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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Another day in the Waste.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

Amid this whole campaign rush and your unending support and insight, we are working very hard to bring you fresh ideas and content. Today let’s focus on our social Stretch Goals and some technical information.

First of all, encouraged by the constant growth in the number of fans on BoardGameGeek page of the game, we offer you a new social Stretch Goal to achieve. With 1000 fans, we will add another gear card to the game. Painsaw may not look like much, with 1 white die rolled when attacking. However, if you choose to spend 1 Fuel, you get one of the most deadly melee weapons in the badlands: it gains 2 red dice and special icons present on them give you a chance for 2 extra damage! Even the most fearsome enemies might be defeated with one slash, if you’re lucky enough.

We also wish to remind you that the FB social SG is still locked. With a little more effort in the form of 4000 Likes for our Galakta Games fan page, the Community will affect the creation of a new enemy card for the wasteland deck. We are sure you can give us some great ideas just as you did with the Boom-ball. 

Finally, we also wish to inform you that we have updated the FAQ for our campaign. We hope you will find it helpful, with answers to some of your returning questions.

We thank you very much for the positive feedback regarding the Companion App and your constant effort to keep the project alive in the net. See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team

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    1. Rob

      @Joe, click the heart. It's to the left of the subscribe button.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Grady on

      Where do you click on your BGG page to become a "fan"? When I logged onto it, I don't see such a designation.

    3. Galakta Creator on

      @Shawn Garbett We fully understand that. Thank you for your current support. We hope that this social SG goal is reached at some point as we really wish to see the Community's enemy card ideas turned into twisted, wasteland reality.

    4. Galakta Creator on

      @JAKUB The best option here is to consult our Logistics Team. The email address is below the shipping table.

    5. Shawn Garbett on

      The general trend seems to be leaving Facebook these days. I'm not recreating an account just to click like.

    6. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      Thanks Galakta! :D

      I'll be one of many who'll be purchasing the set of painted miniatures if you offer them as a separate add-on and as a result I'll be further pushing your campaign further to many others as well. In any case, I appreciate your reply and hope you do what you can to add that extra incentive. Please also make it possible to purchase an unpainted separate extra set of every miniature, including those from the currently listed add-ons.

    7. JAKUB on

      Galakta, will extra copy of pledge double the shipping cost?

    8. Galakta Creator on

      @Game Aquisitor We adressed your comments in the general section under Comments.

    9. Galakta Creator on

      @Leo Borg Yes, you may add more copies on the Pledge Manager level.

    10. Jon Mercurio Knight

      Leo, most campaigns let you add extra copies in the pledge manager.

    11. Leo Borg on

      Any news on the possibility to add extra copies of the game to your pledge?

    12. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      "WITNESS ME!" 😆🖌…

      - Please also add a stretch goal that establishes having every miniature come painted to look like the miniatures shown in the character profiles for the base box set of Knights Miniatures in the main campaign page. At the very least make it so it's a stretch goal that unlocks the option to purchase every painted miniature (including miniatures for characters that get unlocked through the stretch goals as well as those that come in the add-on expansions).

      - Please also add a stretch goal that allows backers the option to purchase a set of miniatures they can use with the first edition of the game to replace the character cardboard standees. Add the extra option on top of this to also allow people the option to purchase painted versions of these miniatures.