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Chameleon is an Android Tablet Home Screen that changes to fit your lifestyle. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.
Chameleon is an Android Tablet Home Screen that changes to fit your lifestyle. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.
6,420 backers pledged $66,804 to help bring this project to life.

New Release, Widgets, Registration Woes and More!

New Release Coming out Today!

Good news everybody; we have a nice update today with lots of bug fixes and a few new widgets. Look out for v0.8.0 later this afternoon!

We Want Widgets!

Everyone is looking for more widgets; and they are coming, Today we will be releasing Facebook, Clock and Switches. But that is not all! There are more widgets coming after that. The complete list of (10+) widgets that will be published for the V1.0.0 release are below:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Facebook 
  • Gmail
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Media Player
  • RSS Reader
  • Switches
  • Twitter
  • Weather 
  • YouTube (Instead of Netflix as the NF API was severely limited in functionality)

After the release, we will not be done by any means. We have more widgets coming and will be opening up the API so other companies can create widgets as well.

Put this in Your Folder

You spoke, we listened, we are working on Folders, and will be included in the final release.

Woot! Gelaskins Have Shipped

Gelaskins have been shipped! You should see them on your door end of this week to mid next week depending on your location on the planet. Matching backgrounds will be sent later today as well.

T-shirts are Almost out the Door!

We have them induvidually packed and ready for Canada Post to pick them up Today! T-shirts should arrive towards the end of next week for everyone depending on your location. For folks in Europe and Asia add 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Chameleon Not Working?

We are in Beta mode so Chameleon will not run perfectly for everyone, in fact for some people we knew it would be downright bad on some devices. That is what the beta program is all about, so far the feedback and input has been great. Of course we can't respond to every email, however, rest assured the bug reports are being read and we are working hard to resolve the issues. If you think you have a new bug, head to:

Lost Invites and Registration Blues :-(

We have sent invites out but they are not getting past some peoples spam blocking tools. Also some folks are having issues with registration. So you might have contacted support. We understand your frustration if your problem has not yet been solved. You've been patient and we appreciate it.

Believe me, we are trying to reach out and get everyone set up. We've had over 3,000 support requests that we have resolved, and we are around 280 in the queue right now. If you have twitter, feel free to contact us at @Chameleon_App and we can address your issue quickly.  

Please note if you are contacting us looking to sort out registration what will help us is this information so we can get you set up immediately. 

  • The email that you purchased with.
  • The Gmail Email address that you use with Google Play.
  • Amazon Payments Transaction ID.

When is the full release coming?

Full release is slated for Sept 14th, it will include the following;

  • All the above promised widgets, 
  • Updates to settings panel 
  • Folders 
  • Shout Outs panel

I hope that brings everyone up to speed for now, stay tuned for more as we roll ahead!


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    1. Stas Svishov on

      I do not see registration email, how can I get it?

    2. Eric J Winston

      Is there a Calendar Widget now? It does not come up in V1.0
      Also I would love to see general Google widgets for Voice and chat as well.
      I love this interface.

    3. Markus van Riessen on

      Yes, Why there are no Images in the RSS Feeds?

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick Schmidt on

      RSS Feed is sadly extremly ugly in this version. No Images? Come one :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Derek Moy on

      Any idea on when this lovely interface will be on droid phones? I'm looking forward to that.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Burke on

      wasnt netflix on its own fancy looking screen and such a major advertising point?! it was definitely dropped earlier and withheld to maintain business

    7. Kevin Kwok on

      I think I was misinformed about this whole thing. I did not know it was a launcher that would completely take over I thought it was just a bunch of awesome widgets that I could use along side my existing widgets.

    8. Ross Williams on

      Gabor, will the API allow developer built widgets to access content providers in the system and system APIs? I see that the new toggles widget works well and obviously connects to system APIs, just got a few widget ideas is all :)

    9. Steve Fuller on

      Any way to get a widget that hooks into the stock email apps? I use the stock email on my TF201 for my work email, and gmail for personal. I'd love to be able to set up a work homescreen with stock email and calendar

    10. Matt Brosseau on

      I'd really love to just get my hands on the APK for this. I would love to put it on my Kindle Fire (a useless device without an alternate launcher) but alas, it doesn't support the Google Play store and Chameleon isn't pushing the APK out just yet.

    11. Missing avatar

      PRajaram on

      Thanks Gabor and Team. So far it looks good!!

