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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Veterans of the Waste.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

We have repeated it many, many times before and will surely do so more during the next couple of days – you have managed to create a great Community around our project and we are truly thankful for that! As you probably know by now, we are doing what we can to listen to your ideas, comments, and opinions and we really appreciate all insight you are providing every single day of the campaign.

Therefore, we have decided to create the “all-in” pledge named “Veteran of the Waste”. This $105 pledge includes the Core Box, all unlocked Stretch Goals, the KS exclusive Lore Guide, as well as all expansions shown in the campaign: Dogs of War, Through the Waste, and Remnants of Civilization. But it’s not all! Each Backer choosing this all-in pledge will also get something special – the Outback Chronicles (dedicated notebook), a unique, cosmetic add-on to make your games even more immersive. 

Thanks to the Outback Chronicles, you will be able to note down any information pertaining to the game in one source, thus creating a genuine journal of your exploits in the Waste. Whenever you find a unique item, encounter a special rule, or make a choice in the game leading to some narrative epilogue or an alternative ending of an adventure (and believe us, there are lots of such things hidden in the Book of Tales), you will be able to write about it in the Outback Chronicles, just like discoverers or pioneers of old used to do when they travelled through unknown lands and chanced upon something they had never seen before. We believe every fan of Waste Knights: Second Edition will find the Outback Chronicles a valuable thing to own.

If you decide to change your pledge to the Veteran of the Waste, simply click on the “Manage your pledge” button, then “Change your pledge” button, and tick the Veteran of the Waste option. Finally, confirm the change. Please see below for the illustrated guide on changing your pledge.

Please notice that the Veteran of the Waste pledge does not include the Scavenger add-on offered for free during the first 24 hours of the campaign. If your Backer number is 2616 or lower, you already have the Scavenger and it will be added to your rewards in the Pledge Manager – you do not need to do anything more to get it. Just remember not to cancel your pledge!

If your Backer number is higher than 2616, but you would like to have the Scavenger add-on, after choosing the Veteran of the Waste pledge, please manually change the pledged sum from $105 to $112 to account for $7 the Scavenger add-on costs. You can do it on the Pledge Manager level, too, however doing this now will help to unclock the Stretch Goals and will provide the Community with even more game content!

We thank you again for such a great commitment and support! If you have any questions, please check the FAQ or make a comment, and you will get help either from our team or one of the Backers out there! 

See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team

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    1. Draxon Fly on

      that's cool.. would be nice if it made it cheaper though, cost the same.. but..., pledge changed for now (still scratching for coin, I got 6 days to do it)

    2. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      +🗡💀☠💀🎸 @Galakta Blasta

      This is the truth of it! The Outback Chronicles notebook with all it's cool looking Wasteland art is exactly where it'll be great to incorporate the awesome backer suggested idea for a printed list of all sorts of achievements, on top extra App related puzzle content.

      The idea of achievements itself is a sort of chronicling of a player's progress anyway, but set according to whatever conditions all the people at Galakta Blasta decree. Hell, not only could each of you design your own unique personal achievement, you could source the backer crowd on top of that as well. Just make sure the references and humor stay great! Funny references to popular apocalypse science fiction is what's made the fallout video games hilarious, going back all the way to the first two isometric games in the series. Even the later released Wasteland 2 incorporated some such hilarity. Waste Knights achievements will be a great over-the-top boardgame version of the same!

      + Dog also wants a purchaseable Full Set of Painted Minis Add-On Added On!!! 😝⚔🐶🖌

    3. Galakta Creator on

      @Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy) Thank you very much! It's really great to hear you like the idea of Outback Chronicles.

    4. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Increases my pledge and joined the Veteran Squad :-) Thank you for the notebook, as already mentioned, this will be quite useful while playing. Looking forward to adding additional notebooks in the PM, since these also would be wonderful presents for some of my friends.

    5. Missing avatar


      great news! comfort upgrades are always appreciated.

    6. Galakta Creator on

      @Game Aquisitor Lots of great ideas there, thank you! There were other Backers, too, suggesting some sort of achievement system, so we will surely consider this.
      Regarding more copies - right, thank you! This is also a great suggestion.

