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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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    1. Galakta Creator on

      @Justin Boehm and others We wish to keep the KS Exclusives unique on the "cosmetic" level (the box, wooden tokens), but manageable to live with for retail buyers on the "gameplay" level. You can live without 1 character, but you would be unhappy if you knew a whole expansion is KSE making it very hard to access it after the campaign. However, all Backers should be sure we wish you to feel special as you are the ones who make this whole project a reality. So, stay tuned and we will reveal a couple of surprises in due time if the campaign keeps growing.

    2. Justin Boehm

      That’s why I figured getting one KSE male and one KSE female knight would be cool. I’ll take a hot-blooded redhead welding a crossbow and a katana please!

    3. Justin Boehm

      @Matthew and obviously my opinion is also just that an opinion, but I feel like KSEs are not online a good gesture to those backing the game up front, with no guarantee of quality or delivery, but also a great incentive for people to back now, rather than wait for retail distribution in hopes of getting everything at very discounted prices.

    4. Justin Boehm

      @Matthew there’s already KSEs, like the doctor we just got haha.

    5. Colin MacMillan

      Now I look at it, that don' look like the Sydney I know ... :-)

    6. Colin MacMillan

      Great news, no more hunting for more plastic boxes for the extra bits.

    7. Zac Paczkowski on

      Amazing news on the latest stretch goal.

      You guys are 10/10

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on

      Please avoid any KSE gameplay items. Kickstarter premium items (backers get it free, others have to buy it as an expansion) are great, as are upgraded components to replace more mundane retail equivalents (like the box upgrade and the wooden city tokens), but backers should never be given exclusive access to parts of the game!

      I realize opinions may vary (as Justin's post shows), but wanted to express mine.

    9. Justin Boehm

      Also, after that box SG, I’d love to see maybe a KSE Female Knight to be unlocked!

    10. Justin Boehm

      @Galakta thanks for the info and your great responsiveness to backers’ comments as well as ideas/suggestions. I’d love to see Gametrayz used as well as a bundle discount for, say, $32 (20% off for bundling) when getting all 3 expansions, but in the end, as you’ve demonstrated already, I know you’ll do the best you can!

    11. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      It's Big Time Box Time!

      Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. . . . . .buying time's here!

      He's the ball cracker.
      Game on foot.
      You know him.
      You love him!
      He's Galakta Blasta!

      Backerdome's simple. Get to the backers, use them anyway you can. I know you won't break the rules. There aren't any. Remember where you are. This is Backerdome!

      Painted minis! Painted Minis! PAINTED MINIS! 🖌😝🔗

    12. Todd Suesz

      Awesome news, always great to see that backers comments are taken into consideration by the company. I had already upped my pledge to pay for all three expansions so I am ready to "bring it on"! Thank you.

    13. Michael Stevens on

      I'm not really thrilled with the idea of a larger box with a bunch of 'empty space' just because I don't purchase the add-ons... :-/

    14. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      An appealing discount will help for many backers on the fence about getting the add-ons

    15. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      It sounds great!! Hopefully Game Trayz make it for this amazing game!

    16. Galakta Creator on

      @All Just to address all the issues:
      1) If we unlock the Big Box SG, all backers will get it. Those who do not add the add ons, too. You can use the extra space for future expansions for example, you are not forced to buy anything now. It is natural we would love if all Backers went for add-ons too as this means bigger campaign, more SGs etc. but we do not force anyone to do it. We simply answer to your comments that you wish to keep all in 1 box.
      As to what happens with the add-ons and how they will be sold - at this point we focus on the campaign and Backers to make all this work out well. But these are not exclusive add-ons so at some point we will probably offer them in retail.
      2) Tray by GameTrayz - we will do some assessments. Just rest assured no matter what company we use we keep all your insight in mind, such as sleeves, secure storage or danger of scratching painted minis. We will do our best to answer to your needs
      3) All-in / discount - as mentioned before, it will take a couple of days to do proper assessments and see what we can do about that. Stay tuned, please! And many thanks for backing!

    17. Keith Plunske on

      Can we get an ALL in edition on the kick start in addition to this?

    18. Justin Boehm

      @Justin Buckler this JB agrees lol, I mean look at the insert for WEDS, Gametrayz is phenomenal.

    19. Justin Boehm


      Now just need to know if you’ll be doing a bundle for the 3 gameplay expansions, and if you’ll be working with Gametrayz on the insert, or at minimum ensuring that it will allow for snug vertical storage :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Buckler on

      Please tell me you'll be working with Gametrayz for the insert, because that would be amazing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Doug G

      Great news. Keep them coming.

