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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Voice of Community.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

We return to you quickly after the shipping update to let you know how the campaign progresses. You are really close to yet another Stretch Goal milestone of $180,000. Once through, you will unlock 5 wasteland cards to expand the decks. We encourage you take another leap! We are sure you will find Cerbero Finest and other vile creatures from this pack challenging enemies, worthy of your blades and ammo!

Next, we will head toward an even bigger task! It is about time to find Doctor Feng somewhere in the Waste. He beckons you with screams of his test subjects and rest assured – once in the knights’ crew, he will take his scientific research to a higher level.

There is another thing we wish to share with you. A couple of days back, when we announced the Dogs of War add-on, some of you were a little disappointed that we had not given you any heads-up or informed about plans of additional paid game content at the beginning of the campaign. We do not want to make the same mistake twice. Thus, we would like to tell you a little about 2 more optional buys that we have been working on and ask your opinion whether you would like to see them as part of the campaign.

The first one is named Remnants of Civilization and deals with 6 largest hubs of human activity left in the Waste – Cities! This expansion features a completely new mechanics of city Task Cards, adding 18 cards to the game (3 for each city). Along with 6 large City Tokens, it will enrich the game with a new strategic layer, enabling you to win favors from inhabitants of a given place. This way, you can secure for yourselves a safe place to barter and heal, assuming that you will deal with problems troubling a given location. In addition to that, you get a completely new Adventure: Spreading Corruption, during which you must fight an insidious cult gathering followers all around the continent. In addition to new entries, the adventure utilizes the city tokens in various ways, making each gameplay gripping and unique! Add to this 2 Special Cards with hidden content, and you end up with even more hours of thrilling gameplay. We estimate the price for $10.

The second expansion is both very climatic, considering the theme, and answers your comments regarding the content you wish to see in the game. Through the Waste features a number of new elements and mechanics. Let’s start from the biggest one: Part Cards. They form a completely new deck of 14 cards enabling you to tune and upgrade your vehicles, attaching armor, weapons, and other equipment. You will be able to get them in the Garage in any City and through special abilities or narrative entries. In conjunction with all the vehicles already present in the game and 4 more vehicles in this expansion, you will be able to find the perfect ride for your knight… and then make it even more powerful and deadly! We also have for you 4 more Malfunction Cards, not to make the game too easy with your new toys ;-) New Wasteland Cards will enter the decks and with them – powerful and bloodthirsty gangs. But there are still people who uphold justice in this ruined continent. We add another knight to the fold: Frank Strzelecki, the Judge, belonging to a group of self-appointed vigilante fighting any enemies no matter how strong they are and giving people hope for a better future. Naturally, he comes with a knight sheet, 4 Upgrade Cards, and a miniature. Finally, we have for you a real narrative treat! The new Adventure: Deadly Cargo will pit you against the best drivers of the Waste, all of you fighting for a mysterious prize. This adventure will contain unique, dynamic rules for vehicle combat to guarantee you will not stand from the table until you see the end of this lethal race. The adventure comes with lots of new entries, 2 Special Cards and an assortment of tokens to trace your advancements and mark other unforeseen events. We feel $15 is an affordable price for this content.

We feel both expansions add lots of new game mechanics, adventure, and replayability to Waste Knights: Second Edition. Considering this, we do not plan to come up with any other optional add-ons paid separately that would feature new stuff you would feel somehow obliged to buy. We do have some plans for cosmetic add-ons, but they will not affect the gameplay or the narrative. 

Please let us know in the comments what you think and if you react positively to these 2 expansions, we will add them to the campaign and make them available for purchase soon.

That’s it for now. Thank you very, very much for your support. See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team

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    1. Freddy

      @Rob - I don't entirely agree with your statement. I think making some items more expensive in PM can definitely be justified and can actually help the campaign. For example, on the Assassins Creed campaign they offered a Tower mini (optional add-on) for free to anyone with at least a core game pledge during the campaign. People who only pledged $1 could still purchase that add-on in PM, but then they had to pay for it.
      If there's no such incentive, a lot of people will hold on to their money as long as possible, and just let others unlock the stretch goals. But these kind of incentives really help to get people off their $1 pledge.
      (I do agree that making such items NOT available in PM at all, is a bad idea)

    2. Rob


    3. Nick McKeon on

      @Rob Cheers for that. That didn't occur to me but definitely makes sense.

    4. Javier on

      Its a pity all this has not been added from the start of the kickstarter, lots of backers will not come back till pledge manager and we could reach more stretch goals with them. Please, add everything you have in mind asap.