    12. Bill WIll on

      Hey Chameleon Team, this latest update has brought more stability to the A500. When I come back from sleep, no hanging or force closes. So that's going in the right direction. Also when I return from using a web browser and go back to Chameleon, again no forced closing, and no incredibly long wait times for Chameleon to run. Those two improvements on the A500 Tablet are awesome. The widgets that you've released today are great. A few more to play with, also don't seem to be getting the blank screens when changing the home screens. So that's a great step forward as well. I hope that there is a few more beta releases before you go Gold, the whole concept of Chameleon seems to be coming together. The program is elegant and the design is awesome. I for one don't regret having supported Chameleon, it is what you promised and the Team and yourself Gabor, must be very proud and pleased. I guess at the end of the day, you're not going to please everyone. All the best, and I can't wait for the full release. Cheers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brandon Vaughn on

      Going to have to agree with Toby Sear on this. When I donated to this, I expected something that could do things that normal launchers can't. So far, I don't even use Chameleon because it can't do anything special. Its widgets are pathetically limited, and it's slow. 10 widgets isn't enough to replace a normal Android launcher, and it certainly doesn't have enough uses in it. Until it gets more, I'm going to kind of regret having donated to this, and continue using something else.

    14. Ross Williams on

      Can't wait for the APIssssssss! I just hope that they provide a way to access content providers in Android. This would allow you to write widgets that pull data from apps that provide access to their content.

    15. Missing avatar

      Toby Sear on

      @ David Dylan and Noam
      I have no problems with the developers providing Chameleon Widgets that look great on the Chameleon home screens, in fact I would be disappointed if that wasn't available, however what I am saying is that people are kidding themselves if they think every widget available for android home screens will get a Chameleon version, or think that current widget developers are going to go out of their way to develop special Chameleon widgets. A suitable compromise for this situation would be the ability to add a tile to "hold" one or more android widgets, If I want to taint the look of one of my Chameleon home screens by having a widget on there that's not been optimized for chameleon surely that's my choice?

      "If you honestly thought that you could use all your current widgets with this launcher then why did you back it? I don't understand all the complaints."
      I don't understand this statement are you saying that there is no point in backing if we could use our current widgets? not sure that makes sense. I assume you meant that why would we back something that has a fixed set of widgets if we wanted to be able to use our own widgets, the truth is nowhere have I ever seen that Chameleon stated that it was "only" going to support Chameleon Widgets, in fact this statement:
      "Chameleon is super easy to customize. You can quickly set up Home Screens, Widgets, and App Trays, all with a few gestures.
      Chameleon is integrated with Android. We kept what was working and improved the rest. The result is an Android Tablet experience that is as unique as you are. "
      Would lead me to believe that Chameleon would support Android widgets, no?
      I don't understand what the meaning of "Chameleon is integrated with Android." as currently I haven't seen a whole lot of integration. It requires you to authorize on Gmail, which if it was installed via the Play store with the appropriate permissions, it could just read the emails on the device via the Android API's, same with calendar. It doesn't support Live Wallpapers, which are built into android and something I would assume any launcher calling itself Integrated with Android would support.

      I dont think Chameleon is living up to statements they made in their Kickstarter page like this:

      "Chameleon replaces the standard Android Home Screens and App Launcher with one that isn't just more useful, but more beautiful as well."
      (Supporting a magnitude fewer widgets than an out of the box android launcher can not be described in any way as more useful for a widget display application)

      "You can set up multiple Home Screens with your own layout of widgets and apps, giving you the most relevant information that you want, when you want it."
      (I want to pull Information from a Gmail Label/folder onto my home screen, I can do that in the default and pretty much every other Android launcher, I cant currently on Chameleon, doesn't really count as most relevant then)

      "Chameleon helps you do things faster, bringing the most relevant information and apps up front."
      (Only if the app you want is one of the ones that is supported by Chameleon, even if the app you want to pull information has a perfectly suitable Android Widget already available.)

      I am not trying to be scathing or talk down about the project as a whole, I think the work done so far has created a lovely clean launcher, but I think the original kickstarter video and description lead me to believe this launcher would be somewhat more feature rich than its current (or launch) state seems to be.

    16. Ladislav Thon on

      It is beta, yes. Therefore, I'd really really want a _beta_ version of the API -- with no guarantees of compatibility, of course. Because the list of widgets promised for 1.0 looks _very_ small to me and I'd like to find out if I will be able to create my own widgets customized for my own needs.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mario Ballester on

      Will be possible a widget with POP3 mail counts? A lot of people have other accounts diferents from Google Mail. I think it´s necessary.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wayne Reid on

      Well said David , i'm tired of the everyday launchers with the same everyday widgets been using them for years Chameleon is unique as Noam said and that's why i like it .

