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Daniel Johnston stars in this psychedelic short film about an aging musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear.
Daniel Johnston stars in this psychedelic short film about an aging musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear.
613 backers pledged $57,185 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Greg Merreighn Jr on

      I feel like an idiot - i came to check on updates and don’t recall getting links sent to my email - is it too late?

    2. Zetetics

      My apologies...I just found the email. Thanks!!!

    3. Zetetics

      I am kind of confused about when the movie is available? It sounds like a link was supposed to have been sent out? Or am I just missing something????

    4. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Pedro Guilherme Piedade - we sent out links about a year ago. I've re-sent the links to your email on file. let me know if there's any issues. enjoy!

    5. Missing avatar

      Pedro Guilherme Piedade on

      Hi, I never received my product!

    6. Ronald Huygen on

      ...just for the attention !

    7. Missing avatar

      Trey Koger on

      I never received a download link or code, seems to be an email problem with Kickstarter.

    8. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Hi Rich! Sending you a link now :)

    9. Rich Menger on

      I never received the download either... Had totally forgotten about this

    10. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Hi Margaret, I'm sending you another download link now! :)

    11. Margaret Dickenson on

      I too never received the download.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Potter on

      Hi Gabriel
      I never received a link and the download on Vimeo doesn't appear to be working. Could you please send me a link to this. Many thanks. Mark

    13. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Hello Mark,
      I've sent you a link to the download. Enjoy!

    14. Standard Procedure the 'Roundtop' brand. on

      hi i never received a download / access code for the film can you sort this put please?

    15. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Thank you all so much for your messages and support. So happy you like the film!! Dan's fans are who matter most. We hope you share the film and let me know if there's any issues with the promo code

    16. Ronald Huygen on

      Success with the premiere today !!!

    17. Ronald Huygen on

      Trailer looks and sounds good!

    18. Nala Rollo on

      Almost two years on from when i pledged on this... The initial film for the kickstarter was almost 4 minutes long. For a 15 minute film this sure is taking a long time. Corin Hardy made his debut film, a half hour long stop motion animation, called Butterfly with no budget in five years. Makes me wonder what's taking so long given this has a full crew and is only half the length.

      Any news at all please?

    19. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      PaCo ,
      ¡Gracias hombre! Estoy feliz de que tienes que conocer a Daniel y comparte tu arte con él. Apuesto a que fue halagado y emocionado de ver sus creaciones . Gracias por su apoyo. Estamos impacientes y se bombea más allá de la creencia. Mantenerse en contacto. Desde que escribió en español , y no estoy con fluidez , voy a traducir este mensaje a través de Google Translate. No tengo ni idea si va a ser exacta, pero es la forma en que leí su mensaje. Mucho amor. Gracias ! --- I hope that worked. Thanks again, PaCo! -- GabeSunday

    20. PaCo López Hernández on

      Hi, how are you?
      Creo que soy de los pocos o quizás el único de habla hispana que apoyó este grandioso proyecto!
      Soy fiel admirador de Daniel e incluso hice un diseño para ayudar a promocionar este proyecto (una lata de soda moutain dew) que después supe que a Daniel le gustó mucho! :)
      Tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo aquí en México el año pasado y cada vez me sorprende más el gran artista y músico que es Johnston! Mi felicitación y admiración para las personas que de alguna forma ayudaron a ésta gran persona! Estoy impaciente por ver el cortometraje! Muchas felicidades! Mis mejores deseos!

    21. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      I lost my head for a while, I was out of line, out of whack.
      SING IT!!!

    22. Ronald Huygen on

      I had lost my mind

    23. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Thank you for checking in. Certain aspects of our film took longer than expected. But with that time we've been able to collaborate with artists, musicians and cartoonists to create a more trippy and animated reality for Dan's world. But we are VERY close. We will have a more definitive time frame soon and will share release plans asap. Thanks for being so patient. The Spirit World will rise. - GabeSunday

    24. Satine Dali on

      I've still not heard anything about this project. I've been waiting, but now I'm curious if everything is okay? Is there a definitive timeframe for the release of the film, etc?