    5. Rob


    6. Rob

      Making items available during the campaign but not available, or more expensive, in the PM may seem good in principle, but it's a bad idea. Lots of backers back on day one and then don't come back until the end of the campaign and can miss important information. Even backers who are following the campaign often miss this information. Also, some backers just can't afford to add these items until the PM and shouldn't be excluded.

    7. Nick McKeon on

      Thanks for the update re play testing. Does that mean the add-on content has already been play tested/balanced? Or is that something you'll need to do post-campaign?

      I'm still not really in favour of these but if /when they are introduced, I'm in agreement with the many other commenters who have asked for a single box to house them all. That would make the whole thing a bit more palatable as at least then the storage space required won't be as onerous. That said, if it introduces even more additional costs, I'd probably rather make do.

      Also, as others have said, a discount for getting them all together would go at least a small way towards mitigating the increasingly high cost but would still boost the campaign. It would probably encourage people like myself who are unsure, to back during the campaign rather than waiting till the pledge survey to make up our minds. You could even make it available only during the campaign itself and exclude that option from the PM. That would essentially guarantee the funds, improve the stretch goal achievements and limit the likelihood of people bailing out.

    8. Duane Parsons on

      Yes, to both expansions, and we are going to need a bigger box....

    9. Todd Suesz

      I just yesterday upped my pledge to include Dogs of War. These two new ones sound amazing as well and I will want them to complete all the options. A three in one bundle for a discounted price would be greatly appreciated.

    10. Javier on

      +1 for Add-On Bundle or ALL-IN pledge
      +1 for bigger box (to hold them all)

    11. gerraldo

      +1 for Add-On Bundle or ALL-IN pledge
      +1 for bigger box (to hold them all)
      +1 for sleeved cards (to fit in the tray)
      BTW: Please don't forget about the "early backers" - sp make the "Scavenger" completely optional or have two Add-On Bundles (with and w/o the "Scavenger")! ;)

    12. Galakta Creator on

      @All Thank you again. Just to reassure you - the add-ons are going through the same playtesting and development treatment as the core game. We would never publish an unfinished product. Regarding your other comments and ideas - as always, working hard on that. You can expect more info soon!

    13. Justin Boehm

      By section A) I mean specifically the 3 gameplay add-ons bundled, nothing else.

    14. Justin Boehm

      @Jesper Clemmensen thanks! Yeah it’s probably the most important thing to me, and likely to many others, that it be considered.
      If @Galakta can do it where they
      A) bundle the add ons at a discount (20% seems fair)
      B) creates and includes within that bundle a box that holds all of the content (core and expansions as well as any KSE stuff all in a single box) in one place, with one insert.
      C) eliminates any retail boxes used for the expansions for backers getting this bundle.

      They can save costs, manufacturing, lower environmental impact, save us space and money, and remove concerns for shipping increases due to adding 3 larger than necessary boxes to ship.

    15. Nick McKeon on

      @Almighty Cow. I assume the "throw a fit" line was directed at mine and similar comments? Unnecessarily personal, no? The developers specifically asked for our opinions about whether we wanted them included or not and we gave them. I care about the project and I think it's a bad idea and will hurt the game in the long run. That's my opinion, you have yours. Let's leave off bad-mouthing other backers, eh?

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul Baker

      An "All-In" option, that truly contains everything would be excellent!
      An "All-In" that is not inclusive of everything, is not so good.
      Please try to design the core box so that it will fit everything inside. Be sure to allow room for all of the cards, sleeved!!!
      Quality sleeves are not thin, and do take up considerable space in a game box.
      These add-ons seem appropriate, for now...
      Beware of excessive overall cost. You have a LOT of competition for our kickstarter dollars.
      Go too high on the price and other games soon look like a much better deal.
      You are doing o.k. so far, just don't "nickel and dime" us all into looking elsewhere.

    17. Mixthoor on

      I will take both new add-ons. Pls consider the other languages, too - for great backers from Spain, France, Germany etc.

    18. Missing avatar

      Frank Zabava on

      I wasn't too thrilled with the initial add-on (Dogs-of-War), because seemed like it was taking game into the same war-game-ish type atmosphere of a lot of other games. Liked that this was themed as more of a survival genre game.

      The Remnants of Civilization does seem to get back on-track, with post-apocalyptic theme. I like it. Though $10 seems a tiny bit high for what we're getting, maybe like $9.

      Then, the Through the Waste seems to trying to create a whole new themed game. Sounds like Joy Rides in vehicles during times when people likely to be just trying to survive.

      Despite above - I'm a total sucker for Deals, often can't resist, if some kind of All-in Bundle package offered.

