German backer I'm thinking about it now. I think the important thing for me would be to know if the German version will ship at the same time as the English version or if it will ship after like it's common on other Kickstarters. I don't see that mentioned anywhere.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Breit on

      Awesome, All-In 😀

    11. Galakta Creator on

      @gosc_w_dom Yes, if you wish 2 Veteran pledges then please pledge $210. You will choose what languages and such on the Pledge Manager stage.

    12. Galakta Creator on

      @All Thank you for such a great feedback. We are closing on 400 German Backers and the Red Lord can be already seen on the horizon!

    13. Missing avatar

      Joe Grady on

      Wunderbar! I don’t speak German, but very glad that now more people will be able to enjoy this game that I am looking forward to so much. Hopefully this will encourage more people to look into this and get excited.

    14. Gerwaldan on

      Congrats for our german wastelanders ! Too bad we cannot plan for french-speaking canadian backers : added with french from France, it could be close to reach !

    15. Missing avatar


      Awesome guys.

    16. Alluidh on

      Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

    17. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      @gosc yes, i think so. One backer asked it before. And galakta tell him yes.

    18. Missing avatar

      gosc_w_dom on

      In case I'd like two copies I have to pledge for 210$ ?

      (ye.. Question fits general chat better, but general chat is scrolling very fast lately)

    19. Philipp Linde on

      Hell yeah! Full German version is awesome! I would have gone all in anyways, but now it's even getting better!!!

    20. Robert Rydlo

      great news! then it's an all-in!

    21. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      Congratulations, I'm almost as happy as if it were the Spanish translation, I hope the French and Spanish realize that the translations are possible

    22. Missing avatar

      Marco Komorowski on

      Smart move. Now all german (me included) will go for the all-in pleadge. Win-Win Situation I guess.
      Bute yea.. I'm super happy! Thanks Galakta!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Timo Krüger on

      Fantastic news, you are awesome!

      Tolle Neuigkeiten, ihr seid spitze!

    24. Missing avatar

      André Henrich

      Prima, dann wird es wohl ein All-In!

    25. Melhilion

      einfach nur klasse!

    26. Melhilion

      so awesome thx alot!

    27. LInsoDeTeh

      Awesome! Have been all-in already but now it's perfect!

    28. Missing avatar

      yoyo37230 on

      I spread the word on French forum to wake up them!

    29. Missing avatar

      yoyo37230 on

      How Lucky you are German friends!

    30. Missing avatar

      Marius Kaiser on

      Fantastic News
      I am all in now :)

    31. Mel On KS

      +10!!!! :) :) :)

    32. S Buntenbach

      Yes, wonderfull go up to all in, Thank you Galakta

    33. Missing avatar

      Pabs Zisec on

      Thats amazing!!! Please thing about do it same with French ans Spanish (I know there are less backer from this laguagues but the game is too heavy for been played in other languague, and you would make 200 backers happiers)!!!

    34. Lord Helmchen on

      I am German and now i am All-In with all Add Ons. Thank You <3

    35. Thomas on

      Great decision - from 1 to 105 $ ! Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Heidemann on

      You just gained a german veteran level supporter :-)

    37. Rob

      Fantastic news. Congratulations German Knights! ;))

    38. Marc Schönfuß on

      Grandiose Entscheidung!!!