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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Press the pedal to the metal!

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

You have fought a pitched battle for the $180,000 SG yesterday, but you won again! Thank you very much! In exchange, you will be able to add 5 more wasteland cards to your decks. New enemies shall stalk the Waste and new events shall pose a threat in your travels. Now, we are approaching Doctor Fengthe exclusive character with unique upgrades reflecting his sharp mind and inquisitiveness bordering on obsession.

We hope the good doctor will join us in no time as we have important news for you. We asked you in the last update if you would like to see 2 add-ons that we have designed, partly because we really wished to share more game content with you, and partly to answer your ideas and comments. Most of you said that this is a good idea, so here we go: Remnants of Civilization and Through the Waste are here for you, if you like to get them as optionally purchased add-ons! We wrote about them yesterday, now we know more, so let’s take a quick look at them.

Remnants of Civilization

This expansion deals with Cities, 6 largest hubs of human activity. It features:

- 18 Task Cards (3 per each of 6 cities), with new rules enabling you to fulfill certain tasks for inhabitants and win favors in return

- 1 Adventure: Spreading Corruption, a clash of mind and steel with an insidious cult. It features unique, strategy-oriented mechanics, 2 Special Cards, and lots of new narrative entries.

- 6 large City Tokens used during the adventure to mark progression of cult activities and other effects.

We have decided to make this expansion even more attractive. We have prepared laser-cut, wooden markers depicting the 6 cities for you to use them instead of the cardboard tokens if you choose so. These markers are approx. 35x35mm, 3mm thick, with laser engraving to create a great 3D-effect

What is most important – any of you who decide to include this expansion in your pledge will get the markers for FREE!  They will also be the EXCLUSIVE KS content, offered only during the campaign.   We believe you will find Remnants of Civilization a great addition to your collection, enabling you to explore the setting and enjoy ruined Australia for hours. This add-on is for $10.

Through the Waste

This expansion focuses on vehicles, gangs, and lawmen of the Waste. It features:

- 16 Part Cards, with new rules for tuning vehicles that enable you to add armor, weapons, and upgrades to turn your ride into a mechanized companion

- 4 Vehicle Sheets: Dirt Bike, Pursuit Car, Pick-up, and ATV, with new stats and special abilities

- 4 Malfunction Cards

- 3 Wasteland Cards featuring new Gangs roaming cracked Australian highways

- 1 Adventure: Deadly Cargo, a dynamic narrative about expert drivers competing for the ultimate prize. It features unique rules for vehicle combat and 2 Special Cards with hidden content for you to discover.

- 1 Knight: Frank Strzelecki, the Judge, with his accompanying sheet, 4 Upgrade Cards, and a highly-detailed miniature

We have decided to include this add-on not only because we feel it’s climatic and matches the game theme perfectly, but also because you asked for it. In comparison with the last update, we have decided to add 2 more Part Cards so that the whole deck reaches 16 cards. In conjunction with the number of vehicles available, you can be sure that you will use them for many games to come. The Through the Waste expansion is for $15.

We hope you will consider increasing your pledge to include these expansions, especially that we do not plan to add any more gameplay add-ons to the campaign that would require you to spend extra money.

Finally, we wish to thank you for all comments and feedback you have given us regarding the expansions and other campaign developments. We listen to everything you say, and tomorrow we are going to share with you information about the next thing that will make the KS version of Waste Knights: Second Edition even more attractive to have. 

Thank you again for your great support! See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team


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    1. Galakta Creator on

      @Shade Dziękujemy za tę uwagę. Nie próbujemy niczego wyciągać na siłę. Dodatki są w pełni opcjonalne. Liczba odblokowanych celów w połączeniu z pierwotnie oferowaną zawartością zapewnia długie godziny gry.
      Jeśli ktoś zdecyduje się poszerzyć Pledge, otrzyma naprawdę dużo nowych materiałów, przygód i opcji rozgrywki.
      Jeśli chodzi o samą obsługę KS, na pytania techniczne odpowiadamy na bieżąco, podobnie bardziej doświadczeni Wspierający. W najgorszym przypadku gdyby ktoś nie zorientował się podczas kampanii, będzie mógł wybrać dodatkowe nagrody w PM. Będą też potem wysyłane instrukcje obsługi PM i wszystko będzie wytłumaczone. Jeszcze raz dzięki za wspieranie gry i zaangażowanie w społeczność!

    2. Shade on

      Będąc szczerym dodatki, nie sprawiają wrażenia że jest to coś niesamowitego, bardziej że to trochę takie wyciagnięcie na siłę dodatkowej (prawie drugie tyle co podstawka) kasy z portfela. Nie jestem do końca przekonany do ich zawartości. Natomiast to co sprawia w zakłopotanie to, że nie ma przewidzianych dedykowanych pledge-y na całość zestawu. Jeżeli ktoś nie doczyta, to nie będzie wiedział że musi dopłacić manualnie odliczoną kwotę. Uważam że taka opcja "full" powinna się znaleść w pledge managerze jako must have.

