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Dice+ support in “Deathfire” creates real role-playing flair


Hey folks, Guido here, with yet another update for you, to tell you some more about an incredibly cool aspect of “Deathfire,” one that is actually completely unique and has not been proposed by any other computer role-playing game to date. So, as they always say, “You heard it here first!”

Gadget Time: Dice+

Have you ever heard of Dice+ (It is pronounced Dice-Plus)? No? Well, you should, because as you will see in a minute, Dice+ is a very cool little gadget that we will support in our game, that will potentially enhance the role-playing experience quite a bit and add a ton of additional fun to the mix.

But instead of explaining it all in writing, perhaps, this is something that is better explained in person. So, here’s a video for you, in which I will explain this remarkable little gadget in more detail.

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Isn’t this cool? If you want more info, make sure to stop by the official Dice+ website at http://dicepl.us

Shout-Out to our Friends

Today I would like to direct your attention to Stasis, an isometric adventure game with a dark mood and high production values. Take a look and see if this is something that might appeal to you.


What Does the Press Say?

Another interview with me appeared on the web today, with German online magazine PC Games Hardware. You can find the interview here, although I have to advise that it is in German. For everyone’s convenience, here is also a link to the interview, running it through Bing Translator.

In addition to this, we also got a bit of coverage from these sites. Particularly the article in “The Gamer’s Dungeon” is notable, because of its remarkable depth and level of detail.


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    1. Tutamun on

      More video updates would be great imo.

    2. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      @Wraith Why? Simply because it is fun. If someone thinks it is not fun, fair enough, no need to buy the die or activate the option. It's really just something we liked a lot and wanted to support.

      As for the video, I thought it would make for a nice change to have a video update as opposed to the constant walls of text, and I think most backers thought so, too.

    3. Wraith_Magus on

      First of all, I don't see why you couldn't have talked about this in text as well as video, since I prefer text, and it's far faster to read...

      Which kind of brings me to the next point - I play tabletop RPGs using computers just so that the dice-rolling is handled electronically. The dice are just a tool for abstraction, and many games simplify their mechanics just to avoid having to roll too many dice. Why add extra dice-rolling time into the mix?

      I mean, assuming you weren't going to cheat and load the die, or something.

    4. @crank_gaming on

      I think this one is a really really great Idea for rpgs!

    5. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      great, it got rated as a top news on gamersglobal today, it hopefuly helps

    6. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the update and for posting it here.

    7. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      It is on YouTube and can be viewed right here - https://www.youtube.com/watch…

    8. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      this video should be uploaded at youtube, can´t bind it in a news format on gamersglobal.de

    9. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      i second astorians thoughts...

    10. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      @Asterion: Good idea. But since it seems a 20sided die is needed and it is neither 100% certain that it ever will be produced nor will there be a definite price known it would be quite risky for G3.
      If they instead add a d6 as addon and that can only be used at character generation it would also backfire if backers have different expectations. Maybe they can change save-rolls to 2d6, i.e. a roll of 1,1 is nearly equivalent to a roll of 1 on a d20.

      Strange that the DICE+ have LEDs for the numbers when a printed number would suffice. Maybe it really is cheaper to have LEDs than first to align each die before you print the numbers on it.

      And let me say I would love to play the game with dice :-)

    11. Astorian on

      This is a really cool gadget. I like the idea to roll a real dice. In most games the dicerolls were made in background and you didn´t know if anything changed by the results.
      That you made it optional is the best you can do. People have different points of view.
      I really want that thing :)
      Is it possible to create a new tier where it is included. Or better, let us get one as a physical addon. When there are a lot of pre orders you can make a better price for us?
      Maybe a vote can show how many people are interested in one.

    12. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      i read about this dice while on gamescom in cologne...

      if its good made, could be quite a nice gadget...

      but yeah, if its a d20 of this sice, could be a bit unhandy...

    13. Tutamun on

      @G3, ok nice to hear that it's working on PC/Mac/Linux. Back in August the devs stated that it only works on iOS and Android.
      Although I doubt that I'd play through the game with Dice+ it is sure something I would try. I just hope the D20+ will be affordable.

    14. Kordanor on

      We need more of these Update Videos! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Yemeth on

      Even though the Dice+ is way outside my budget for such gimmicks, I find it very good that you include support of such items (as it should not be time consuming to implement it properly), hope they can mention this project on their website as some sort of "thank you"...

