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Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
2,912 backers pledged $400,166 to help bring this project to life.

On my way to the factory to get production under way

Posted by FŪZ Designs (Creator)

I wanted to write a quick update from the airport letting you all know I am on my way to the factory to get production started.

This is later than we expected on the last update, but our last batch of samples had some anomalies we needed to track down. We had a few samples that exhibited some unexpected power behavior. The issue centered around this voltage regulator:

After some head scratching, we found it was not the problem of the design, nor the chip. It was a problem with the connections on the prototype PCBs. These were made quickly and not to the same specs as the mass produced one, so we aren't worried about production, but we are going to check each board thoroughly in QC just in case.

Now that we've got that ironed out, all samples are working as expected. Very exciting!

I'll be there all this week as we get production going on several hundred units. Chinese New Year is preventing us from getting full production started for about a month, but even with Chinese New Year taking up a large chunk of February, we expect to have production complete by early March.

I'll send some photos from the factory in the next week. Thanks again for your patience and support.


The Noke Team

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    1. Jeroen Hatenboer

      My Bike was stolen, and i tink i never get the u-Lock on time for my new bike🤬🖕🏼🤮

    2. Simon Morton on

      It’s not looking too good is it. I hung in there so far and plan to until the end but will be very surprised to ever see this product in the flesh now.

    3. Missing avatar

      aurimasas on

      So your last official update was made exactly half year ago... THE THE HELL?!? In the same last update you have written: "I'll send some photos from the factory in the next week"... so where are those photos or a least statement regarding absence of those?

      So much for promise of better communication...

    4. Jan Persiel on

      Any news? Or are we facing another unfortunate kickstarter project gone foul? With the additional bitterness of not being kept in the loop?

    5. Josh Webb on

      Seems they no longer sell any products. Their website appears dedicated to trying to con businesses into trusting much of their physical security infrastructure to a company that can't even produce a bike lock with 3 years time and $400,000.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wayne Coyne on

      After three years, I imagine all of these locks will be hand-made?
      Sorry Noke - your company is a joke.
      How about sweetening the deal by providing a free padlock - if the bike lock is ever actually finished.

    7. Simon Morton on

      It looks like you can no longer pre-order via their website, at least I couldn’t find it anymore.

    8. cabbabwa on

      How about an update and some photos from the factory?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      Can you please provide an accurate update? The initial anticipated ship date was 3 years ago!
      Just sad and embarrassing for Kickstarter the ridiculous lack of communication by Noke.

    10. Brian Catton on

      @Gilbert, they aren’t.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gilbert M. Dominguez on

      Dear FUZ Designs: I have been waiting patiently, periodically following your updates on the U-lock. As recent as January , 2018. However, I have not heard any recent updates on delivery. I have been an original supporter, dating back to April, 2015. Needless to say, this has been very disappointing. When are you going to DELIVER this product???
      Sincerely, Gilbert M. Dominguez, El Cajon, CA 92021

    12. Soren Rodian on

      Have you guys gone bust, or are you simply continuing to ignore your sponsors?
      This is turning into the no. 1 Kickstarter failure - is that the reputation you want?
      Update. Now!!!

    13. Brian Catton on

      @Jim, that about sums up the Noke ‘team’ in a nutshell. I use the word team rather loosely, after all to function as a team you need the skill of COMMUNICATION, something which they sorely lack.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Hartley on

      Please update. It has been so long that the colleague I promised to show this to two years ago already has left for another job! Please, please update!

    15. Pierre PUECH on

      Hi. J'aimerais bien avoir le cadenas. On m'a déjà volé 3 vélos. Ce cadenas me semblait être une bonne alternative aux systèmes classiques. Mais là ça fait un peu long. J'ai perdu 180€ dans un autre projet. Je ne suis pas millionnaire. C'est juste pour mon vélo. Merci.

    16. Missing avatar

      robert on

      Update please.

    17. Mark Hogie Hogendobler on

      Please check your email for my refund request. That is, assuming there's still someone who answers emails at Noke.

    18. Missing avatar

      MattP on

      This makes me think of some kind of experiment to see how far people will go before giving up on something. I design new devices for a living so I know how tough it is but to say "I'll send some photos from the factory in the next week" then nothing for 5 months seems very strange. Still hanging on though even though my expectations are lower by the month.

    19. Missing avatar

      Hassana Oyibo on

      Can we get another update?

