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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2012
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 8 2012


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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Desisto on

      When is the release Date?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      ^^Fair enough, that's a valid concern. Hopefully the devs will address it, since several people now have voiced concern. I'll have to go back and look at the features list again, but which parts of this UI are drastically different than the stock UI? I can achieve a somewhat similar layout, using Nova Launcher and Wizz Widgets on my A500, so I'm not 100% sure how massive the difference needs to be, to eliminate native widget functionality.

    3. 6th Extinction Games on

      @Jay, In the Android Central video they mention that the implementation technology is HTML5. That is not capable of hosting Android widgets. If they continue the current route they will not support the existing widgets + the new ones will feel wrong. We will also be fully dependent on them to implement widgets for the things we want to use instead of getting the widgets from the app developers. I think this is pretty close to deal breaker to me at least if they do not talk about the issue or future plans.

    4. s427 on

      @Jay: "how many home replacements have any of us used that don't support native Andoid features?"

      Not many, but there are some, and especially those who look (and work) very different from the original android home. Which is the case here. So I really wish this point was addressed by the developers (e.g. by updating the project home FAQ) rather than making assumptions about it.

    5. Eric Licciardello on

      When you said you'd be changing how you access available widgets, I hope you meant completely getting rid of the non-standard (on newer devices) menu button.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Guys, I don't think we have anything to worry about when it comes to using standard Android widgets. Really, how many home replacements have any of us used that don't support native Andoid features?

      On a positive note, this video was a really nice sneak peak. I agree with a previous poster, that the double-tap to delete looks cool, but some people may have issues with accidentally deleting things. Including the ability to toggle between double-tap and standard deletion methods would be nice.

      I would love to see a sneak peak at how the UI can be set up to change by location or time. As someone who works in finance, and has a long train ride each morning, I was immediately hooked on that particular function. The ability to transition seamlessly from my "morning commute mode" (news, sports, social networking, etc.) to "work mode" (financial market news, stock tickers, Go to Meeting, etc.) would be absolutely amazing, and I'd love to see it in action.

      Keep up the great work, and hopefully we can scratch up the remaining funds!

    7. Emmanuel Green on

      9.5K Untill we have Chameleon!!!

    8. JHS_NL on

      Very nice! Looking forward to the app. Is it possible to show lists in the twitter app? So each widget could have a different lis?

    9. Emanuele Ricci on

      Really interested about an API to interact with you to add our app widget :)

    10. s427 on

      One important point remains unclear to me: will we be able to add any android widget to a chameleon dashboard, or will we be limited to widgets specifically designed for chameleon?

    11. the_EDJ on

      Very sweet.

      A.) I noticed that a simple double tap wiped out the twitter widget. For those of us with twitchy fingers, would it be able to maybe gray out the widget and show an 'X' button to wipe it, along with a 'Cancel' button to save us from doing something we didn't want?
      B.) I know it will be very limited in its initial release as far as supporting multiple types of tablets' specialties. But Sony's S1 remote integration would be epic. :D

      Keep up the good work, I'll keep sharing trying to boost interest in whatever followers I have in my social circles. ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      f0stbyt3 on

      Will you be releasing an API so I can make my own widgets?

    13. Thomas A Kowalczyk on

      Really hope this gets funded, this is excellence . I FUNDED AND I HOPE I HELPED.

    14. Konrad Steyn on

      This may just be the coolest thing since sliced bread!

    15. David Prnich on

      This is exactly what makes a tablet 'smart'. I think this is the path where more Android software should head - customisability and freedom of control at user level.

      Intelligent stuff. Well done!

    16. Ross Williams on

      Wow, this is awesome, can't wait to get it on my Transformer Prime!

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kay on

      Looks great! I hope you hit your target -- I really want this layout for my Galaxy Tab 7.7.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Phillips on

      That is pretty awesome I must say I cannot wait.

    19. Marc Taschereau on

      Nicely Done, but I agree you need a Google +1 Button.

