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Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control  for 1-5 players designed by Steven Aramini.
Animal Kingdoms - An award-winning game of area control for 1-5 players designed by Steven Aramini.
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Another Stretch Goal unlocked!

Posted by Dan Letzring (Collaborator)

Hello everyone, I come bearing good news....WE UNLOCKED ANOTHER STRETCH GOAL!

This was for the inclusion of a basic box insert into the game! If we keep over-funding, we may have plans to upgrade the insert even more! But let's see what our next two stretch goals are that we are aiming for!

At $26,000 we will be including a linen finish on the cards!

and at $30,000 we will be adding an additional shape to the meeples included in the Deluxe Edition! Of course we were going to include a giraffe for Carla and Nick!

Thank you all for your continued support and help in spreading the word. Let's keep this going to see what else we have  up our sleeve for upgrades.

Your interaction in the comments and on the Kickstarter lives have been fantastic and we wanted to let you know about another upcoming Q&A we will be doing...


Dan and Carla will be doing a Reddit AMA on Monday, January 21 at 12pm EST.  If you are around, we would love to get some questions from you. We will be posting the AMA at around 11am and including a link in the comments here so you can start asking questions before the AMA gets up and running. We would love to see you there and look forward to some excellent questions!

Until then, please reach out to us if you have any questions and thank you so much for everything up until this point. 

Happy weekend!

The Galactic Raptor Team

PS  Our friends over at the We're Not Wizards podcast are currently funding a kickstarter of their own. They were gracious enough to interview Animal Kingdom's very own Steven Aramini which should be publishing soon!

If you want to learn more about the podcast and help them on their journey, you can see their kickstarter at:


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