    22. Jasmin Ratius on

      Great update and strech goal :-)
      And we are really getting a lot to fill this box - lets go and unlog it .-)

    23. Alexandre Leal on

      # Matt Foster

      Yes, this a stretch goal but which serves not only to allow us to put every other SG inside one box but also the expansion Add/one, and thus creating yet another incentive for us to pay for them.

      SG are indeed very welcome but this kind of expansion add ons makes the whole game experience, for those who decide not to buy into the strategy, fragmented, less than whole. It may be just a psychological effect but it makes me feel like I’m missing relevant components,l. I particularly dislike finding out that there will be this expansions AFTER the Project is launched and I’m already hooked.

    24. Missing avatar

      Foster on

      @Alexandre Leal

      Just curious if you'd mind clarifying your comment as this update does not mention anything about spending more money, stretch goals are just more content for the money you already pledged if we can garner enough interest/backers to get there so... fingers crossed, you actually get more for what you initially pledged than expected.

      Not trying to stir the pot at all but I've seen a lot of backlash over the add-ons/stretch goals for this campaign I haven't seen in others so was just curious. Hope you decide to stay as A.) this looks like a great game I'd hate for anyone to not enjoy and selfishly, B.) that's moving us in the wrong direction away from these next great-sounding stretch goals!

    25. Missing avatar

      Bartosz K. on

      Wooohooo :) o to chodziło !
      Jeszcze tylko niemiecki :) i all in pledge

    26. Missing avatar

      Bartosz K. on

      Wooohooo :) o to chodziło !
      Jeszcze tylko niemiecki :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Foster on


      So to clarify your last post, if we reach this new stetch goal (*fingers crossed*) then every kickstarter backer will get the larger box capable of fitting the add-ons regardless of if they actually ordered the add ons in place of the normal size box and then the game and add ons will be sold in individual boxes post campaign. is this correct?

      also major +1 for game trays (+2 for factoring in sleeved cards like you mentioned!) but would like to reiterate the packing concerns of those that intend on painting the miniatures.

      awesome update. don't see any drama coming from this one! (*fingers crossed again*)

    28. Alexandre Leal on


      That is exactly where I start to dislike this KS project.... we are being led to spend more money than we where expecting from the start. Piece by piece.

      I dislike this strategy and am one step from backing away...

    29. Galakta Creator on

      @All We are very glad you like it! Regarding your comments:
      1) With the big box the add-ons will be already packed in trays, so no dedicated boxes. The idea was not to make lots of boxes to lower costs, space and enviroment.
      2) The picture - it is taken from the same perspective but a different knight.
      3) Big Box discount - we are checking if we can do something with the discount, but it is hard to say at this point.

    30. Jesper Clemmensen on

      Very nice! 😉 Thank you for listening to your fans. ☺

    31. Obsidian

      Great !!

    32. Rob

      Amazing! Thanks Galakta. Let's smash this stretch goal and beyond! ;))

    33. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz on

      yes its great idea - i really hope we will reach this SG...

    34. Nick McKeon on

      Nice! Thanks for listening to the suggestions. That may just swing me into the all-in category.

    35. Philippe PETIT

      Great idea 💡👍

    36. Mariano Tufro on

      Awesome idea! I pledged for everything so far so the big box and tray are definitely welcome :) Plus a bit of KS exclusivity goes a long way ;)

    37. gabo on

      Great BID BOX! Than you. But, I think, there is mistake on the picture. It shows right side wall of the bottom and left side wall of the top, witch are the same side wall, as a diffren pictures. :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      very good! Will there be pledge for the big box with discount?

    39. BlindeKillen on

      You're making it very hard to save money here Galakta! :S :P

    40. Forgotten Lore on

      By the way Draxon Fly is right!
      It would be nice if the bottom side represents the opposite field of view; I know, it means someone must draw more stuff but it would be Huge!

    41. Wojtek Animucki on

      Game + strech goals + addons in one box? Hell yeah !

    42. Draxon Fly on

      On the bottom you shoukd have the background (sydney opera house) flipped.
      So witll the addons go strat into thebox or will they come in there own box then the players put them in if they like?

    43. Ivan on

      Oh! What an outstanding news!

    44. Marcin Cieślikowski on

      Great news, thanks Galakta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Adamczyk Łukasz on

      Great idea !! Hope we get this SG!

    46. Missing avatar

      Mateusz on

      Very nice! If you want to change something more, please give the same names for characters as it was in first edition!

    47. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      It sounds good! Thank you!