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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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Endless adventure.

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

Right after we prepared yesterday’s update, you managed to reach the social Stretch Goal for our BoardGameGeek game page! We already have almost 700 fans! Thank you for this. In return, we offer you the Battle Rig, a mighty, petrol-hungry machine with which to cross the wasteland!

Now, we wish to tell you about this big thing we announced yesterday. Some of you might think this is somehow connected to different language versions, but this is not the case. We want to assure you that we are working on this and we will inform you once we learn more and find a good solution to this issue.

In your comments, you often ask if adventures from Waste Knights: Second Edition will really provide you with many hours of enjoyable gameplay. Despite the fact that we have designed the narrative system so that we can surprise players even when they play the same adventure more than once, we are excited to tell you that we have a tool to make the replayability even higher.

Given your positive reactions to our project, we are proud to announce the creation of a Companion App for Waste Knights: Second Edition that will take the whole narrative to a new level!

First of all, the app will contain the Book of Tales that will facilitate handling the multitude of plot sheets and gripping entries. When you type the necessary entry number, the text will be displayed on the screen for you to read it. The basic app functionalities combined with unique adventure resolution mechanics will provide us with immense options regarding future development and expansion of the game.

Below you can find the most important elements of the app:

- Official Adventures: All adventures from the core box and the official expansions will be uploaded and available after the game’s release. Gradually, we will also be adding new adventures created by our in-house writers and designers.

- Changing Adventures: Printed adventures cannot be changed. However, the app is a different matter! Imagine that you are playing the same adventure for the second time and you are surprised to find a tale or story completely different from the one you found the last time. A place full of helpful people may turn into some gang’s hideout, or ashes may be the only remains of a homely town.

We plan to alter the existing adventures (including the core ones) from time to time using the app, so that the story changes and surprises players with something entirely new. Thanks to this solution, even the adventure you have played a couple of times can become as fresh as when you entered ruined Australia for the first time. When a given adventure changes, the app will feature two adventure modes marked as ver. 1.0 and ver. 2.0. It will be up to the players to choose the one to start.

- Fan Adventures: Now comes the most important thing that – we hope – will provide you with lots of stories told by different authors who will choose to share their talents and ideas. All fans of the game will gain access to a tool enabling them to create their own entries and adventures that we will publish through the app! We have seen many games, both digital and tabletop ones, enriched with really awesome content designed by their fans. We can’t wait to expand the Waste Knights: Second Edition setting with your help and creativity!

When you choose to create your own adventure, you will just need to design a couple of adventure plots and tell your story in the form of narratively combined entries. The size and complexity of a given adventure will completely depend on its author’s preferences. On top of that, authors will have access to the current database of generic entries, so that they can focus on their main idea and add some extra flavor with our tales.

Once we accept a new fan-made adventure and verify it regarding the theme, game mechanics and narrative cohesion with the Waste Knights: Second Edition setting, it will be added to the app and become available to all players.

We will also create a dedicated webpage for the app content, where you will easily find a quick overview of each adventure, its author with a short bio and downloadable PDF files featuring adventure plots and such. We are very excited thinking what adventures our great Community may create! Their authors will become living wasteland legends for all the Knights out there!

Independently from the fan activity, the core game as well as unlocked SGs will provide all players with tons of narrative and hours of exciting gameplay. Especially that each adventure can be played more than once guaranteeing completely new experience every single time.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this idea. We are very thankful for your unending support and social media work! See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      Keeping on the keeping it up!

      - Please add a stretch goal that establishes having every miniature come painted to look like the miniatures shown in the character profiles for the base box set of Knights Miniatures in the main campaign page. At the very least make it so it's a stretch goal that unlocks the option to purchase every painted miniature (including miniatures for characters that get unlocked through the stretch goals as well as those that come in the add-on expansions).

      - Please also add a stretch goal that allows backers the option to purchase a set of miniatures they can use with the first edition of the game to replace the character cardboard standees. Add the extra option on top of this to also allow people the option to purchase painted versions of these miniatures.

    2. Missing avatar

      Guido Dieteren

      Wow, this is great news!
      Thank you so much.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Hazlett on

      Anyone who as ever played Fantasy Flight Games Descent or Imperial Assault apps will know what a well designed one can do for an adventure-type board game.

