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Chameleon is an Android Tablet Home Screen that changes to fit your lifestyle. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.
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Looking for the Kickstarter Chameleon APK on GooglePlay?

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

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Chameleon 2 Beta Release

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

Heads up everyone!

If you haven't heard yet, we have released Chameleon 2 Beta onto the Play store for Kickstarter backers.

The current release will updated with the new version. It is also now able to run on phones with a screen resolution of 720x1280 and up.

Read about the update here and find it on the Play store.

Chameleon Launcher Update

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

Hello Backers,

It has been a while.

We have been busy. Very busy. Over the last couple months we have been working hard on some major enhancements to Chameleon as well as getting Chameleon to the phone.

To achieve the best experience possible on the phone we had to do some radical experience and interface re-work. Not only does this bring a premium Chameleon experience to the phone, but to the tablet as well.

A beta version of Chameleon, for both the tablet and the phone, will be abvailable in about two weeks. From there we will be working on refining it and tightening it up.

Until then, to keep you tied over, we have two sneak peek videos for you. The New Chameleon Launcher on the phone, and the tablet.

- The New Chameleon Launcher for Phones on a Nexus4 -

- The New Chameleon Launcher for Tablets on a Nexus7 -

Again we would like to thank you for your continued support. Chameleon grew out of your enthusiams and excitement. Our team is as eager to get this new version released as you are to get it onto your devices.

- The Chameleon Team

Chameleon Launcher Graduates to v1.0

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

The Chameleon team is sporting 'weekend warrior' status as we have been driving up performance and beating down memory usage and bugs. 

We are now also able to give Chameleon its legendary v1.0 status. We won't lie, some beer has been consumed in celebration of major fixes and enhancements over the last couple days.

We want to thank all our backers one last time for all their support and enthusiasm throughout this project. You have made this project what it is today.

All backers $5 and up will be receiving an email with a link to the Wallpaper Rewards Pack.

Check out the video for Gabor's final message.

Also be sure to check out our new website -

As well, if your a developer. Chameleon Dev API

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New Release, Widgets, Registration Woes and More!

Posted by Gabor Vida - Teknision (Creator)

New Release Coming out Today!

Good news everybody; we have a nice update today with lots of bug fixes and a few new widgets. Look out for v0.8.0 later this afternoon!

We Want Widgets!

Everyone is looking for more widgets; and they are coming, Today we will be releasing Facebook, Clock and Switches. But that is not all! There are more widgets coming after that. The complete list of (10+) widgets that will be published for the V1.0.0 release are below:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Facebook 
  • Gmail
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Media Player
  • RSS Reader
  • Switches
  • Twitter
  • Weather 
  • YouTube (Instead of Netflix as the NF API was severely limited in functionality)

After the release, we will not be done by any means. We have more widgets coming and will be opening up the API so other companies can create widgets as well.

Put this in Your Folder

You spoke, we listened, we are working on Folders, and will be included in the final release.

Woot! Gelaskins Have Shipped

Gelaskins have been shipped! You should see them on your door end of this week to mid next week depending on your location on the planet. Matching backgrounds will be sent later today as well.

T-shirts are Almost out the Door!

We have them induvidually packed and ready for Canada Post to pick them up Today! T-shirts should arrive towards the end of next week for everyone depending on your location. For folks in Europe and Asia add 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Chameleon Not Working?

We are in Beta mode so Chameleon will not run perfectly for everyone, in fact for some people we knew it would be downright bad on some devices. That is what the beta program is all about, so far the feedback and input has been great. Of course we can't respond to every email, however, rest assured the bug reports are being read and we are working hard to resolve the issues. If you think you have a new bug, head to:

Lost Invites and Registration Blues :-(

We have sent invites out but they are not getting past some peoples spam blocking tools. Also some folks are having issues with registration. So you might have contacted support. We understand your frustration if your problem has not yet been solved. You've been patient and we appreciate it.

Believe me, we are trying to reach out and get everyone set up. We've had over 3,000 support requests that we have resolved, and we are around 280 in the queue right now. If you have twitter, feel free to contact us at @Chameleon_App and we can address your issue quickly.  

Please note if you are contacting us looking to sort out registration what will help us is this information so we can get you set up immediately. 

  • The email that you purchased with.
  • The Gmail Email address that you use with Google Play.
  • Amazon Payments Transaction ID.

When is the full release coming?

Full release is slated for Sept 14th, it will include the following;

  • All the above promised widgets, 
  • Updates to settings panel 
  • Folders 
  • Shout Outs panel

I hope that brings everyone up to speed for now, stay tuned for more as we roll ahead!