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I'm writing a book about trying to get over my picky eating by trying the best of all of the foods I hate. Help me finish my research!

Hello! My name is Rachael Oehring, and I'm a picky eater. This might be acceptable were I not harboring this silly dream of becoming a food writer, so I'm embarking on an intrepid journey, forcing myself to eat all the foods I can't stand so I can share my story with those who hate tomatoes as much as I do.

I'm raising $10,000 so that I can finish my research on adult picky eating, and embark on a trans-continental journey to find the best of the foods that I hate, such as Roquefort cheese in France, or salmon caught fresh from the Pacific Ocean. I'm also going to interview nutritionists, taste scientists, behavioral psychologists, nutritional anthropologists and neurologists (among others) to figure out why some people (namely me) are picky eaters

This book will combine an in-depth exploration of picky eating and whether or not humans are genetically, biologically or socially predisposed to restrictive eating habits, with first-person essays detailing my adventures in trying to get over the mundane foods that I hate the most.

Below is a list of all of the foods I'll be tackling:

-Bell Peppers
-Blue Cheese
-Jiggly Stuff


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    You get access to my special "Gagging Towards Bethlehem" mailing which will be filled with exclusive writings, pictures and videos from my research and my trip. You will also receive a 10-second hug from me if we ever see each other in public.

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    Gets you the newsletter and a PDF copy of the book with additional awesome color pics and illustrations, so you can read it on your Kindle, iPhone/iPad or any other eReader.

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    You get all of the above AND a copy of the book once it's published! Your name will also show up on a special page in the front of the book outlining everyone who helped me!

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    If you pledge $100, you'll get all of the above and a set of 3 limited-edition, handmade tea towels, each featuring a weird/gross/crazy food.

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    You get all of the above, PLUS I will eat any weird/gross/crazy food of your choosing (within reason, I'm not eating poop, you guys) and videotape it for your schadenfreude-y enjoyment.

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    If you pledge $1,500, you'll get all of the above-mentioned prizes, plus a special picky-eater dinner, fully catered by me (yes, I can cook, I promise). Available only to those in the Triangle, Triad or Charlotte areas of North Carolina.

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    Anyone who has the cajones to pledge the entire $10,000 will get everything — the hug, the newsletter, the book, the tea towels, me eating whatever they choose, the dinner, my eternal gratefulness — AND they will get to go on the trip across Europe and America with me to try all of the foods that I hate! No molestors need apply, please. I do have the right to refuse this prize if you have a sinister Dr. Evil laugh.

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