    19. Missing avatar

      Tallkotten on

      Sept 14th is by b-day!

      Great birthday present! Keep up the great job!

    20. Missing avatar

      Noam on

      I completely agree with David Keith. And even if Chameleon was enabled to work with any widget, the compatibility would be very very bad. I think that the reason why so much people love Chameleon is its uniqueness and Chameleon wouldn't be unique with regular widgets.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dylan Demoe on

      Keep up the great work!

      Personally, I hope you don't allow 3rd party apps. If you do so, then the devs for those apps would never make a Chameleon optimized version. One of the best things about Chameleon's widgets is that they have a similar design that, when you use a lot of them, make your homescreen look better. Can you imagine if you could put 3rd party apps along with Chameleon's on your screen? You would have a non-organized and non-uniform cluster of widgets.

      This is a beta people. Wait for release, wait for the API to be released, and wait for the demand of Chameleon made-widgets from app devs (which will happen). Chameleon is just getting started, give it time, it will be amazing.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Keith on

      People.... its a Launcher, not every widget works with every launcher. This Launcher is quite different then any other launcher and thus they have created their own widgets to follow their UI guidelines.

      I don't understand why everyone is surprised you can't use 3rd party widgets. If you were a backer didn't you see the videos of the widgets. If you honestly thought that you could use all your current widgets with this launcher then why did you back it? I don't understand all the complaints.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Keith on


    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ciuffini on

      I agree with everyone about the widgets. I would like to be able to integrate 3rd party widgets as well. Please make that happen for a future release.

    25. manielse on

      I must agree with the others, if I can't use existing widgets from 3rd parties, it essentially kills one my favorite parts of Android. Your widgets are attractive and more dynamic to what they do with size changes but you'll never make all the widgets I use and I would doubt many 3rd party developers will make new ones just for Chameleon users (unless you hit critical mass).

    26. Pierre Foucart on

      Why did you developped your own widget system? If it is useless if we cannot use existing widgets... why a new Gmail widget when the original is better... and set up automatically...

      It's not an issue of whether the Netflix API is limited or not... you need to have a Netflix widget to have a proper entertainment screen...

    27. Missing avatar

      Toby Sear on

      Is there anyway other than submitting bug reports for us to do feature requests, there are a few features I would of taken for granted would be included, that haven't been so far, most important of which is Gmail labels/folders, I make heavy use of the filtering options in Gmail which leaves my real inbox mostly empty as emails are automatically filtered into several more specific inboxes relating to what they are actually about, currently there seems to be no way to see any of the labels/folders in Chameleon.

      Also I would like to have some more information about the integration with in built Android apps and also third party apps, for instance, I use PowerAMP as my media player rather than Google Music, would the media player be able to control poweramp instead of google music?

      I am also not seeing the point of having home screen switching currently:
      you mentioned for work environment chameleon can display Tasks and Documents, I see no widgets to do these currently
      an entertainment screen seems to just be youtube currently, not sure how useful that will be as an entertainment home screen.
      a travel screen, has potential but there are no widgets that would be useful on such a screen, I can say that a half page of navigation and then stats on the other half screen such as speed, distance traveled, traffic levels (this info can mostly be retrieved from the navigation app) along with things like large button media controls and stuff would be useful.

      Currently I am just seeing something that has huge amount of potential being lost because things like developer API's are not being released to allow others to do some of the work for you.

      I do think a widget for adding existing android widgets is a must though, there are so many available you can never hope to keep up with what everyone wants on their home screen.

    28. dotmit on

      I suppose I ought to buy myself an Android tablet to test this with at some point...
      But if 3rd party widgets can't be used, it's not what I was expecting either, unless you make so many widgets it just becomes the most badass home screen ever and no 3rd party widget is ever needed :p

    29. Parker on

      @Brandon, how did you expect them to work? Besides thats what the API is for when its released. Welcome to Beta programs.

    30. Missing avatar

      Wayne Reid on

      Nice nice !! , let the widgets loose .

    31. Edward Williams on

      Awesome job.

      Any chance for a Skype widget?

    32. Brandon Shaw on

      I'm extremely disappointed that 3rd party widgets can't be used on this home replacement. Not at all what I thought it was going to be.

    33. Parker on

      WOOOO!!!! Keep up the good work! :D