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$204,344 pledged of $390,000 goal
$204,344 pledged of $390,000 goal

Greenlit in 20 Days


Hi folks, Guido here with another update, as we head into the final hours of this campaign. Yes, indeed, the counter on this campaign has switched and no longer displays days to run but counts down the hours to the end.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our backers and fans who are so incredibly dedicated and supportive. We could not ask for better fans, and I say that representing the entire Deathfire team. We love you!

We are also following very closely all the comments and suggestions that are coming in via email, messages and in the comments section. Many of you propose interesting suggestions trying to help increase the visibility of the project or its overall appeal. We take all these comments into consideration and we spend a lot of time evaluating and discussing possible options we may have once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end.

All of your feedback is therefore extremely valuable, helpful and welcome, as it shows us the incredible enthusiasm and support you have to offer. We all have the same goal. We all want this game to be made, so with that common goal in mind, let’s continue the conversations and think of ways to make “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” a reality.

Greenlit in only 20 days!

As you might have heard by now, “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” has been greenlit on Steam this morning. Amazingly, it took only 20 days to get there, and in the graphs we could see that the game was way ahead of the average curve, just plowing up the charts into the Top 100.

Being greenlit means that we now have a slot in the Steam catalog and we could sell the game on Steam any time we wanted to. Great news! There’s just one hitch… we don’t have a game yet, and as we are going into the final hours of this Kickstarter, hopefully the round of newly greenlit games will attract more players to give our campaign a look. We could certainly use a flock of new backers, couldn’t we? So let’s keep our collective fingers crossed and keep trying to get the message out.

Another video for you

Today I also have a new video clip for you. This is an early animation test of two dragons in front of the Apocryphic Temple. It is still rough around the edges and not properly timed, which is also the reason why it doesn’t have sound, but I wanted to let you guys see this clip before the Kickstarter ends, just to show you once more the scope of the game.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Johnsen

      Don't give up guys - you ran the kickstarter in december - i suggest you regroup continue the info campaign whereever you can and readmit this to kickstarter in 2014. I hope you will.
      And maybe you could add some digital extras to make people go higher like special items etc.

    2. Trubaduren on

      I took the liberty of politely contacting Chris Roberts early this morning as per Mike Weber's suggestion... Now, he's probably flooded with messages. So if he even sees my message is another matter entirely. But who knows.

    3. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      ditto! doubled pledge earlier this week...
      easily one of THE most worthy projects!

      congrats on Steam Greenlight! :)

    4. Gurney on

      I just doubled my pledge. If we all do the same we'll get very close to success!
      This game deserve to be made!
      I agree with Mark James Featherston, Guido you should try to contact Chris Roberts.
      A call to arms to the 300.000+ Star Citizen backers may make a big difference!
      Maybe you should also consider making the Digital Soundtrack an add-on.
      Some early birds hesitate to make the move to higher tiers because they would lose their early bird discount. But they may consider add-ons for items such as the Digital Soundtrack...

    5. Wayne G.

      Success is nearly upon us! Push Push Push!!!

    6. Mike Weber

      I doubled my pledge for the second time yesterday and have told everyone I know about the game. I really think that it has been too long since a solid turn-based RPG like this came out, and with the Steam Greenlight votes, it will likely sell well, so please keep us posted if you find a way to keep this alive, or if you can start a new Kickstarter in the new year but not lose the connection to the Steam Greenlight votes. I am not sure if that is even possible, but I have the feeling that most of your backers will be watching closely for your next project! Keep up the great work, and thank you for staying so positive and for continuing to work so hard on this! It makes us want to work hard to help you make this game a reality!

    7. Mark James Featherston

      Maybe you could see if Chris Roberts would give the KS a shout out, you'd only need a tiny percent of his followers to pledge...of course he's probably inundated daily with folks hoping to do the same thing, but still. If this KS doesn't work, I hope y'all will try again, the game looks amazing and I love these types of RPGs.

    8. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      The animation looks great!

    9. Missing avatar

      Iustin Pop on

      Thanks for the new video, looks nice.

      Sadly the outlook is not that good - I've upped my pledge, as I would really like this game to be made (fear of heights? greed? I was hooked as soon as I saw the char sheet), and I made a Google+ post (not that will help much, but still). Let's hope for some unexpected turn of events!