    19. Missing avatar

      John on

      I love the add-one and want to order them as part of my backing for this project.

    20. Chris Myers

      After recently backing a Munchkin Dungeon campaign, with More Add On's than you could imagine, I have to say, some Add On's, that add content are a good thing. But be careful not to make too many. As many have already stated, Bundling them all together in a package at a discount over retail charges would be great. Making sure that all the Items, Expansions and Stretch Goals fit into one box is also a great plan. Just some thoughts I have on the Subject. But Making Add ons, during a campaign will boost pledges, and make those stretch goals more attainable. Speaking of which, I need to up my pledge.

    21. Christi Kropf

      What I've found frustrating with KS that add gameplay add-ons are the additional "rulebooks." I wish all three of these add-ons were part of the base game and included in the main rulebook. The thought have having to learn 3-4 different rulebooks is a real turn-off to me. Plus I hate all the wasted boxes that these "expansions" come in. I, too, would want a big enough box to fit all of the content in it. But I also would much prefer a consolidated rule book since these all contain new mechanisms and rules. Going through four rulebooks is super annoying and generally just discourages me from trying expansions. So my biggest issue is the every rising number of rulebooks that all these separate add-ons will add.

    22. mike davey

      Love em! I'm in!

    23. Missing avatar

      James Gent on

      Remnants and Through the Waste both sound like great add-ons. By definition the add-ons are optional, so please do make them available for those of us who want maximum Waste Knights! And the mid-campaign reveals are fun, so I wouldn't sweat that you're telling us now.

    24. Almighty Cow on

      Yeah, I don't understand the problem. Add-ons are a part of KS. They further support the company, add more awesome stuff for the game, increase funding for more stretch goals, etc.

      Yes, backers aren't made of money, but the developer shouldn't have to sell it at cost so everyone can afford it. They're optional. If you don't have the cash, don't buy it. Or even worse, throw a fit to have the developer NOT offer it so the people who have the funds to purchase it can't enjoy it just because you can't.

      I don't plan on purchasing them all, but they should all be available for those that want them. If you don't think they're a good value, don't buy them. Simple.

    25. Whavoc

      +1 for Add-ons!!

    26. Mashing

      Doesn't bother me. Add-on's are optional buys and as long as the core remains a good value it doesn't matter much to me. I do like pledge levels that include everything at a discounted price, I'll just say that.

    27. HobbitMama

      Yes please! I don't know of any other project that gives a "heads up" on upcoming optional purchases, rather you can get them or not based on what you prefer. To me, the more the merrier! You guys are doing phenomenal.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nathan Arnold

      Can you post the total price of all add-ons or create a backer option that includes the add-ons? I'm very interested in picking up all of the add-ons for the game but I'm having a hard time finding a place where they are all listed and priced.

    29. Cole Klingonsmith

      As a board game on Kickstarter, add-ons are to be expected. Please make them available for everyone to buy during this campaign.

    30. Jesper Clemmensen on

      I like the addons too, but I think that "Justin Boehm" has a very valid and important point, that need to be adressed.

      There should be a discount for buying all addons and 1 box for everything is a great option for both gamers and the enviroment. ;)

      Would it possible to add a 5th (and maybe 6th player) player in one of the addons? Or how about familiars/sidekicks?

    31. Sebastian Solkrona

      Hell YEAH to both addons! 👍😈👍

    32. Vincent Hawke

      Both sides of the debate have valid and sensible points. I would also like to see some kind of amalgamated box with all content. Or one for the core game and another for the extra content. I personally will go for the expansions and cosmetic extras.

    33. Sebastian Solkrona

      Hell YEAH to both addons! 👍😈👍

    34. Daniel S on

      Always nice to have the option with ad on.

    35. Nick McKeon on

      I should have said "very big, very pretty, very expensive, very average" in my above comment...

    36. Nick McKeon on

      @Justin. Yeah, it was obviously pre-ordained before this "survey" ever took place. If you took out all the "yeah, +1!" responses out of this and actually only read the meaningful contributions, it would paint a much more interesting picture (for both sides of the fence, admittedly). I'd have loved for this and other KS campaigns to be run on the basis of producing the best possible product, but sadly the "more stuff is always better" mantra rules. It's why so many very pretty, very average games get funded and do well - often right up to the point people try and play them. I'm not suggesting this is one, necessarily, and I still do have quite high hopes, but as the campaign progresses, its starting to feel a bit that way. I can understand why. This could feasibly be their big chance to rake in the cash and maybe its too big a risk to wait to expand it until after its actually finished. The buzz could be over by then. Shame, but they've obviously set their path and its down to each individual backer how long they stay with it. I'm close to bailing; if one more similarly exciting project shows up before this one finishes, I'll more than likely jump ship.