    16. Marian Arnold on

      I loved the dice+ idea from the start. Also the earlier mentioned thing with two People on a Computer reminds me very much of my own first Computer experiences, sitting with my best friend together trying to beat the endboss in Eye of the Beholder 2. One guy on the keys, constantly surrounding the Dragon to prevent it toasting us and and the other one attacking with the mouse in the few precious second before the next fire breath. We managed eventually but it felt like days...

    17. Disposable hero on

      I'm not interested in this kind of gadget on my PC. I used to be a player of paper rpg and I have my count of rolling the dice, that's why I began to play rpg on PC. If had to choose a gadget for a game, it will a tablet (like graphist use) to draw symbols of magic or complete a riddle.
      I'm much more interested in the social systeme than this dice...

    18. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      @Tutamun Dice+ is already available for the PC and the Mac and Linux through Unity. It's just not something they currently advertise, probably because so far no published programs support it. Keep in mind it's a brand new product that was released a month or so ago, and their focus is on tablets right now.

    19. Tutamun on

      I've already backed Stasis after the guys at Graywalkers mentioned it. Looks really good.

      As for the Bluetooth Dice... seriously?
      Either Game Technologies will announce that Dice+ will be ported to the PC... or G3 will announce that Deathfire will be ported to iOS and Android tablets. If it's the former then I'll have to make sure that my next desktop PC comes with Bluetooth.

    20. jorlinn on Linux on

      It's a gimmick that will put a smile on your face if you have played pen and paper rpg's ..., for about 10 minutes maybe. Still, another gadget that does what computers do best? Meh.
      I really look forward to play the shoutout game, Stasis. Good recommendation.

    21. Thomas Lichte on

      A role player edition that it would have been. Consisting of Dice +, boxede Game with clothe map and a nice sketch book to use if you don't like the automap.
      Just kiddin' - I've already pledged for the "Grimoire Edition" and quite happy. :-)

    22. Thomas Lichte on

      Nice idea - such a pity that this gadget could not be a tier. :)

      @all: keep on spreadin' the word!!!!

    23. Missing avatar


      This is one of the coolest things I've seen, and IMO an important innovation that opens the gateway for some interesting RPG experiences!

    24. Tane Norther on

      When I actually think about this, it may be a cool feature to have for those who want to use it, without disturbing or affecting in any way to gameplay of those, who don't have the Dice+. :-) I might consider trying this feature myself, if I had some extra cash at the time.

    25. G3 Studios 2-time creator on

      @Carlos, it would appear you did not listen to the video very carefully. ;-)
      As I mentioned there, Dice+ is working on a D20 version of the die, which will be available by the time "Deathfire" is done. Since the game is entirely D20-based, that is exactly what we need.

      Naturally, this is not for everyone and few people would probably play the game from beginning to end using a real die, but it is a cool feature, I think, that was well worth mentioning and pursuing.

      I like that idea of a second player rolling the die, while the other is navigating the computer. It's cute. :)

      As for the size, if you consider the amount of technology that is in there, it is actually not all that large. The thing is packed with eight different sensors, including a temperature sensor that detects when you hold the die in your hand. Add to it the LEDs, the battery, support for Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 and a mini-USB port, and it becomes clear very quickly, that there is a lot on the inside.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      Oh wow, this is seriously cool. There's a certain tension associated with rolling a physical die, and for important rolls this would be very exciting. Price might be an issue, but it's definitely tempting. Do make like 4 predefined levels of dice-rolling plus fine-tuned configuration so we can tweak the experience to our taste, though.

      Cool use case for this: play the game and have your kid or little brother (or - gasp - girlfriend who's not much into games but likes to watch you play) roll the dice ;) !

    27. Ivan Karpan on

      I would go for the option rolling at least some of the rolls in the game myself.

      One thing that bothers me is unnecessarily huge size of the die. I mean nowadays you can easily make it a bit bigger than standard, it does not have to be such a monstrous brick of fortune.

      At the same time... €45 for a d6... Maybe you could reach out to them and get a promo code or something? Or make a cross promotion with them?

    28. Carlos Bruno Alves on

      An d6 gadget for digital board games. I have seen the pub before, but RPG doesn't use only d6. They use poly dices (d4,d8, d10, d12 and d20) which the dice+ doesn't have.

    29. alcaray on

      I'm sure some will like this feature. But... seems to me like a major reason we play crpgs is to automate a lot of the busywork involved in pnp, like dice-rolling.

    30. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      Wow. Bravo on having this Dice+ element in the game.