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More on DICE+, and a first look at the crypt


Hi folks, Guido, here again with the latest round-up for you.

Steam Greenlight is on Fire

I just checked our stats on Steam Greenlight and I was amazed to see that with over 6,600 Yes votes, "Deathfire" is now 73% of the way into the Top 100. This is a staggering result for me after only 11days. Now, if this push would also extend to this Kickstarter, that would be awesome! If we had 6,600 backers here, we would be well on our way to being funded. So please help us with your shout-outs, and let people know about our Kickstarter.

I also want to take this moment to thank some of our backers, like Lighty67 and Wastelander, who are relentless in their efforts and always post links and updates over on the Greenlight section to help promote the project. We truly appreciate the effort and the show of support! Please keep doing it to remind the Steam community that this game will see the light of day only if we actually manage to get funded.

DICE+ excites

I was glad to see the kind of response we got out of the DICE+ announcement I made in my last update. Naturally, this is only a gameplay extension and not a feature everyone is interested in, but it is very exciting for us to see that there are, indeed, a number of players who can see the appeal, and, like ourselves, feel this would make a nice addition to the game.

In conversations we had with backers, as well as with the folks from DICE+, it also opens up the doors for a number of other options. From the possibility to allow a second player to participate in the game, as the die roller perhaps, there is one additional feature that I had not at all mentioned in my video.

“I'm David, and I work at Game Technologies, the producer of DICE+, and I just wanted to take a moment to clear up some questions.

Regarding the D20: well, we want to do it. But at this time we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver this particular die by the end of 2014. Creating the D6 was already really challenging, doing a D20 is even more complicated. While we will do our best, we want to make sure, everyone is aware of that. :)

Regarding the SDK: “Deathfire” will be the only game that will receive the PC/MAC SDK. Our main platform are tablets (for now: Android and iOS). Guido is getting something special, because he truly loves DICE+, and together with him we want to see how you, the gamers, will react to a device like this on a PC or MAC.

DICE+ was created with a simple idea in mind: Play together. To allow people play social games (minimum two players) next to each other.

A PC/MAC breaks this concept somewhat, but we are willing to give it a chance and see if we can come up with something that will excite gamers while still remaining true to the idea of the original product.

I believe that with Guido’s help we can create a really interesting experience. One that is unique and has never been done before in this type of game on this platform.

So keep your fingers crossed, folks, :) and if you have additional ideas how to make the DICE+ brand work in a PC/MAC environment - let us know.

Best, David Gatti”

There you have it, my friends, you won’t find this kind of DICE+ experience anywhere else!

The Nameless One

As you may have noticed, we have a backer who jumped in and pledged on the only available NAMELESS ONE EDITION in our rewards. Just the way I posed on the cover of “Planescape: Torment” back in the days - entirely unintentional on my behalf I must add - our backer Brett 1324 will grace the cover of “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore.” Already, we are looking forward to working with our backer, in order to create a cover that will hopefully turn out truly iconic and timeless.

Thank you, Brett 1324, from the entire Deathfire Team, for your generous support!

A look at the Crypt

The other day I gave you a first glimpse at the tombs that are part of many reward tiers of our “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” Kickstarter. Today, it is time for me to show you an example of what the crypts could look like. As you can see below, they are big affairs, almost pompous, that will prominently carry a name, epitaph and banner of your choice. Similarly to the gravestones and tombs, we will give our backers in the respective tiers a variety of crypt designs to choose from to best match their personal tastes.

Matt Chat: The Early Days

Last week I let you know that my interview with Matt Barton of the famed Matt Chat YouTube channel went live, in which I discussed “Deathfire” in more detail. Yesterday Matt posted the second part of the interview, in which we travel down memory lane and talk about the early stages of my career. How I got into computers, my first games and what inspired me to become a game developer. It is a fascinating video, I think, especially because Matt goes all out and even managed to dig up screenshots and video clips of some of my earliest games.

Shout-Out to our Friends

I want to take a moment to direct your attention to the Kickstarter for “The Mandate,” a science fiction RPG that lets you play as the captain of a starship, commandeering the crew on their journeys to uncharted places. The folks making the game are genuinely nice guys, so make sure to take a look if you think a space opera RPG would be your thing.


What Does the Press Say?

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    1. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      That's awesome news about Greenlight! I wish they'd all come over here and pledge now... :)

    2. Riggo on

      Crypt is calling my name now... Poor wallet...

    3. Riggo on

      OK... Now a Mandate backer and will start the comment attack over there with a Deathfire Icon once Bolt Riley is done... See if we can't get a few of those 11k backers to help out over here.

    4. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      guido, in the discussions on gamersglobal came up the idea to cast spells via Dice+

      as far as i´m informed the dice+ offers the opportunity to write signs in the air, which could be a combination of runes to which could cause to cast a spell

      i hope i´m correctly informed about that feature...