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A re-imagined super-thin card-case style wallet crafted for the design conscious minimalist.
A re-imagined super-thin card-case style wallet crafted for the design conscious minimalist.
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Posted by Robert Sha + CAPSULE™ (Creator)

Hello backers,

We are excited to introduce two additional colors. We’re now offering a Minimalist™ in Dark Chocolate (Brown) Nappa leather, as well as a Limited Edition in Slate Blue textured leather. There will only be 300 Limited Edition Minimalist™ wallets produced. These new color options are scheduled for delivery in January 2013.

Detailed product photos of the Dark Chocolate and Slate Blue color options will be available shortly on our Kickstarter page, as well as on Facebook.

For more information regarding color selection or increasing your original pledge, please visit the FAQs at the bottom of our project page.

Thanks again for your support and feedback. We hope you share our enthusiasm for our new colors and will continue to help spread the word for the CAPSULE Minimalist™.


Robert + CAPSULE™

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    1. Robert Sha + CAPSULE™ 2-time creator on

      @Jon - Thanks man! Just under 6 hours to go!

    2. Jon Cleave on

      just backed you rob

    3. Robert Sha + CAPSULE™ 2-time creator on

      @John Davlos - Thanks for your question. On the main project page, click on the button that says "Back this project". From there, you can select $60 and the Blue Minimalist option. Thanks for your interest!

    4. John Davalos on

      How do i qualify for the slate blue wallet? I didn't get in early enough to be an early adopter, so I was wondering how i could get the blue one.

    5. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Any chance that you can have a prototype picture of the Brown and Blue made into the wallet so we all can see what it will look like when its made into its final production run.

    6. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      @Robert, If I could *Edit I would. After having my coffee I clearly understand where your coming from. From now on, I must have my coffee 1st, post my comment on the *Notepad, read it over 1hr later, and from there decided if I should post it or not.

      I'm actually thinking of *How to get 2 wallets, because I really do like this design, the leather quality from the photo looks of high quality. If I *ADD additional $40 to my Early Bird Pledge, you think you can send me 2 Wallets? I might do 1 Black, 1 Brown. My apologizes on my 1st comment, just wasn't please to see the price increase, as backers we are happy to see additional rewards for pushing a project to get funded, but the increase just.. well... not pleasant to see.

    7. Robert Sha + CAPSULE™ 2-time creator on

      @ Kris - Please see my response to you on the main Comments page.
      @ Carol and @ Wilson - Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

    8. Missing avatar

      Wilson Leung on

      I agree with Carol. I'm really happy with the current wallet that I'm getting which is the black one and I would be happy to pay an extra $15 to get the new limited-edition wallet if i wanted it. Plus it looks like this wallet is made from a very different, high quality leather. I've seen this more expensive leather on other very high-end wallets and they certainly cost more than $60. I'm thinking about getting one of these blue wallets as a gift for someone which I still think is a great deal.

    9. Carol Koh on

      I am a new backer and I have read posts that other backers wanted new colour options, especially brown. Robert listened to his backers' request and gave them their brown. For those who like blue or things that are limited edition, he has also satisfied this group of backers with the blue. Because the fact that it is indeed limited, I think a higher price is warranted. If I wanted a limited edition model, I would most definitely be happy to pay for the premium. However, for me, I am happy with my black and will stay with black. Looking forward to getting the Minimalist by Dec! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      I'm on of the 1st backers in the "Early Bird". I do like the new color options, but would be unfair to us early backers with the increase in price. I don't want to jump out of my pledge level for the color options.

      I think the $20 jump in price for the blue, making it to $60 is way out of control. I know you see that everyone likes and see the demand for your wallet. You started out with a Simple price point which got all of us interested in, plus the design of the wallet is great.

      I'm not sure if the additional colors have a huge cost impact on your side, but this is where I see all the time, creators know the demand for a product and can justify adding high price increases for things such as color or even a color stitch.

      For know I'm staying at the Early Bird pledge. We backers helped "Triple" your pledge goal and spread the word and the return we get is a increase in cost of the wallet for its colors. This is where a Project becomes Greedy.