    7. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      BTW Galakta, if you do make such an achievement points focused App functional Outback Chronicles physical notebook, please also make extra copies of it available as add-ons! I'd like to purchase 5 extra copies.

      'MEMBA THIS! 🗡😝📒📒📒📒📒

    8. Missing avatar

      gosc_w_dom on

      @Cythia, yes you will. Just modify pledge , do NOT cancel.

    9. Missing avatar

      Juan Córdoba on

      I have a question about the app. In what device will it be available? I do not have a tablet just a laptop, will it be available for windows?

    10. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Heaton on

      If I was a backer in the first 24 hours and got the scavenger figure as a free thanks, do I still get the free knight if I changed my pledge? Thanks :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter K on

      I have dozens of notebooks lying around. Do I need another one? Nope. Am I gald to have it included? You bet! A unique artifact with custom art that itself becomes part of the game components is a wonderful little touch. I was already all-in, as the prices on the expansions seemed quite reasonable to me. The notebook is a nice bonus, something unexpected, which I look forward to using with my adventures in the wastes. To everyone complaining that there's no discount, if you were already sold on the value of the expansions you should be happy with a bonus. If the only thing that would convince you to get the expansions is a discount, I feel like you're not appreciating the creators' efforts in creating expansions in the first place. Just my 2 cents.

    12. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      Instead of a plain empty notebook, why not fill it with multiple removable perforated pages of a list of to-be-completed named & briefly described achievements (with associated achievement points) of various forms for each player? Achievements can range anything from killing a certain number of a type of enemy, to conquering sets of adventures, or hex locations on the map, to having a certain type of vehicle or sets of vehicles, etc.. Give the achievements fun names referencing world wide famous moments from all sorts of well recognized scenes, quotes, etc. from other post-apocalyptic media including famous movies (yes, even Waterworld), video games, sci-fi novels, relevant pop culture humor, etc. You can also make sections of the book function with the app. For example, allowing the player a section in the notebook with multiple pages of a grid  to map out a code specific to a randomly generated complex underground cave structure filled with mutant creatures and a potential underground loot filled lab or other material storage, to be resolved through use of the app. The random code and grid would be in the notebook for players to log. Upon completing such puzzles, more referenced achievements could be checked off as completed on each player's achievement page.

      You can even have player stats be somewhat modified according to the number of achievements accomplished so backers and later retail buyers are incentivized further to want to have a copy of the notebook.

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      - Tomorrow-Morrow Land!

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      -a stretch goal or purchaseable add-on option for a complete set of EVERY PAINTED MINI!

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      -a stretch goal option for higher quality linen finished cards!

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      -better kickass Wasteland Pocs-Eclipse styled fonts for the titles of the Adventure Guides!

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      - purchaseable add-on option for the all inclusive bigger box should the $225k not be met!

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      Captain Walker! 👮‍♂️

      'Member this!? 📒🤨

      Walker eatin' the Dinki-Di! 🐶…

    13. Galakta Creator on

      @All Thank you all for such a great reaction and your pledges. Regarding next SGs - please stay tuned, we have some ideas that we will unveil soon!

    14. Galakta Creator on

      @Juan Cordoba It fulfills such function, however, as you can glimpse in the update, we plan to make it very climatic, with hand sketches of plants, creatures and inhabitants of the Waste. It will also have a dedicated layout. All in all, it will be a true memoir of your deeds in the game. We feel it is going to enhance the experience, holding snippets of stories your characters have had a chance to write with their actions.

    15. Justin Boehm

      Also, still hoping for a new female Knight, maybe even a KSE one

    16. Justin Boehm

      Yeah, it’s a valiant effort, but the notebook isn’t needed by any means, a reduced cost all-in would have been preferred, that’s kind of the point of bundling things together :(

    17. Lukavia on

      Now we're talking! Great job!

    18. LInsoDeTeh

      A thousand thanks for the all-in pledge from backer #297. :-)
      Now I can just lean back and relax without needing to calculate stuff and just wait for fulfillment. :-)

    19. Perry Grosshans on

      Backer #463 checking in as Veteran of the Wastes! Hell's yes! Thanks for the all-in pledge. A no brainer for me. Can't wait to start driving around the wasted outbacks! Congrats on such a successful campaign, and good luck with all the manufacturing steps after the KS ends!