    20. Pedro Gelabert on

      Awesome! Beautifully easy and very functional.

    21. Sean Oleson on

      Evan, make them small enough to move, then rearrange. Don't need to be a developer to get it. Its pinching a screen, not a ton of effort needed.

    22. Dat Nguyen on

      Where do I G+ +1?

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Heinz on

      ^^^ Second that

    24. Evan Passero on

      I understand this was a quick demo, but it seemed like if I wanted to move a widget from one side of the screen to the other I would have to always have open space on the screen. What if I have a screen laid out with a few widgets and just want to rearrange them? Will Chameleon be able to do any sort of "smart reflow" of widgets (iOS icons is the first parallel that comes to mind)?

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon Vaughn on

      This can handle multiple twitter accounts? God, this looks like such an amazing project. Will it be able to have more than one homescreen at once, like most Android homescreens do currently?

    26. Julian Davenport on

      Juhani and Laurent have a good point, I hope we can mix and match with existing android widgets.

    27. Hunter Stephenson on

      I am truly excited about the development of this new platform and skin. I think we could use an alternative every now and then to the basic android. Unlike most android skins, this keeps it simple and easy from what I've seen! Keep up the good work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Laurent Debacker on

      I agree with Juhani, we should be able to reuse existing android widgets too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Martin Stricker on

      Looking Awesome!

      I offer myself for future spanish translation!

    30. 6th Extinction Games on

      i'm very worried about your technology choice. Android already has a fully functional remote view framework and app widget hosts (home screens). A lot of people have already built their app widgets that could be utilised but due to tech choice all of those go out of the window. On top of that HTML5 does not provide a good Android user experience. All, and I mean every single one, of Phonegap and Titanium apps are very, very bad due to the non-native feel. What's your take on this?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tallkotten on

      "Can it be used with any existing widgets, or only Chameleon widgets?'"

      I'd like to know that aswell!

    32. Boris Bak on

      Looks very nice.
      I can help you with russian translation.

    33. Missing avatar

      keith williams on

      What version of Android OS is this working on in the demo and when it's released?

    34. Missing avatar

      onodera on

      Can it be used with any existing widgets, or only Chameleon widgets?

    35. Anton Kudris on

      this should be in stock android rom :)

    36. Денис Обухов on

      I've bought an Android tablet inspired by your app. Cannot wait to try it!

    37. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Looks awesome so far. I really hope you'll be able to scale so works with 1024x768, 1024x600 etc too.

    38. darkbyte on

      This looks very nice and slick, I am glad I saw your App in "All about android" on and now I am part of the cool process that is in development. I would love to try out a beta version

    39. Øivind Rosvold on

      Looks awesome! Keep up the good work :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Nuno Carreira on

      love it - thanks for the update!

    41. Missing avatar

      Phil Davis on

      Just an (ugly) thought: Much of the configuration process illustrated is similar to Motorola's interface for the Droid Razr. With all the patent nastiness going around, it might be worth a look to see if this is a protected technology. Still, my Motorola Xoom does not function this way, though I wish it did.

    42. Chaitanya Teegela on

      Look's great, nice job so far Teknision!

    43. CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on

      I -really- hope you can scare up enough backers to finish this off. I've tossed what I can in the ring but I hope we get you guys the rest of the way there.

    44. Luis Gorbena on

      Could not be more excited about this!

    45. Nick Pompei on

      Oh yeah! This is maybe the only reason I want summer to be over!

    46. Missing avatar

      Johan Sajfrt on

      Awesome I am happy that I could contribute to this project I can't wait to test it on Asus Transformer Prime!!

    47. Missing avatar

      sergej931 on

      Just great. When this awesome launcher finally arrives, please give the developers the possibility to create their own widgets. Thats simple a game changer.

    48. Missing avatar

      Christian Hjelseth on

      Looks awesome:) Thanks for the update!

    49. Madhu Chandrakumar on

      Exactly what I was looking forward too! Great job guys.