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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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New possible language versions!

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

Today, we have really big and exciting news for many of you! From the very beginning of the campaign, we had a great group of dedicated Fans, who wished to see our game in their language. We have always replied that we are doing what we can to make it happen, and today is the day all of you have been waiting for!

The business talks with potential Partners regarding German, French, and Spanish versions of the game are in progress. Choosing a proper publisher and confirming details connected with localizations will take a longer while. On the other side, we really care about the general development and popularity of the game, and we hope to reach as many potential fans as possible. 

Therefore, we have decided not to wait for the end of our negotiations. We make an important step and announce today that you may expect German, French, and Spanish language versions! Even if we do not find a suitable Partner in a given country, we are going to publish a given language version ourselves. Yet, we still need your help to do it!

In order to make it all work, the number of Backers from each respective country must exceed a certain threshold:

- 400 German Backers to unlock the German language version

- 400 French Backers to unlock the French language version

- 400 Spanish Backers to unlock the Spanish language version

Once we reach the minimum number of Backers from a given country, every interested person will be able to claim their campaign reward in a given language. The translation will pertain to the Core Box and all unlocked Stretch Goals. At this point, all optionally bought add-ons remain in English version. Also, please bear in mind that the localized language versions will be available around 3 months after the English version due to a huge amount of text that must be translated.

We fully realize that people speak the mentioned languages in other countries (German in Austria; Spanish in South America, or USA; French in Canada, or Belgium just to mention few). This is exactly the reason why we have decided to lower the localization threshold to 400 Backers based on data from one country only, where the biggest number of people speaks a given language. 

Once unlocked, any Backer will be able to choose their preferred language version no matter where they live – you will make this choice in the Pledge Manager after the campaign. Now, we can only encourage all Backers from Germany, France, and Spain to share the information about Waste Knights: Second Edition campaign with their fellow countrymen. This way, you will surely gather enough Backers in no time, so that you may enjoy exciting adventures in ruined Australia comfortably.

We are very happy to share such good information with you. This would be impossible if not for your immense support, for which we are extremely grateful!

See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dirk Reichel

      @ Marco Komorowski: just let them back for 1,- Dollar, then they are counted, won´t loose much money and can decide in the pedgemanager if they go all in.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco Komorowski on

      Is there a possibility to release the present number of backers from Germany? A lot of my friends or colleques are interested in the game but for them its important to get a story driven game in their motherlanguage. So they want to know how high the chances are to get in in german before they do their pledge.

    3. Oscar on

      @Galakta In response to Cezary Opalinski, if you really want to know how many people want the game in Spanish, do a poll or whatever, you've many ways to sound out. I think that your solution, asking for 400 backer, with only 9 days left of campaign and demanding only Spanish backers is a really fail. No one can say that you close the option for the translate, but ffs...

    4. Javier on

      In my opinion if not everything is translated it does not worth, I am Spanish user but i will ask everything in the same language (English if ad-dons are not translated).
      You are free to do whatever you what with your money, but not buying ad-dons for not being translated seems ridiculous to me as far as we all bought them when they are only in english....

    5. Galakta Creator on

      @Jack Please contact us on translationsks(at)

    6. Galakta Creator on

      @Melhilion Thank you for your suggestion. People responsible for licenses will surely consider this option, if they haven't already.

    7. Jack on

      @GALAKTA: What can I do if I want help you with translate to ukrainian/russian?

    8. Melhilion

      @GALAKTA: may i propose VERY good partners for german translation?!? SPIELESCHMIEDE, SCHWERKRAFT VERLAG and FEUERLAND SPIELE. all of them did very good jobs in the past with very many games i own. SPIELESCHMIEDE also has their very own distribution service HAPPYSHOPS. perhaps you can talk to them and make up a deal. plz ask them they will help and support you professionally.

    9. Galakta Creator on

      @hope77 We fully understand that. We will see how many Backers there are from respective countries and maybe we will be able to propose some other solution, such as pdf translations for add-ons. We will know more closer to the ending date.

