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pledged of $390,000pledged of $390,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, December 7 2013 8:01 PM UTC +00:00

$10,000 Pledges Rock!


Hi folks, Guido here. Before everyone is heading out for Thanksgiving, I wanted to give you just a brief update.

$10,000 Pledges Rock!

Seriously, seeing the money counter for the funding of our campaign jump by $10,000 from one second to the next yesterday was quite the highlight of this campaign. It is a moment that fills you with incredible joy, but also with tremendous humbleness over the fact that someone would love your idea and work so much that they would invest so much money in it.

From the entire Deathfire team, and perhaps, from all the backers who try so hard to help us make this Kickstarter a success, we want to wholeheartedly thank this backer, who shall remain unnamed for privacy reasons, but who has elevated our funding amount so significantly.

The Beastiary

Yesterday we introduced the Beastiary as a new reward in our tier structure, and from the feedback we got, this seems to have struck a chord with many of our backers, and I agree, seeing these creatures fully illustrated with all the information, will be quite a feast for the eyes. Depending on how many backers we will have in the respective tiers, we might even be able to bring down the cost of printing so far that we might be able to produce it in color. Now that would be something…

The question also came up if monsters created by backers, such as in the $500 KAHUNA EDITION or the $1,000 MONSTER EDITION, will also be included in this book, and the answer is a resounding Yes. These backer-created creatures will be part of the game world’s fauna the same way a Rat Trooper would, and therefore, these creatures will definitely be featured in the Beastiary as well.

So, make sure to secure your monster a spot not only in the game, but also in the Beastiary book by putting in a pledge in one of the respective tiers!

Greenlight Status

I also wanted to let you know what the current status on our Steam Greenlight campaign is. “Deathfire” has received 7,800 Yes votes at this point, bringing the game 87% of the way into the Top 100. Great news, of course, though the development still needs to be funded, so make sure to keep telling people about it.

Shout-Out to our Friends

Today, I’d like to direct your attention towards Astral Terra, a voxel-based sandbox RPG that shows quite some promise, as it will allow you to craft, explore and shape the world around you. Take a look for yourself and see if this is something you might enjoy.


What the Press has to Say

There’s been a bit of new coverage for “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” on various websites, many of them talking about the new rewards and the new pitch video we have created, and universally, they seem to agree that both are great additions to the overall campaign.


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    1. Shawn Aney on

      So much for the $10,000 pledger. It says no backers now.

    2. Peter Jacob on

      Be wary of scam pledgers, it's a growing "thing" lately. Typically they wait till X physical rewards ship, then do a card charge back. The lesser breed will wait till near the end of the KS and cancel in the hopes of dropping the KS below its goal. We just can't have nice things anymore.

    3. AbounI on

      Biestiary could be nice & cool, but it's coming to late as it calls more visibility about the world like how many kind of creatures will settle the whole world, their society structures, where do they live etc etc.But I don't expect there will be as many creatures as in a DD Monster Book, so we should get more informations about the living world.
      So in this curent state, it's only powder in the eyes, or poorly designed.This new reward requiers a new update Guido & friends
      I would like to see the project to succeed, so don't get me wrong

    4. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      The $5,000 pledge was taken at least a few days ago when I scrolled by. So this backer hasn't chosen the $5,000 nor the $10,000 tier.

      I think it's a scam backer.

    5. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      They must have pledged $10,000 but took the $5,000 reward to preserve their anonymity. I don't think a fake pledge would do that.

      THANK YOU AGAIN to the $10,000 pledge!!

      One thing that baffles me is how well this is doing on Steam Greenlight but how that doesn't necessarily equal pledges. Wish they'd come pledge.

    6. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      THANK YOU to the $10,000 pledger!! You have all of our gratitude! I really want this game to be made.

      (I have faith it is a real $10,000 pledge and not a scam. :)

    7. Nancy Hutchins

      I was just about to warn you of the same thing. This scam happened at another project but wasn't discovered until the pledging was over and couldn't be collected. So they were $10,000 short for funding.

    8. Missing avatar

      Donald Derrick on

      DO check with the guys running the "Mandate" kickstarter to make sure it isn't the same person that abandoned a $10K pledge from them. Otherwise, congratulations!!