    25. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Of course!! Thanks for checking in, Steve! I promise it'll be worth the wait :) Thanks again for your support and dedication to Daniel and the film.

    26. Steve Caruth on

      Glad to hear everything's going well. Didn't know what was going on. Thanks for responding so quickly.

    27. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Hi Steve. You didn't get a survey because you got the movie/soundtrack download. I only need your email to fulfill that reward so we're all good. Like the reward details say you'll get the film/soundtrack once our festival run is complete. Our estimated time was March, but we're still working out details. Sorry for the pause in updates. I'll post one this week I promise! Thanks -- gabe

    28. Steve Caruth on

      Never received a survey. Haven't heard anything in months. Just wondering what is the current status.

    29. Missing avatar

      Uli Tsitsos on

      ...can´t wait!!! but march 2015 will be perfect :)

    30. Jessy Williamson on

      Hey Guys - hope everything is going well and the editing is coming together. Can't wait to see the film. For those of us receiving a "Special Thanks" will that be listed on IMDB?

    31. Jason Gallagher on

      Hey Gabe and team. Just wondering when you release the soundtrack if you are doing lossiness options like flac instead of just mp3? Well thanks and hope the project is moving the way you envisioned it... Can't wait to see it and hear the original score...

    32. Missing avatar

      Saint Mickey on

      UH nevermind. March of 2015 I just saw...WOW

    33. Missing avatar

      Saint Mickey on

      Just checking in...Would love an update too.

    34. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Hey Joel! Like the delivery date says, we aim to send you the film around March of 2015. We'll post an update soon. We are editing, editing, editing... alone in a dark room with just the sounds of Daniel Johnston singing us tunes... so it's awesome :)

    35. Joel Haushinka Pragnell on

      Is there any news on when the film will be finished?

    36. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      If you haven't received your rewards please fill out your surveys!!! If you haven't received one or any mail from Kickstarter please check your spam folder! We are soooo happy everyone is getting their lovely Daniel treats. Hit me up if you've had any issues

    37. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Marianne, your signed cassette has been shipped. You should be receiving it soon! Thanks so much for helping our film come to life! :)

    38. Marianne Fourcaudot on

      I was wondering if everything was shipped! I still have no news from it and it's February.
      It said January for the estimated delivery. If there's a delay I understand, but I want to make sure it's not lost!

    39. Gabriel Sunday Creator on

      Joel and Kyle,
      Your rewards have been shipped! Thanks so much for supporting the film. I hope you enjoy those Daniel J treats and we look forward to sharing the movie with you :)
      - gabe sunday

    40. Missing avatar

      kyle alexander dewar watt on

      Hi there, any news on the estimated arrival date for international donators??

    41. Joel Haushinka Pragnell on

      Just curious, the January estimate for delivery is the US estimate right?

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew S. Blihar on

      I donated as much as I could for a poor college student. I really wish I could've donated more to some exclusive art to hangout proudly on my wall. I can't wait to see how it's going to be when it's finished.

    43. Carson Coots on

      Looking forward to it!

    44. janna jude brown on

      Sounds like an amazing project, can't wait to see the finished product!

    45. Michael Whittington on

      Big fan of DJ. Looking forward to whatever happens. Gonna be cool I'm sure.

    46. Sáss Alæssí on

      Get in there my son!!!!!! Gwaaaa'aaaaann make it happen. Proud to be a backer. Proud to be a lover SoKo, one of the finest talents on earth right now, fabulous choice.
      Best to all of you, and I hope the money keeps on rolling in so you can more than achieve your dream.
      Peace my friends.
      Sáss Alæssí

    47. Derek M. Walker on

      We are super have our full support! Good luck! Can't wait to see it! AMG

    48. Connor M. Kirby on

      It's already been said, but it should be said more.. Thank you for making this movie!!!

    49. Vanessa Vera on

      Thank you Gabriel and Crew for going on this adventure with this Amazing Man!!!

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