    3. Galakta Creator on

      @Marcin Cieślikowski All game components' look are non final. Even now our illustrators are working hard to guarantee that you will get great artwork. And thank you for bringing our attention to it.

    4. Marcin Cieślikowski on

      This dirt bike looks bad ... I hope it is not its final appearance.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tomek Żur on

      I hope speed of this pledge will only be higher!

    6. Draxon Fly on

      We are at 190 aud now.. i duno if i can hold on. Thats a lot of coin for a game.
      We'll see how we go, but I duno... if shipping was cheeper?

    7. Lord Helmchen on

      please german language suppirt and i am all in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      All in, all In, All In!

      ALL IN for the new tier with the all-inclusive Deluxe Omega Furiousa Box! 😆🔗📦

      Offer the extra completed painted mini tier on top of that tier as well. Then! No! No more talk! We go in! We pledge!

    9. Galakta Creator on

      @All Thank you for the comments! Regarding the price for all add-ons: if you are entitled to the Scavenger, it's $40 for all 3. Otherwise, it's $47 for 3 + Scavenger.
      Regarding exclusive: the wooden City markers are exclusive due to the manufacturing process. The rest in non-exclusive.
      Regarding the all-in pledge / simplified pledge to get all add-ons: we will check the options.
      Regarding Strzelecki: of course, we were inspired by Paweł Edmund Strzelecki when choosing the name ;-)

    10. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      another vote here for an all in pledge

    11. Missing avatar

      Mi-KhaEl- on

      Please give us an All-in-Pledge with a discount. I'm not sure, what the total price with all expansions is right now. I would pledge it!

    12. Rob

      I think maybe he's a distant relation to Pawel Strzelecki. ;)

    13. Marek on

      Franek Strzelecki? Is he a distant relative of Franek Dolas ("How I unleashed a world war II")?

    14. Missing avatar

      Francisco on

      +1 to All-in Pledge
      +1 to a "Box that fit it all" for this All in Pledge
      That´s what we need to go for all 3 expansions

    15. Thomas M

      Well done!

    16. Justin Boehm

      @Galakta nice update! I look forward to hearing what is coming up tomorrow, I hope it’s
      A) a bundle price for the 3 gameplay add-ons
      B) a single box that come as part of that bundle (not at an extra cost), eliminates boxes for the 3 expansions, and holds everything in one spot!

      Also, I’d love to see some more female playable characters, we started out strong, but now at 2:1 male to female, I’d love to see a few more options!

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on

      I'll add my vote for an all-in bundle. As to exclusives, please keep them to component upgrades only.

    18. Aonline

      Well, you are on kickstarter to begin with, we are a select group of the gaming community with the income to purchase premium games here. I've been burned with exclusives before because I find out about a game when it hits retail, but that should not be a deterrent for companies wanting to make little extras here and there that might not be suitable for the retail market. Additionally, they are offering a pledge manager, so you can always pay later if you can't "right away". My two cents.

    19. Missing avatar

      Taran Wanderer

      I absolutely hate exclusives for paid add-ons. Screws you over if you don’t pay up front right away.

    20. Missing avatar

      Foster on

      A little bummed at lack of all-in option but not going to stop me from grabbing everything.

      Like Jack's idea of the player marker being wood as well as a tie in to the new city tokens, possibly another small kickstarter exclusive?

    21. Jack on

      Like Kickstarter Exclusive, of course.

    22. Jack on

      What about to make 1st Player Marker from wood too?

    23. Missing avatar

      Voltonix on

      Would like to see an easy way to purchase these Add-ons. Like others I would like to see an all-in option so we don’t miss out on anything.

    24. Lukavia on

      Waiting for an all-in option here.

    25. Duane Parsons on

      Done, added $25 US and now it should be a White Line blast in the Wasteland....

    26. Rob

      Frank Strzelecki, Judge.....Jury.....EXECUTIONER!

    27. Nick McKeon on

      @flashburn Doesn't sound too likely to me at this stage unfortunately. Surely they would have announced that in this update, rather than just asking for everyone to up their pledges?Shame, like you said, I think it would definitely have tipped a few of us who are unsure over the edge.

    28. Missing avatar

      flashburn on

      Sounds great. Still holding out for an "All In" pledge at a discount, to push some of us over the edge to back it all.

    29. Leo Borg on

      It all looks nice. But due to personal economy and another big games pledge manager I would need to see over what I have money for right now. So my questions are: Will the price for the add-ons be the same in the pledge manager as in the main kickstarter campaign? And approximately how long after the campaign do we have to pay for the extra things and shipping during pledge manager?