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NNION = 18 artists and 3 curators exploring news, technology, media, and communication via a residency in NY & exchange in Cyprus.

We ask you...

  • who mediates the news?
  • how is social media changing your foundation of news?
  • can technology keep up with history?
  • when was the last time you read the paper?
  • is journalism dead?

The Project:

The Wonder Women residency has selected ten NYC area artists to create work addressing these questions for New News is Old News (NNION). In this eight week residency, curators and artists construct and deconstruct: their understanding and experience of media; the different perspectives of journalism online vs. print; the future of news. Given the changing landscape of news and media, artists have new opportunity to engage and to create work addressing these intersections. The residency culminates with an exhibition of the artists projects on May 7th (details below).

If you think that is exciting....It gets even better. In June, the curators and three selected NYC artists will travel to Nicosia, Cyprus to continue the dialogue with eight Cypriot artists. In an intensive two-week workshop, all of the artists will focus on international relations, local policies and news to create new work an an exhibition. The project then culminates an exhibition in Brooklyn, NY of the work created in both parts of the residency by NYC, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot artists.

By connecting a group of individuals that might otherwise be unable to converge, the aim of the residency is to bridge the gap between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities in Cyprus and the United States, in order to foster a better understanding of each other and the complicated political situations of the area. The Cyprus workshop will create an environment where a much larger dialogue about contemporary issues can be fostered and new artistic work based on these talks can be created and presented to the public. 

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The History:

_gaia is a collective of women artists and activists creating art, events and opportunities in the visual and media arts, performance and design. Its members actively promote and support the work of local women artists while developing programs that encourage collaboration and create community to help emerging artists in need of studio space, facilities and resources. In pursuit of raising awareness _gaia concentrates on activism, from issues in the local community and the art world to global issues affecting the lives of women.

Wonder Women (WW) is a residency program in its sixth year presented by _gaia, an artist collective. The WW mission is to engage practicing, yet underrepresented artists who are eager to participate in a collective dialogue about the art world and feminism today. See the project blog for information about previous Wonder Women residencies.

The NNION Wonder Women:

Christine DaCruz: the obituaries. Christine has been threading portraits of deceased women.

Mairikke Dau: painting the news. Rikke has created a large still life painting in response to the Arizona shooting, and the various controversies which have risen from the event.

Sharon de la Cruz: Crooked Images. Sharon has created a feature news segment about Aunt Jemima discovering her sexuality.

Melissa MacAlpin: vows and love. Melissa has created a series of comics in response to the Sunday vows section of the NY Times.

Escobar-Morales: American Media Output. Andria Morales and Maya Escobar created an ad agency that is currently focusing on two campaigns around immigration, and Arizona.

Lindsey Muscato: spills from the NY Times. Focusing on the experience of reading the newspaper, Lindsey is drawing segments of the broadsheet, selected from organic spills.

Larysa Myers: extinct technology. Laryssa is creating a casket sized sculpture from discarded video tape.

Cristine Posner: the big oil spill (forgotten). Cristine has collected news articles addressing the June oil spill, and is creating a series of weekly cyanotypes based on the press.

Sharone Vendriger: wikileaks. Sharone is creating a large mobius sculpture referencing transparency in public information.

Nicole Wilson: agency and the news. Nicole has created a video, that looks to the three graces as examples and agents of 21st century news.

The Cypriot artists will be selected in April in collaboration with our partners in Cyprus: Cyprus Community Media Centre, Rooftop Theatre Group and European-Mediterranean Art Association

Curated and Organized by Maya Joseph-Goteiner, Doris Caçoilo, and Alana Kakoyiannis.

The Exhibitions:

The first NNION exhibition opens on May 7th, 2011 at the exciting Gallery Aferro in Newark, New Jersey. Join us if you are in the NYC area!

The second exhibition will be in Cyprus! Details to follow soon.

The third exhibition will be in Brooklyn at the WAH Center. This exhibition will include NYC and Cypriot artists, it opens in mid-July, 2011. Details to follow soon.

--video by our awesome WW intern Astrid Taran!--

"blowouts," Spills on The New York Times, #6 (detail) © Lindsey Muscato, graphite on paper, 22 x 24 inches, 2011


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