    37. Palmiro Bonafidem on

      Thank You for asking bakcers opinion. For me it's OK to add them to the campaign.
      Creator is free to add what he thinks fits his business, backers are free to add all, part or nothing.
      I don't feel Waste Kinghts, without expansion, as an incomplete game, but because it is growing successful, for creator make sense to risk to add more stuff, both cosmetic or to expand the game (as far quite all other successful Tabletop on KS and retail, gets add-ons).

    38. Missing avatar

      Sterner on

      „Remnants of civilization“ for $ 8 and one more knight ( for example a knight like: Tina Turner or Colin Hay ... or a robotic Kangaroo ) in the expansion „Through the waste“ and the price of $ 15 is okay !

    39. Weenietott on

      I think the more content the better the game(assuming the game is any good to begin with).

      Thumbs up for the add-ons.

    40. Missing avatar


      add them both!
      and drop in some surprise addons along the way, they spice things up.

    41. Justin Boehm

      @Nick I actually do tend to agree with you here. If I thought there was any chance these would be included as SGs (which I do feel they should be, always for any game) or that there was any chance they weren’t going to allow these as add-ons during the campaign (I don’t see any chance of that), then I would prefer either of those things. Fact is, that will likely never happen. I would prefer to remove the dogs of war expansion and do that plus the other two together after this core game has been delivered, but I doubt that would be an option.

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven Nelson on

      Please do both add ons!!!!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Tomasz on

      Feel free to add more things!

    44. Nick McKeon on

      Expanding a game that isn't even finished yet is madness. If they are already designed, then you've just excluded them from the base game to make more money (already more expensive than ~90% of board games). If you haven't designed them, then you should probably be concentrating on getting the base game working right first - it's hard enough to balance game mechanics as it is without multiple other variables added in. I find it quite astounding to see people's glee at the prospect of spending even more on a game they don't even know is any good yet. And before anyone tells me, I know there was a first edition which scored pretty well. But it is freely admitted that this is basically a new game. Freedom to choose or not, the main motivation for this does seem to be greed, using the fear of missing out to drag a "few" more coins from people's pockets. Loads of KS projects do it; I'd just hoped this one had a bit more integrity. If I do end up backing, this will have to be monumentally good for me to ever consider backing another one of your projects, whereas I would have almost certainly backed expansions on a follow-up campaign.

    45. Justin Boehm

      #3 below is by far my greatest request. No retail box, no expansion boxes, just all the content in one single box, with a valid organizer.

    46. Justin Boehm


      Three things I’d like to say about those expansions.

      1) The content seems very cool, and thematically appropriate.

      2) Please set up an add-on bundle for all 3 gameplay add-on expansions together at a discount for those who want all 3. Base on what you’ve stated, should be about $40, I’d love to see them bundled at $32.

      3) This is a big one for me. Perhaps include in the add-on bundle (even if it’s a little more), if it’s not already something already doable: a single box that holds all the content. I don’t want to buy all 3 expansions and have 4 boxes on the shelf. Heck, you could even make it so those who get the expansions can choose to not get the boxes for them at all if they can be included in a single box for everything. Roxley did this with Dice Throne and it was awesome. Less wasteful production, cheaper costs (they even throw in a free playmat for those who took the less boxes option).

    47. Galakta Creator on

      @All We are really thankful for all your feedback and insight, and for the current support. We will get back to you with more info on the add-ons and the campaign progress.

    48. Royalscam on

      Both add-ons for me.

    49. Jon Mercurio Knight

      I will probably add these add ons in the pledge manager. I'm just wary of the add on train coming in. This goes for superficial add ons as well, unless we're talking about things that are completely not involved in gameplay, such as, as an example from another campaign, a plush version of one of their characters. Or an artbook. Those, fine, add them, no worries. But things that add significant improvements, even if merely cosmetic, that I would caution you against for now.

      Some may go, "But they're just cosmetic, you don't need to buy them." Obviously, they ate intended for the maximum effect. The minis are just cosmetic, too, but I don't see me asking for a standee option for those to reduce the cost. Cosmetic is important, too, as it affects the feel of a game. And if the full effect is too expensive, then I don't want it. I have plenty of other games where I can get the full effect as intended at a more reasonable price. This is the reason I backed out of U-Boot, as they kept adding on cosmetic additions.

    50. MadScientist

      I would definitely include both add-ons :)