    4. Scott Everts

      I'm not a fan of apps for board games but no big deal since its optional. It is a huge undertaking and takes constant support so hopefully you're ready for the extra costs and work involved.

    5. Lord Helmchen on

      german language and enemy miniatures and i am all in

    6. Jarek85 on

      nice, job with the app

    7. Obsidian

      Just perfect !

    8. Format92 on

      Wow, I asked for the app in the beginning of the campaign and could not be more positively surprised !
      What a great app concept you guys came across, many thanks for it ! And also respecting all supporters that don't want to use an app with pdf material in the future. Well done guys !

    9. Missing avatar

      FredericLep on

      Happy to see the app is optional as others have said. Thanks for the update

    10. Draxon Fly on

      Having an app is a big undertaking. It will need to be supported forever.
      I am happy it is optional. Look forward to reading some great fan made stuff.

    11. Todd Suesz

      What great news. It will be amazing having this option to expand as well as enhance game play!

    12. Jon Mercurio Knight

      This is awesome! My one concern would have been access to previous versions on the app and you addressed that as well.

      Even if I never use the app, it is still a great thing to help with the life of the game and I'm excited for anything that will improve that!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Daneman on

      I'm super excited about that app. It'll make playing easier and add a lot of re-playability. I guess I understand people who want to eliminate screens complete in their boardgames, but really, it's the 21st century - we read books on kindles and an app like this is not turning the boardgame into a video game, it's just essentially adding a "digital reader" to it that automatically takes you to the right page.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Gaboury

      I'm completely in favour of the app.

    15. Frank Gerken

      Nice to have an app. I hope there will be a Windows version.

    16. gabo on

      What kinds of devices will the app work on?

    17. Galakta Creator on

      @All Thank you for your comments! Just a quick sum up: the app will not be required, so you do not need to worry it will ruin the board game feel if you don't like such solutions.
      For us, this is added value - quicker handling of the game, option for creativity of the Community, option for us as publishers to offer you additional content much more easily.
      And as someone pointed - in the Solo variant you do not worry that you will see something you shouldn't, just the entries you need. We thank you for the positive feedback and really can't wait to read and play YOUR stories, too!

    18. Kevin Hinners on

      I hope this turns out well. The app written for This War of Mine board game was underwhelming. I was happy though to see that you will be supporting previous versions of the adventures. That put my mind at ease.

    19. Perry Grosshans on

      This fills me with so much joy! So cool! A fan enabled app to make our own entries??! Amazing!!

    20. Mariano Tufro on

      Fantastic idea!!! Getting more excited by the minute. And thinking which adventure I’ll write once the game is out :)

    21. Nick McKeon on

      I don't really understand the negativity from some quarters. It's optional and you still get the book. It will add something pretty significant for those that want to use it and take absolutely nothing away from those that don't. Best of all, it's free. I'll take this over more paid "could easily have been included in the base game" add-ons any day.

    22. Thomas M

      Sounds awesome!

    23. Jesper Clemmensen on

      Adding an app and fan based stories is a really great idea! Awesome!
      You do, however, have to make sure, that people know how to write these stories, so they will fit the game, like in the form of a "recipe". A stat (playing time) and a rating system for fan based stories should be included too.

      A campaign system would be nice too..

    24. Jesper Clemmensen on

      Adding an app and fan based stories is a really great idea! Awesome!
      You do, however, have to make sure, that people know how to write these stories, so they will fit the game, like in the form of a "recipe". A stat (playing time) and a rating system for fan based stories should be included too.

    25. Missing avatar

      Francois Renaud on

      Be sure too to make the fan campains printable :)

    26. Christopher Burns

      Thank you for: 1) Not making this required and 2) Not charging more for it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Francois Renaud on

      This is simply brilliant. Im all in and ill most certainly write some scenarios in both english and french us all (im a writer in RL). Be sure to include in the tool of entries possibilities to include campain special custom rules.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Eilertsen on

      If it wasn't in before this announcement (I was), I am now. I like the app idea for this type of story telling. I have gotten more buy in from my family when an app is involved with things like Mansions of Madness and I would expect this would get them excited for this too.

