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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2012
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2012

Ups and Downs Part 2

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

Hi Again,

We are currently still trying to get in touch with Kickstarter directly. In the mean time, I want to make sure we know who all of our backers are so that we can deliver our promises in case something happens. Kickstarter does not give out contact information until a project is complete. Our solution to that is to ask that you email us directly at Forward this email and the level of backing email you received so that we can keep track of all that. 

Please understand that no one has been charged and if the account is suspended, no one will have to pay. We are currently setting up an online store to let you purchase directly from us in case we can't get this solved.

Sorry once again. We will always be transparent with everything so please stick with us.



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    1. Matt Oberlin on

      maybe contact amazon and see what they can do? it cant hurt.

    2. Jirka Tomšej on

      I don't care if it's Amazon or anything else, I'll support Your project anyway ;-)

    3. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      I really hope the new account gets fit into place, but either way I am absolutely on board with you guys. I definitely want Chameleon - I haven't found a dashboard for my tablet that I like yet, and this one definitely looks very much like what I'm after!

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Matteo on

      email sent, good luck with KS guys

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Herrin on

      Emails sent. I hope KS works with you to get this sorted.

    7. T. Scott on

      That's really good to hear. It sounds like a no brainer for KS. I hope they work with you on this one.

    8. Ramonito Tongol on

      That's good news, hopefully KS approves the new Amazon account.

    9. Gabor Vida - Teknision 2-time creator on

      @Carl Douglas, not at all. The Amazon account has been closed. We have a replacement one and have contacted Kickstarter about switching the accounts.

    10. Ramonito Tongol on

      does this mean in stuck with eeewwwkk touchwiz!?!

    11. T. Scott on

      So in 9 days I'd KS hasn't suspended the project and Amazon does not transfer the account, then the departing team member is $50,000 richer? I hope it all works out as I plan to maintain my pledge and support this project. Thanks for being proactive and good luck.

    12. Dustin on

      Might I suggest we all use the contact form at the bottom of the site and complain to KS that they need to get this straightened out? You can include a link to this project page to help speed up the process. If anyone wants a simply copy and post for the message, mine is below:

      [Can someone contact these guys and get this straightened out?

      We, the backers/pledges, have succeeded in funding this project over a week ahead of time. All Teknision is asking is to switch the account holders' Amazon account (since he left the company) so that the project can continue without interruption.

      I hope I don't have to go to the major blog sites to get Kickstarter to do the right thing...]

    13. Missing avatar

      Lucas Cunha on

      What if I don't have the email from when I became a backer anymore?

    14. Ricardo Moura Rocha on

      Email sent, hope you guys can fix the situation with kickstarter.

    15. Isthar on

      As I understand it, we have to do forward of the email of this update and the email from Amazon that we received when we did this pledge. So they can check that we are backers (as we have the email with this update) and that we did a pledge (so we have the confirmation email from Amazon).
      These two emails are the emails we have to do forward to their email address.

      This is that I have just done :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Dailyn Stewart on

      I think the problem is that you have to be an American citizen to receive payments via Amazon, and the only american citizen on the team left; rendering them unable to receive payments when the kickstarter ends.

    17. manzoor on

      Email sent :). Hopefully everything goes well.

    18. Meykel on

      I'm living in Germany and having no issues with amazon payments from the us.

    19. Badd Al on

      Guys can u stop withdrawing your pledge until everything clear plz.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alek.Zywot on

      I am not sure if I understand the directions correctly. Which email should I forward to the beta email address?

    21. Gabor Vida - Teknision 2-time creator on

      Yes please. This is entirely an issue with our payment account and not an issue with pledges. The reason why I am asking people to use our beta email address is so that we can contact people in case something goes wrong.

    22. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      What about our pledges? We leave the pledge alone for now?