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By Gaia Technologies
€0.00 pledged of €777,777 goal


Gaia Technologies is currently a one person Organization and Consulting Company, We plan to change politics and industry, and so to engage and convey our technology advances to governments and private companies.

We currently have one very urgent issue to solve:

The plan is to collect, analyze and develope the required natural and already developed artifical bacteria that we need to reduce and anhillate the radioactivity, and maybe at the same time CO2 and plastics out of the Ocean water. If we do it right, it's also possible to eliminate finally PFC from the global salt water ressources, and so from the sweet water, also.


In the first step I need some investment in technical equipment, maintanance, survey and travelling costs. The principle basics. In the following steps I will need money to buy equipment for analyzing and biotech labor techniques.

I already have a lot of science and business contacts on Linkedin ->

Also, I try to sell my own recent and past developed technology to partners like Apple, Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung etc., maybe there will coming be an larger income in the next days to compensate and realize the real big project. It will cost about 40 Billion Dollars/Euros to develope, test, create, breed and finally bring out the bacteria, if we are successful with our biotech and genetic developement. :-)

This is our last hope. The last try to fix the things. Please help !


We also plan to produce several products in own regie (e.g. Phase Compensator), but we also will give technology licences to classic companies like Bayer, Bosch, Monsanto, Total, Daimler, Airbus, Boeing, BP and all the other Industrials, which are currently still polluting the environment, the human race or other beings, or which are working inefficient with our global ressources.

The plan is to use every incoming fund for following purchases and purposes:

1.) IT-, Electronic- and also Biotech-Tools for developement (e.g. SSDs, Harddrives, Oscilloscope etc.)

2.) Software products (e.g. CAD- and Engineering Software)

3.) Travelling costs and expenses if needed

4.) Rent & Telecommunication, respectively Server costs

5.) Maintainance & Investments

6.) Material Goods

7.) Supply

If you have any question, pleae leave me a message here ->

Thank you very much ! :-)

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