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Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control  for 1-5 players designed by Steven Aramini.
Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control for 1-5 players designed by Steven Aramini.
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WE DID IT.....and a special surprise!

Posted by Galactic Raptor Games (Creator)

Hey Everyone, Dan here! WE DID IT!

We just wanted to post a thank you from me, Carla, and the rest of the Galactic Raptor team. We had a lot of great help from countless people on this campaign, including all of you. Your enthusiasm for this campaign was really infectious and it really helped to draw a lot of people into the campaign to help get it to where it ended up and for that we are super grateful. 

In fact, we are so grateful that we took the time last night to crunch some numbers and make sure we could afford it, and we decided that we are unlocking that next stretch goal that we came SO CLOSE to reaching! Raptors will now also be included in all of the deluxe editions!

So while Carla and I work on taking a day or two off to recuperate, as this has been a wild past few months preparing and running this campaign, we are going to start getting all of the files ready for production ASAP. What's really great about this game is that we already have a lot of the files ready to go, so we do not expect moving forward on production to take too long. 

We like to update about once a month and plan to do so for this campaign, however we will take the time to post updates more than that if something comes up or we hit a milestone between updates. Either way, we give you our guarantee that we will be in touch with you throughout this process until those game are in your hands (and even beyond if you need anything after). 

In the meantime, be sure to connect with us on social media, say hi, or leave a message in the comments. We are happy to stay in touch and keep the conversation going! Beyond that, there is not much more to report at this time, so just kick back, enjoy some games, and prepare yourself for an amazing game to land on your door step in the coming months!

Thanks again for everything

Dan, Carla, and the Galactic Raptor Team!

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    1. Garry Rice on

      Cool...good to hear:)

    2. Dan Letzring Collaborator

      PnP is practically ready but we are waiting on completion of final rulebook which is ALMOST there!

    3. Garry Rice on

      Any idea how soon the pnp files will be ready? Just curious:)

    4. Claire 'Ace' Niemann on

      Thank you so much for including the Raptors! Can't wait to get my game.

    5. Dan Letzring Collaborator

      Glad you are all excited for this, we were super excited to be able to unlock it for all of you!

    6. Steven Tolhurst

      Great news , lots of happy backers, now enjoy a rest

    7. Kirstine H. Larsen on

      Yay! Let´s bring out the Raptors 😊👍

    8. Falagar

      NIce! Congratulation to succesful campaign!

    9. Giustina Casale Morton

      That's amazing news!
      Thank you so much!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Morvant on

      Thanks for the last unlock! Can’t wait to play!

    11. Jeff Black on

      Awesome stuff! Get some rest and keep on discovering the fun!

    12. Thimothy

      Thanks for that move :thumbup

    13. Mark P


      I figured that maybe 15% of the $1 pledges will get the game via the pledge manager, and the charges for a few pledges will fail, so all-in-all you'll probably end up around the $42K level. :)