    29. Shade on

      I do not appreciate apps from one reason. Board games are to have that natural, physical experience with other people. Using "screen" for board games destroy that immersion in some way. Stay away with apps from board games, it's something dedicated for mobile and video games only. I don't care about printing errors - still i better have that natural phisical experience with cards/book than with phone. Board games it's my way to run away from todays "computers". So i appreciate that it's optional. To be honest i personaly hate board games with apps.

    30. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      I'm thinking that the news of the application really should not be bad for those who want the translations, in fact it could allow the publisher to translate the material into different languages, without having to print them out. At the end the printing of the books is what is going to cost more. With the digitized books you may just have to translate the character cards, a couple of help sheets ... I do not know maybe in the end as an intermediate solution we will end up with textbooks in English or Polish and with the stories digitized in our respective languages.

      Am I saying crazy things?

    31. Henk Allaert on

      This is great news. I'm assuming this part from the rulebook doesn't apply when you use the app for Solo play ?

      Finally, when a solo player encounters some decision regarding activities of their enemies or negative effects of adventures or footnotes, they should choose the option least favorable to their knight(s). Remember that the Waste is an unforgiving place and act accordingly!

    32. Forgotten Lore on

      And also....
      It's much easier to translate an app than print different books in different laguages....

    33. Missing avatar

      Sammy mm on

      Absolutely awesome to hear that the app will only be an optional tool and not replace the book. I am also thrilled to hear that you are opening the app to fan created stories which makes it a fantastic addon to use later on. If I had any doubts of backing this, they are all gone and I am gonna be a definite backer!

    34. Forgotten Lore on

      I notice that many do not appreciate the idea of ​​a dedicated app
      I honestly do not understand why:
      - Printing errors are very common. no one can correct printed errors, using the app is possible!
      - I guess the storybook will be something like a Gamebook; do you remember? Go to chapter 2, then 345, then 31, then 5 .. very boring! The app will make it much easier!
      - and talking about game books ... maybe you will not do it, but personally I have faced many times the desire to take a look at the chapter I did not choose ... And that is certainly not good for replayability
      - In addition, with the app you will get additional adventures that you will never get anywhere else
      - and also, have you ever dropped your coffee on the table? the paper book could be damaged / lost; the app will not do it
      - Finally, remember: the app is a plus, you'll still have the book

    35. Missing avatar

      Francisco on

      Better than language versions. To have more variety of gameplay, using the first time the book, the other the 2.0 App history would multiply the entries of the book of tales to a big number. Love it.

    36. Sam on

      @Galakta : Ok, I can breathe again... Thanks for the answer!

    37. M.TERAN

      Great news!!! Well implemented this will be really useful.

    38. Galakta Creator on

      @Hakka Tom @flashburn @Sam There will be a printed book and and app as something extra! :)

    39. love code on

      @ Hakka Tom: you definitely still get the books, app use is totally optional if you play the scenarios originally designed.

    40. Forgotten Lore on

      this is huge!
      With an app like that Waste Knight will become a must!
      No more errata to look for!
      Endless surprises!
      You are GREAT!

    41. Hakka Tom

      No books?

    42. F.S.P.

      What a dissapointment! I am backing a board game not to spend more time in front of a screen!

    43. Missing avatar

      ivnla on

      I admit that although I expected the translations to be announced, the news is not so bad. Little by little you are getting what could be a great game.

    44. Catt on

      For me, the Companion App is fantastic news!

      Not everyone has full mobility in the group regarding stretching, reaching and flicking through books vs taps on a phone. It sounds trivial but being able to look up an entry without having to get someone to do it for you feels more involved.

    45. Jasmin Ratius on

      I don´t think that will replace the book - as I understand it it will expand the book when you play again ... which is great :-)
      I am always most interested in the narrative part - and when this works as planned it will add a lot to the game
      and nobody has to use it - but I tried out some games with apps in the last month and it is a great add
      I am happy with this - and I think it will make this game ready for future developments :-)

    46. love code on

      Fan made scenarios and evolving stories implementation is a great concept! The books will still be there for the original experience, but the option to have a game expand without the need to buy a physical expansion is definitely somthing I look forward to.

    47. Margaret Rose on

      Awesome, great news