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Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
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Production Updates - Action Required

Posted by FŪZ Designs (Creator)

As mentioned last week, we want to make sure everyone has verified their shipping address so we're ready to ship as soon as production is complete. To confirm your address please use the following link:

In addition to the address confirmation, we wanted to let you know we needed to consolidate product options to satisfy the minimum order quantity (MOQ) at the factory. We tried to do a variety of colors but they just didn't look good and the overwhelming majority of orders were for black, so between that and the MOQ requirements of the factory, we made the decision to make all the U-locks black. In addition, we had a very small percentage of orders for the small shackle, so we had to eliminate that from the mix as well.

What that means is all U-locks will be black (black metal and black rubber coating) with regular (large) shackle.

As mentioned in previous updates, leather doesn't hold up well enough for this type of product, so we switched to rubber. Brown rubber just doesn't look as good as the leather we used on initial prototypes. We tried, but the rubber just looked bad in all colors but black. In addition, the chrome coating on the body wasn't as durable as the black powder coating. We assure you this is the highest quality and best looking combination possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding.

When reviewing your order and address, please keep in mind the following. Regardless of what color your order shows in BackerKit, you will receive a black U-Lock with the standard shackle. If you'd previously selected another length or color, there is no need to change anything. We also won't be including additional shackles if you added extra shackles to your order. In lieu of the additional shackle, we will include a Noke Fob in your shipment. If a fob in place of an additional shackle does not work for you, please email us at and we can figure out another solution or refund the cost of the additional shackle.

If you have any trouble logging into your BackerKit account at the above link, please contact BackerKit support at

Lastly, thank you all for your patience. As Oscar Wilde once said, "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for." We won't skirt around the fact it has indeed been quite the wait. Our company has grown tremendously since the start of the Nokē padlock, and our solutions are improving safety and security across many different sectors. This is in large part due to each of you. Thank you for being part of this adventure with us. We look forward to seeing all the places you and your Nokē U-lock will go together.


The Noke Team

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    1. Mike Werner on

      27 Novembre and still no shipment. I'm starting to get the feeling that this is heading for another failure.

    2. Rémi Crisp Monier on

      28 September and... NOTHING!

    3. Matt on

      The leather trim was a major attractor to your product. While I understand the reasons that this couldn't go ahead you are still using the leather trim in your logo. That is misleading and you should change it. It's been so long since my initial pledge I can't even remember which year it was. I hope the wait is worth it.

    4. Simon Morton on

      I emailed two days ago in response to the recent BackerKit survey and got a reply yesterday saying that shipping will begin in the next 4-6 weeks.

    5. Georg Lutz on

      So two questions:
      • will the lock ship before Christmas 2018?
      • will the lock be as durable and reliable as promised?

    6. Lars on

      Why won’t you send additional schackles? I was thinking of adding one or two.

    7. Niek Batstra

      hi! really looking forward to the product! the extra padlock i ordered.. will it be included?

      best regards Niek batstra

    8. Roberts Golubs on

      I'm not quite sure why a chrome coating is being mentioned as the lock was not even supposed to be coated but machined out of that color metal, looking back on all the previous updates you guys had it's clearly visible you did make a silver one without any type of coating.

    9. Leah on

      Will you post a picture of the finished product?

    10. Patrick on

      Leather one looks amazing. But I clearly understand your issues! Look forward to receive it!

    11. Missing avatar

      Wooblet on

      Wonderful! Thanks for the update and making sure the product will be a good one.

    12. Simon Morton on

      Fabulous. Congratulations on getting this far! 100% positive comments so far...

    13. Missing avatar

      Pete Delsman on

      Yes Tyron, damn right. As they shat on their backers for so long, without a fairly simple update stating it wasn’t going as planned. And now-wow overkill- 2 in a very short timeframe. So hell yeah, I’ll start with the negative, no probs.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tyson S. Carroll on

      Great news, I look forward to the lock!

      I bet 90% of the comments after this will be negative. Prove me wrong Kickstarter community.