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Why learn to translate, when you can build fluency instead? We're continuing over at Indiegogo! Join at
Why learn to translate, when you can build fluency instead? We're continuing over at Indiegogo! Join at
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Um...holy crap

Posted by Gabriel Wyner (Creator)
47 likes folks funded this thing in 17.5 hours...


Stuff that happened

Yesterday was insanely exciting, thanks to you. I was aiming for $100k in the first day, and instead we got there in 53 minutes. 

We also got "Project We Love" status from the Kickstarter staff within the first hour, which is a huge deal for visibility.

We're the 5th most popular project on the entire site. We're already the 2nd most funded app of all time (more on that below). 

We got featured in Product Hunt. We got featured at, an exclusive club for Kickstarter super-backers (folks who back tons of projects).


Stuff that's coming

So we're on track to smash a ton of our stretch goals, but there's another goal that's way closer: As soon as we hit $332k, we become the most funded Kickstarter app of all time. That means a press bonanza, which means even more stretch goals, which means awesome.

How to make more awesome stuff happen faster

Keep sharing with friends. We made a handy-dandy share link: You can use that to save yourself time.

Upvote us on ProductHunt. It'll increase our visibility on that site.

Contact friends or acquaintances who run blogs or media, or send their info to us. We're about to become the most funded app of all time, which is an awesome headline for any journalist. 

That's it for today.

You all are the best. Can't wait to make an awesome thing together.


PS: I realized this morning that if things continue at this rate, I'm going to be giving private Skype sessions all the time for multiple years. Apparently y'all like the Hyperglot perk way more than I anticipated. So I'm limiting the available quantity of Hyperglot perks with Private Skype Sessions, and then adding two new Hyperglot perks that include an exclusive 4-hour webinar. The webinar will be a chance for Hyperglot subscribers who choose that pledge type to ask questions and hear 4 hours worth of answers, and folks can attend live or submit questions ahead of time and watch the recording. 

Basically, those users will get 4x more Gabe content, but less individualized attention. For those of you who are on the fence about grabbing the original Hyperglot+Skype pack, there are still a few left, so grab them before they're gone! (And for those of you who'd PREFER the webinar, you can switch over by clicking 'Manage your pledge' and open up a slot for someone else who wants the private Skype session)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Thom on

      Once the kickstarter is over, then our accounts will be deducted. The pledge has been met, but there are still stretch goals, and as of now 27 days left.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dimitar on

      Hey Gabe,
      I pledged 255 for your awesome project, but now that it's completed I don't see any charges on my account activity. When will that happen ?

    3. Missing avatar

      harrison on

      Yes sooner would be nice.....
      But we can see that this is your passion and that you want this to be nothing less than perfect.
      We trust that you will create something astounding, and if that means we need to wait for be it.
      Be excited about this.. Congratulations!

    4. Gabriel Wyner 2-time creator on

      @anne: I added a fair bit of padding to our timeline because this is a Kickstarter and I have almost 4 years of experience of seeing an optimal timeline, telling folks about it, and then something sub-optimal happening. So...I'm not going to say outright that we can go faster, but (we can probably go faster).

    5. Missing avatar

      anne clarke on

      Hi Gabe.
      Love that you are having this success.
      Completely well deserved!
      Would it be too much to hope that the rapid success means the timeline could advance a bit?
      That would be the most amazing thing....
      Just a thought.
      Congratulations either way and thanks for making a product we can all be so excited about.
      Anne Bonfiglio

    6. John Kernan on

      Gabe, I love you and what you're doing, of course. But a lot of the "hyperglot" people might be going big now (for visibility) and plan on reducing their pledge you suggested.