    20. Galakta Creator on

      @Marcin Cieślikowski The purpose of Outback Chronicles is to facilitate gameplay - in a way that you can note down important info, but at the same time create a journal of your travels. Now, when you play, you can also make notes. You could avoid danger this way. But the game does not state clearly which narrative choice is dangerous. PLus even if you encounter the same scene for the second time, you usually have 2-3 other new choices to make that will lead you somewhere else. So we hope you will be intrigues enough to choose a new path to follow and find a new way to explore the world. The idea is to give you a great looking to so that you can make your own, unique game component.

    21. Missing avatar

      Juan Córdoba on

      Thank you, obviously I have read it, I ask because I do not know if it is a normal notebook or it has something special, if it is a special notebook the detail is appreciated, but if it is a notebook I have some at home, but it is also appreciated, although I expected a small discount in the all-in, which is what I think is usually done.

    22. Missing avatar

      flashburn on

      @Juan Cordoba, there's an entire paragraph that explains the purpose of the notebook. I suggest you read it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Juan Córdoba on

      Ok A blank notepad. How it can help to the game. How we can use it?

    24. Missing avatar

      Juan Córdoba on

      With the initial commitment plus the complements I get 65 + 15 + 10 + 15, total 105 is it correct?
      What is the advantage of the all-in?

    25. BlindeKillen on

      Also it's important to note that the number you see in the e-mail isn't really your backer number. On my confirmation e-mail it says: "2586 backers + You"

      However my actual backer number is 2713. Everybody should probably check through the kickstarter site rather than the e-mail.

    26. BlindeKillen on

      Okay, I can't resist.. I'm going all-in again! :D

    27. Rob

      @Jason, if you didn't cancel your pledge you'll be fine. ;)
      I don't know how to find your number on the app. You can check the original email you received when you backed, if you can find it. Or connect to kickstarter via browser.

    28. F.S.P.

      So no discount for All-in Pledge? The whole point of every all-in pledge is make it economically worth it.
      I don't want any notebook...

    29. Adam Birch on

      Pledge updated!

    30. Duane Parsons on

      I have updated my pledge to 'Veteran of the Waste.' Thanks for providing this option.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason collins on

      I changed my pleadge just know in the app but it didnt follow the steps listed below or does not show my backer number that I had in the first 24 hours for the scavenger. Can someone help me with seeing if my backer number changed. I didnt cancel the order just picked a different one. Yay all in pledge!

    32. Marcin Cieślikowski on

      @Galakta Will writing anything in a notebook not facilitate gameplay to some extent? For example, I will not to enter the upper city by playing a script again, because I will know that something dangerous is waiting for me there.

      And besides - GOOD WORK!

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Thanks for releasing the new pledge level! I was already all-in, and it's awesome you guys are adding even more icing on the cake!

    34. Rob

      @krzysztof, also you can click your profile pic, top right of screen, then 'backed projects', then the blue + beside Waste Knights. Then scroll down a little to see your number.

    35. Alluidh on

      I'm a Veteran now. The only missing part is the OK for the German version :)

    36. Missing avatar

      TechnoGolem on

      So either way I'm paying $112 for everything. It's just if I want a free notepad or not? I think I'll pass on this upgrade.

      If I get the note pad it would just sit around collecting dust because I wouldn't want to "damage" it by writing in it. I appreciate the effort to do something extra but this is not for me.

    37. Galakta Creator on

      @Joeri Temmerman For the shipping information and group pledges, please write to our logistics team. You will find their email address under the shipping table.

    38. Galakta Creator on

      @Don Sombrero We thank you for your support!

    39. Joeri Temmerman

      @Krzysztof Kadziewicz
      The moment you backed, you received a mail. In that mail you can see what backer number you are.

    40. Krzysztof Kadziewicz on

      How do you check Backer number?

    41. Joeri Temmerman

      Any update on shipping for group pledges? (all-in)

    42. Don Sombrero on

      Finally :)

      Thank you!