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pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 4 2012
pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 4 2012


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      Joshua Hicks on

      My 2 cents: I don't care for the idea of exclusive in-game content as a tier reward. I'd rather see this as a stretch goal. But if you're going to insist on including it as a tier reward, perhaps extend it to all backers, as a special thank you.

    2. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      @Sheggo, Thorvalla will not have downloadable content (DLC) and the dungeon will be available exclusively for Kickstarter backers. Once the campaign is over and people did not pledge for the game or did not pledge for a category that includes the dungeon, they will not get it. Ever! That is why we make it available at a very low entry pledge level.

    3. Sheggo on

      it is really a great idea with that flexible party members if you wanan have a "perfectly balanced" party. but isn't it a further challange to manage that characters you get? change them to what ever you want sounds like... cheating...

      on the other side is the storyline; in your example of the centaur: maybe his nature is brutal and row and he talks about wars and fights and is always angry... (you understand?!)... and the player skills him to be a healer and explorer. the atmosphere would lose...

      I don't wanna say it's bad or even impossible , but I think you will move the challange from the player (manage fixed characters) to the developer (make an awesome story and chars, that are authentic).

      and yeah, the dungeon sounds like day0 DLC... and I hate DLCs... what's with the retail version? Is this dungeon included? Or will that be additional for money? Or just for backers!?

      btw: I love the artwork style! looks great

    4. Missing avatar


      They had flexible NPC's in Arcanum... it worked pretty well. If you got an NPC early on you could really shape them, but some of the late game NPCs you got were already pretty established.

    5. Missing avatar

      meowstef on

      can't say the reward tier of what seems to be day 0 DLC make me think good things

      the party building on the other hand sounds great

    6. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Darklord. Glad you like the concept.

    7. Darklord on

      Flexible NPC's is a GENIUS idea! Wow I can't believe this isn't more common, good call! :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      zack_the_backer on

      I´m also unsure about the new dungeon as an exclusive ingredient. That makes the early bird more or less obsolete, maybe the slot was to un-limited with 5000? But the reward for being an early backer should be the full game - without the item, any goodies or pdfs etc. - but the early trusters should be rewarded, not punished.

      The ones that believe you´ll do a great game will up their pledge within the last three days anyway! And the ones that simply want to show their support and order the game in advance are also part of the success when the game comes through.

    9. Alexander Lyakhov on

      IMHO bonus dungeon must be available to all backers.

      It can be done like this:
      those who pledged 30+ will receive the map with temple location from the start, while others will have to find it later in game

    10. ekster

      I love this idea! My biggest dilemma in old Infinity games was always that either the companions were amazingly fleshed out, with great dialogue, but stuck to classes I didn't like, or I could create my own, but then they would be dull and boring. The two methods combined sounds great!

    11. William C Crawford on

      I always liked it when an RPG let me click a box that says, "auto-assign attributes on level up" for each character other than the main character. Then I can focus on who I want to, and the rest will take care of themselves in a sensible way. Please consider this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dragon42 on

      .. it stinks, to be specific.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dragon42 on

      I backed this but I have a very bad feeling about all this.

      The project launched waaay too early with too little information. If this was not Guido Henkel, I would never have pledged. Now, this makes the impression this really is in the "I have a cool idea" stage, which is bad if you want a million $.

      What I find really bad now is that there is an "extra dungeon for 30 and above". I feel punched in the face for trusting this piece of unfinished... uhhh... this project with a totally unfinished plan as Early Bird and miss out on stuff.

      In all honesty: What is happending here right now sucks.