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$204,344 pledged of $390,000 goal
$204,344 pledged of $390,000 goal

Yes, we have even more rewards for you


Well, hello again. Guido here with more updated information for you.

Keep the Fire Burning!

As the remaining days in our campaign are ticking down, I would like to encourage you to keep the momentum going and, perhaps, help us reach out to new potential backers. There are still countless fans of traditional role-playing games out there who have never heard of “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore,” and even with the best press coverage, we can only reach so many of them. But they are out there. Let’s find them. Let’s engage them. Let’s turn them into backers!

We have reworked our Kickstarter pitch video on the main page, and added it to the campaign yesterday. Getting away from the hard-core approach of listing core features, this new video has a more conversational tone, relating some of the features in the game in a fashion that is hopefully better relatable for more casual players.

Please take a look, and feel free to share the video with anyone you can think of. At this time we truly need to rally all of our supporters and make sure we get the word out. Post information about “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” on the message boards you frequent — and make sure to tell people that it is not a dungeon crawler, while you’re at it. Talk to your friends. Post it on your Facebook, and tweet about it. Perhaps even help us find groups and message boards that are home specifically to players of traditional RPGs, and then try to let them know about our project. In the end, it will be in all of our best interest, because together we will be able to create a potential classic!

How about some music?

As many of you may know, back in the day, I was the one who composed and recorded the music for the “Realms of Arkania” game “Shadows over Riva,” as well as for about half of the “Star Trail” soundtrack.

I want to share something with you today that is very special to me. Andreas Maria Marcus is a very talented classical guitar player who has for some time already recorded pieces from “Star Trail” with his acoustic guitar — along with tunes from a few other games. He has re-arranged these pieces and turned them into YouTube videos.

His latest effort is the title track from “Star Trail,” which I had originally composed and arranged for a complete orchestra. In this video Andreas has re-arranged the track for two guitars, both of which he is playing himself.

I feel incredibly humbled and flattered by Andreas' obvious appreciation of my music and the effort he puts into creating his own versions. Take a look and enjoy!

Which brings me to my next subject…

New rewards

Yes, we have even more rewards in store for you, and one of them is, in fact, music-related. I know that many “Realms of Arkania” players really enjoyed the music of the games and I am very happy to see that the soundtracks I made have turned out so timeless. Therefore, I have decided to re-record a number of my tracks from the “Star Trail” and “Shadows Over Riva” soundtracks and release them as a Kickstarter reward. This is not simply a remastering of the original tracks or some such. Instead I will completely redo these tracks, rework the arrangements and re-record them with the technology that is available to me today.

Starting at the $50 PAINTERLY EDITION level, every backer will receive a digital copy of this newly recorded “Realms of Arkania” soundtrack, and all backers of the $100 MOUSER EDITION and higher will also receive a CD version of the soundtrack as part of their rewards package.

Aside from this, we have another cool new bonus for you. We are creating a beautiful Beastiary for the game. It is a book that features pages and pages of finely crafted illustrations of monsters from the game, along with descriptions, background information and additional details relating to the creature in the game. It will be a beautiful compendium and the perfect accompaniment to the game.

We are adding a digital eBook version of the Beastiary to all reward tiers from the $50 PAINTERLY EDITION upwards, while backers of the $120 CLASSIC BARD EDITION and above will now also find a printed version of the book in their rewards package.

Shout-Out to our Friends

Does the word Cinemaware mean anything to you? If so, you are every bit as old-school as I am, and you’re cool! :-)

During the 80s, Cinemaware was a company that created staggeringly beautiful adventures with action elements, and celebrated huge successes. In fact, their game “Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown” single-handedly turned the Amiga into the coolest home computer at the time. The graphics were jaw-dropping and landmark-setting, and the company followed up their success with many other games.

One of these games was “Wings” and now, reborn again, Cinemaware is trying to remake this World War I-era action flight simulator with adventure elements, and give it a real 21st century polish. The project is currently kickstarting, so make sure to stop by here and take a look for yourself

Team Q&A: André Taulien

Who are you and what is your job on the Deathfire team?

My name is André Taulien and I’m one of the artists working on “Deathfire.” Since we are a small team I’m not assigned to just one single kind of task, but am involved in all of the art-related work to varying degrees. For the most part, however, I’m working on environmental art and level design.

To be able to work on many different things on a project is actually a blessing. Even if you really enjoy that one job you’re specializing in, at some point a bit of change just feels good and welcome. What are you working on this week?

Currently I am working on our first outdoor level, the outside area surrounding the Apocryphic Temple, one of the game’s main centerpieces. I am closing up holes here and there, trying out new things like different lights, adding details, getting more color accents into the scene and such.

What other projects have you worked on?

I started out in the industry in 1995, as an artist on “Shadows over Riva,” the third of the “Realms of Arkania/Das Schwarze Auge” games. After that I have been working on some other projects of which not all ever saw the light of day.

Later I joined Larian Studios, where I worked on “Divine Divinity” and also some smaller projects which helped us finance the game at the time. After “Divine Divinity,” “Beyond Divinity” was next, followed by another project that we wanted to make but could not find a publisher for at the time. In those days, publishers all wanted to see us work on the next “Divinity” title, and that is what we ended up doing not much later.

Before and after “Divinity 2: Ego Draconis” I also worked on two smaller projects with Larian Studios for Belgian television.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working on “Deathfire?”

Sleeping ;-)

Finding cool stuff on the internet and experimenting around is something I tremendously enjoy. What exactly with, can vary quite a bit. For some time now it is oftentimes Unity-related, since Unity3D is really such a fantastic toy to play around with.

I also love to read and play games.

And where do you draw your inspiration from?

Actually from everything and anything that I come across. Depending on what I’m working on at any given moment — or might be working on soon —, anything I see can inspire me in one way or another. I then look at it more closely and think about what I could do with it to make it work for me. Oftentimes I will do some tests with that idea or I will begin searching on the internet for more and deeper inspiration.

When I happen to really need inspiration, I fall back on the, I suppose, usual sources: My brain ("how would I do this?" or "how does this work?" or "how did this came to be this way?"), the internet, other games, or movies.

The brain being my favorite tool here because thinking about the how and why, building up a history of a certain thing almost always leads to something that is unique and makes sense so that it becomes believable.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Manuel Pantolsky on

      "Perhaps even help us find groups and message boards that are home specifically to players of traditional RPGs, and then try to let them know about our project."

      Well, I'd suggest, even despite their change in target audience, there's still a considerable part dedicated to "old school" roleplaying and the "Deathfire"-Hype there is sadly rather low (… and ). Maybe if you'd sign up and show a little feedback, it usually granted projects more sympathy where developers cared and provided feedback/response. Normally I'd suggest the Blade of Destiny-Rework as well (… ), but it seems that only few people frequent the forum nowadays.

    2. Thomas Lichte on

      Wonderful, a printed bestiary - but you had me of course already with the cloth map. ;-)