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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Package from Down Under.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

As promised, we have been working hard in order to add additional shipping regions to the campaign, and today you can see a direct result of these endeavors, as we have updated the shipping costs table visible on the campaign. Now, Backers from Asia (China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam) along with Backers from Greece and New Zealand can see estimates directly on the campaign page. 

Another important information for our Asian Backers is the fact that we will be working on fulfillment with VFI, and thanks to that, all countries marked in green will be “VAT free in Asia” – this way, another region has been added to our list of friendly regions!

We are still working on quotes for Backers from other countries, so if your country is still not listed, feel free to contact us at!

This update seems to be a great occasion to give you some more insight about the shipping, costs of it, and other related topics.

In the comments we have seen opinions, that shipping costs seem to be rather high, and we totally understand that. However, there are several factors that we have taken into account while preparing these estimates, and we would like to be more transparent with you, and explain them right now!

1) In case of shipment, we are quoting a package that weights up to 5 kg (11 lb). Yes, up to 5 kg for the package! This is because we already expect the core game to weight 2,5 kg (6 lb) or more, stretch goals box to weight around 1 kg (2,2 lb), and we add some packaging materials and protection that can easily weight around 0,5 kg (1,1 lb). This brings us easily to the sum exceeding 4 kg! Since shipping quotes can be different for 4 and 5 kg, we decided to use the latter.

2) From the very beginning we wanted to have stretch goals included in the shipping cost for the core game pledge, as these are integral part of your pledge, and we felt that hiding these from you during the campaign, and “surprising” everyone on the Pledge Manager stage, would simply be unfair. However, as we are not sure how many stretch goals will be unlocked during the campaign (and you are doing that with awesome speed!), we had to assume that there would be really a lot of these!

3) These are only estimates based on what we described in 1) and 2). The actual cost will be presented to you in the Pledge Manager when you input your shipping information, along with all the rewards you would like to get. It may not only turn out that you could include an add-on or two without any increase of the shipping cost, but in the end the final shipping cost might be even lower than the one presented during the campaign! 

Many members of our team are Backers of different crowdfunding campaigns, and most of us have been surprised by unexpected shipping cost increase when handling the Pledge Manager. Remembering how we didn’t like it, we decided to do what we can to prevent similar situation during our campaign. It may seem a strange move to present a slightly higher shipping cost than a lower one, but again – we prefer to communicate with you on fair terms.

4) We didn’t want to “hide” partial costs of the shipment in the price of the game. The idea behind crowdfunding is to return the additional capital (that we earn by selling more copies of the game) to Backers in the form of additional content – stretch goals. This way, each Backer can gain more for their money. So, if we had wanted to keep having the stretch goals on the campaign (and we really did!) while hiding the shipping fee in the price of the game, we would have needed to artificially inflate the price.

However, the final drawback of this decision is that, while the price of the game is definitely more attractive, we are unable to subsidize the shipping costs of each package.

We hope that gives you more insight into what we do, and how we view the idea of crowdfunding. Let us know in the comments what you think about it!

Regarding the shipping costs for multiple copies of the game – please give us a few more days, as we are still working on that.

Thank you for your support! See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team

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    2. Todd Suesz

      Great update, and thank you for clearly explaining the trials of shipping. As a US backer, I appreciate the benefit of my location in shipping charges, as well as understanding the whole process for elsewhere in the world. To mimic previous comments, thank as well for your concern in protection in the packaging. I have been fortunate to only have one damaged game in the last year of KS activity, and the game was replaced quickly. It still was a big disappointment when it arrived, knowing the delay ahead, as well as the loss of an excellent product that cost the producer to replace. Keep up the good work, really enjoying this campaign.

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      Game Aquisitor on

      Game box protection during delivery is ESSENTIAL. Nothing worse than receiving a game box that was smashed and damaged during shipping. Great to hear you'll be working on padding all items well.

      Thank for acknowledging the importance of that. :)

    4. Michael Stevens on

      You guys are doing a great job. Receiving my game in 'perfect' condition is my primary concern, so I certainly appreciate your due diligence in regards to packaging things properly for shipment. If it costs more, it costs more. You won't hear me complain.

    5. Missing avatar


      Thanks much appreciated as a backer from Asia I had to ask for refunds on kickstarter where actual shipment price in pledge manager was 3 times more expensive than quoted in the campaign page

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      I appreciate the transparency about the shipping estimates but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this shipping is the same as Batman, which had *much* more weight. As a Canadian, it is also always annoying to see such a difference between us and the American shipping rates -- $8???

    7. love code on

      Indeed. It's really best to only compare the value of final campaign prices including shipping. They could have just as well gone for a 75$ base pledge and state shipping costs 10$ lower and it would end up the same.
      In the end it's really just about finding a balance between tempting people with a cheap pledge and not turning them off with listed shipping costs.

    8. Jason Miller

      I always laugh when people complain that shipping is too high, and then compare a campaign to one that had free shipping, when they really paid shipping, it was just rolled into the cost of the product.