    10. Galakta Creator on

      @Cezary Opalinski We take it into consideration. However, as we have already mentioned, we can only see the Community section as it is, with top 10 countries. We must base our assessments on something. The fact that we set the threshold on 400 is directly connected to this assumption that some of USA Backers might want the Spanish version, or some UK Backers might want the Polish version etc. Normally, 500 copies in the minimum production level, with 1000 being the standard for off-set printing.

    11. Nate Madara on

      Developers could make PDFs of the extra languages available for download later after everything ships too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cezary Opalinski on

      Once again a really big problem with this:
      - 400 Spanish Backers to unlock the Spanish language version
      Please consider that castellano is most used OUTSIDE Spain for example in America Latina and USA.
      It is a shame for european companies making KS do not take it in consideration.

    13. Missing avatar

      Julen Marcos Santamaría on

      As an spanish backer this are excellent news!

    14. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      si todos los que sois de países habla hispana cambiáis en el perfil y os ponéis una ciudad de españa? Así aparece en Comunidad sale como de aquí y sube el número, luego ya en el pledge manager os lo volveis a cambiar para la direccion de envío.

    15. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      @hope they can translate the add-on in electronic format, by the aplication or pdf

    16. Missing avatar

      hope77 on

      Thank you for the positive translation news. But i have to lower my pledge, because it make no sense to have the base game in German and the expansion in english. If this is your final decision.

    17. BarS on

      All those 3 language versions should be very easy to achieve. French, spain and german backers, don't forget about your ex-colonies ;)

    18. MarcoJ on

      What about Italian??

    19. Gerwaldan on

      Great, I am in and I shall share ! Greetings from France

    20. Galakta Creator on

      @All A few of you mentioned helping with translations. If you like to help, please write to translationsks(at) We will work on details. Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Haniwa on

      @JaPanczyk: seriously?
      Other games had 700 backers for a specific language. 400 sounds absolutely fair to me.

    22. Missing avatar

      López on

      Thanks Galakta, i hope we can do.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cesar RC on

      @Jack totally agree DR just have to translate the rule book not hundred of stories

    24. Galakta Creator on

      @All We realize that not all Backers from a given country might choose the matching language. But following this line of thought - a person from the US might actually want to get Spanish version, or a Canadian might want a French version. The Community section does not show such language preferences, just the Backer's origin. But we have to base our assessments on something.

    25. Missing avatar

      López on

      Thanks for the announcement of the translations. Thank you. I think you forget that in the world Spanish, German and French are spoken in other parts of the world, but at least we have the possibility, thank you.
      I hope that those 9 days are enough, they are not many, but I hope that they are enough.

    26. Galakta Creator on

      @JaPanczyk 400 Backers from Poland seemed unrealistic, too, but still it took around 48H for Polish Backers to mobilize and now you can enjoy the Polish version. And Poland is not as big or as rich as Germany, Spain or France. We have faith in Backers from those countries just the same as we had in Polish Backers and they proved their great commitment, for which we are very grateful.

    27. Jack on

      @JaPanczyk, do you think the DR has such lot of text like WK?
      I do NOT think so, even the number of cards in the DR is not the same as in the WK.
      I think you're kidding about "poor marketin".

    28. José Manuel Bernal Ganga on

      I’m from Spain, so If you need help tell me what can I do

    29. JaPanczyk on

      I don't get it why you're setting such unrealistic goals for translations. Why even bother announcing it if it's rather impossible to reach.
      Dark Rituals with 4500 backers and being developed in Germany would manage to pass your mark only with German backers and they have announced French and Spanish translation ammassing respectively 300+ and 250+ backers :/
      This is poor marketing

    30. Gilles Papaours's Back Demarle on

      Do you need any help for french translation ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Ducrocq on

      My wife speaks English, so even I'm French, I'll go for English. But I'm sure you can find people like me to translate :p some might accept to do it for free for the price of a copy of the game :)
      Depends on how many signs....

    32. S Buntenbach

      Great News

    33. love code on

      Same here (though Austrian). Would have chosen English regardless of Add On language.

    34. Mantichor

      Note that not every backer from Germany will prefer a German version. I for one will stick to English, especially since you don´t plan the add-ons in German as well.