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Gabriel Kelley: Making the record 'It Don't Come Easy''s video poster

Independent artist, Gabriel Kelley, is preparing to record his first full-length album, 'It Don't Come Easy.' Read more

Nashville, TN Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on March 30, 2011.

Independent artist, Gabriel Kelley, is preparing to record his first full-length album, 'It Don't Come Easy.'

Nashville, TN Indie Rock
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All Recording for the Record is Finished!

To my Kickstarter family of supporters,

It has been a while since I checked in with you all and I wanted to reach out and update you on the progress of the making of "It Don't Come Easy."


Since entering the studio back in April, this project has been my sole focus and a true labor of love. Neal, the producer, and I have remained tirelessly committed to bringing the vision for this record to life. We've spent the last 6 months recording and overdubbing the album with such an amazing team of musicians.  I've been so honored to record with so many talented individuals, including Neal Cappellino, Brad Pemberton, Reggie Young, Jon Graboff, Dave Jacques, Bekka Bramlett, Will Harrison, Gabe Dixon, and Annie Williams.    

I know 6 months seems like a long time to record and let me assure you it IS... But the opportunity given to me by the group of supporters here on kickstarter, to take our time and thoughtfulness to create this album the way it was intended has been so incredible...  

The production has taken on a slightly bigger scope than was originally planned, in sound, concept and execution. We've been dedicated to following a path that was not completely known to us when we started, but have agreed all along the way to keep following our instincts. Where we are now confirms that we've been doing good work and it's all been worth the effort.

Each day was a different experience. Whether it was tracking a string section, playing a tambourine, or  singing a gang vocal all crammed around one mic,  everyone involved quickly turned into family.  There were lots of laughs to be had. There were many long hours to push through to focus.   All things said it has been an amazing joy and privilege. 

SO What's Next?   


From this point, we will move into the Mixing Process.  Mixing is such an exciting time in the record-making processbecause we get to watch the "Big Picture" really come into focus. This is the stage that really makes the songs come alive.  In mixing,  we "dial in the sounds of the instruments and vocals" -accentuating the best moments of specific partsthroughout the tracks. It is a process of making sure everything is heard as it is intended to be.   I am getting excited just talking about it. 

  I am so deeply proud of this work.  Thank you all so much for your patience and your support!!  We couldn't do it without you!!

I will keep everyone updated as we move forward and our end goal comes closer into view!!



    1. Creator Jenn Long on November 8, 2011

      We are so proud of you Gabe! I'm happy to hear about the success of your journey... can't wait for the album to DROP!

    2. Creator morgan teillet on November 8, 2011

      How do I go about changing my postal address for the CD as I have moved?