    20. Missing avatar

      Pete Delsman on

      "we expect to have production complete by early March.

      I'll send some photos from the factory in the next week. Thanks again for your patience and support."[Jan 16 2018]


    21. Missing avatar

      Sirk Johannsen on

      Is this still happening?

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Winsemius on

      This is a new record for sloth. Over a year ago you went 140 days between updates. It has now been 142 days. Are you using some relativistic logarithmic scale for time dilation?

    23. Jamie Martin on

      Update please?

    24. Missing avatar

      Wilfried Schaffner on

      Does anybody know when u-look gets shipped?

    25. Brian Catton on

      Just waiting for that update ‘soon’.

    26. Ivan Chia on

      Will we get this by 2018? Or to be more realistic by 2020?

    27. H Ismail on

      We are fast approaching June 2018.
      You updated the webpage.
      But still no lock.

    28. Missing avatar

      Hassana Oyibo on

      What are the updates?

    29. FŪZ Designs 5-time creator on

      Hi Everyone. We apologize for the silence. We are working hard to debug our latest batch of U-Locks from the factory before we begin production. We have several engineers working on this until we have everything working just right. As mentioned in our recent comment, we will post an update with more details soon. We completely understand everyone's frustration. Please know that we are working hard to get the U-Lock shipped ASAP. As stated before, if you'd rather not wait any longer, you can contact us at with your paypal address and we'll issue a full refund.

    30. Doug Muse on

      The webpage says summer 2018.
      I noticed the app got updated to support the ulock so hopefully this will finally be the year.

    31. Philip Springer on

      Be honest: are we *ever* going to see a finished product? The bike I wanted the lock for is becoming so old that soon no one is going to want to steal it.

    32. Brian Catton on

      I’m wondering if whoever the person was who wrote this update ever managed to find their way back out of the factory? From the deafening silence since this update I’ll go with a resounding no.

    33. Alessandro Barbini on

      Guys, any updates? This was back in January, it's almost May...

    34. Rémi Crisp Monier on

      We need update right now!!! STOP playing with your customers!!!!!

    35. Nick Podratz on

      Your behavior is quite shameless. You received our money and trust and there is nothing you give back. Updates are at this point the absolute minimum. This is not okay!

    36. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on

      The weather is finally warming up in NYC. This week I’m taking out my bike and NO Noke Lock yet? It’s been 4 months since your last update. will they be ready in November 2018 when I put my bike away?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      A concrete update is certainly needed at this point 4/9/18.

      "We expect to have production complete by early March."
      "I'll send some photos from the factory in the next week. Thanks again for your patience and support."

    38. Brian Catton on

      They’ve been very busy, building a new UI & forgetting what they are supposed to be doing, supplying us all with a half decent lock.

    39. Mark Hogie Hogendobler on

      Just noticed your fancy new website. Looks like you're building quite a business with the money we entrusted you with, while you don't even have the balls to tell us you've abandoned us. Not a good look for your future business. I'm sure people are paying attention.

    40. Ivan Chia on

      Hey, when can I get mine? Will we ever get it?

    41. Josh Bruck on

      What’s the update here? Last comment was production was scheduled to be complete as of March?

    42. Diane E. O'Connell on

      Can you please post an update? We are all waiting for 3 years. If this is not happening let us know, I'd like to get on with my life.

    43. Brian Catton on

      It IS April and this is beyond a joke.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jamie Wilde on

      It's almost April. *STILL* no update.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joram Schwartzmann on

      It’s almost end of March. 6 weeks after you posted to send pictures „next week“. Will these pictures arrive just like the locks arrived?
      I can take waiting for a kickstarter product. It’s annoying but ok. What really sucks is your poor communication. If you’d be honest telling us it may take another year, fine. These constant broken promises however really piss me off.

    46. Garry Marshall on

      Lies, lies, lies.

    47. chuckdude on

      This is taking too long. I no longer want this lock, and I want my money back.

    48. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Update ETA please. I need a new bike lock but if ANY chance production is occurring I will wait. Otherwise a plain old Kryptonite will do me just fine. No features but at least I’d have it to lock my bike.

    49. Bjorn Andersen on

      So - let’s get moving on this. Production should be done by now and a lot of people have been waiting for a long time. I will be pretty pissed if I see a lock for sale anywhere in the world, before mine is delivered.

      Come on!